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remembering YouTube star etiquette and how fellow youtubers are reacting to his death the heartbreaking news of the vloggers passing comes just days after the New York City authorities started a search for the YouTube whose real name Desmond Amitha the official NYPD Twitter account posted about his disappearance on June the 20th saying have you seen Desmond and MOFA aka Etica he was last heard from June the 19th at about 8 p.m. by phone he is 29 years old approximately 6 feet tall and 160 pounds here's a known YouTube blogger and has many people concerned after a recent video on June 25th NYPD shared the tragic news of etiquette passing tweeting we regret to inform that Desmond and MOFA aka Etica has been found deceased as a curve logged about video games to over 130,000 YouTube subscribers going on yes like your boy is back concerns about his well-being arose after he uploaded a nearly eight-minute video last week in which he told viewers I really had no intention of killing myself but I would always push it too far fellow YouTube stars are reacting to the news including British vlogger calyx who tweets our IP etiquette we didn't know each other but I just wanted to say rest in peace youtuber and twitch streamer boogie2988 speaks out about Fazekas passing in a video I was hoping that he was going to be okay to any of his fans that are hurting today I'm sorry if I've added your pain I never wanted to make a situation worse I wanted to make it better and the last thing I wanted to do is make it worse for you miss fans so I'm genuinely sorry he also recently faced backlash for comments during a livestream about a mophir's disappearance that some found offensive he later tweeted so when we were live-streaming I made a joke that etic hope would turn up OK at the same time me and Jessie would from us disappearing press errors some people took that as me having no respect for etiquette my intention was to say I hope that he is still and okay detective Sophia Mason DCPI spokesperson gives her following details in a statement saying on Monday June 24 2009 teen police responded to a 911 call for a person floating in the waters in the vicinity of South Street Seaport upon arrival officers discovered an unresponsive unidentified male at the location EMS pronounced him deceased she adds the medical examiner will determine the cause of death and the investigation is ongoing


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