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oh we just love that movie when are you gonna make pretty woman – if I go back to 90 it started the decade really nicely with pretty woman and now to end the decade with all this great quality stuff in my life that's a full 10 years free I've been in Borneo into the middle of the jungle natives painted and the dugout Camille come up in the first thing they say to me is Wendy gonna do pretty woman – does the true story I don't know what it was about that movie that you know resonated like it did I mean it's a delightful story you know and I saw part of it recently and we were both young even myself I was probably thirty eight thirty nine eleven made the movie that look like a kid lightning strikes you don't know how it happens and part of the problem obviously for all of us associated with that was do you really want to beg for lightning to strike twice I'm a grown up person now and when I made pretty woman I think that was my fourth movie the movie I'm working on now is my twenty fourth movie shocking is that I think it was kind of nice that ten years I have to go by and come upon a script there's a really well-written script put strong characters it would stand on its own without begging that question got me fired lady destroyed my reputation and you screwed up my hair you chew up men's bit amount love it I'd love to stay and chat but I still have my job I read it and laughed out loud here lose gone a full blown in there wasn't the kind of thing well how am I gonna fix this but I see it not only do I see it I see Julia and there's no one who could do this better than Julia so I called her and I said look I can't think of a reason not to do this and it's a great part feel should you know this is this is terrific great let's do it and then we sat down and obviously Gary Marshall was the right way to go and Gary I frankly I don't know if I would have done it without Carrie you know my own safety level and security level with him is so high you know along with Julia that was the way to do it we called Gary and said please no one else can help this rickety ship please come help us and he was nice enough to do it I was playing a straight guy last time – and part of it was she had to loosen me up and this one you know it's to Street people essentially going at it toe-to-toe and you're seeing kind of a heavyweight title match going on between these two very bright very verbal very quick people who have wells of emotion inside of them available and a kind of innate willingness to be happy in relationship be intimate and we are more clearly I remember the first night that we were all in Baltimore we're gonna have dinner Gary and I were in this restaurant of course waiting for Richard which will be the next movie to was gonna be called wedding for Richard he just never shows up man has a romantic relationship with time when Richard finally showed up he sat down with all the children just burst out laughing you know people in the restaurant thought we were mad we just sat giggling like girls for ever we went down all the memory laying pads and stuff and then we went off to start our movie I was sitting across from Julian attainment and Gary was over here and there was a lot of tension and the tension was something we really hadn't faced which was do we really know how to do this was that totally a fluke pretty woman or do we have a handle on doing this kind of thing and ain't Gary obviously does but was this gonna work with Julian Gary was nervous too Anna started making bad jokes you know to keep it light and we started reading it and immediately when the scenes between Shannon came in the script they clicked right in and we both had a little knowing smirk on her face is that we were we were there we'd be fine and it became joyous knowing that that we could run with us and be in control and feel sure enough that we get really goofy with it which we wanted to do be really goofy you can feel it you feel the banter in the rapport and that the timing kind of works but I don't know what the reason is or the reasons I don't know I wouldn't want to know because I would mess it up you're the only one for me


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