Reel Talk: 2019 Oscar Predictions

our Oscar special or she talking about the nominations frontrunners movies we think could win I should have got nominated for other stuff yeah it's a rant yeah it's more of a rant Best Picture numbers the only one that has a chance not really I think favorite code right hey based on what chase when I were talking about what he thinks Bohemian Rhapsody is gonna win no he doesn't there's no way yeah because he said it was like you see when this is why I agree with him not that I agree that it should win but why I agree that it might win is you're out you know all the Academy politics yeah they hate Netflix yeah and that they're not gonna give it to Romo and because I don't want Netflix to have a Best Picture and the Bohemian Rhapsody was like super popular and more people are gonna want to watch the Oscars if they know that a popular movie that most people saw want it well that settles that we should just vote my box office total son yeah the whole Academy they're supposed to decide what like the best movie we're going to talk about when I said this is gonna be a rant yeah what do you think should win though should win is Romo that's what I think but I haven't seen the black Klansmen was pretty good black Klansmen was really good but I don't believe like the style that Spike Lee films in semester after I think Romo will probably take that one too yeah I do like you your ghostly at the most yeah side note on Cold War I've heard talk that like if Romo wins Best Picture then they're gonna give Best Foreign Language to Cold War yeah just cuz they're both really good yeah even though like Romo really I gave his best picture should be best foreign language to miss McCarthy force can you ever forgive me so you saw can you ever forgive me oh I think she has a good chance for that yeah because this was like her first year you for all I'm like ages yeah that's true I'm sure she did serious stuff oh good so good I think I think it's between her and Lady gaga to be honest you don't think he'll itza Mauricio has a chance I think she has somewhat of a chance but I I think it's in between Lady Gaga Melissa McCarthy yeah realistically I think they're gonna give it to one of those two because Lady Gaga did so well yeah she even though you and I both I still haven't made up my mind how I feel about a stars born being in best picture like I disagree with it but at some aspects I'm like that was really good yeah but Lady Gaga for sure should be dominated yeah I think she and Melissa McCarthy could definitely win that I think she leads a Aparicio probably should or at least I think she should be closer then she probably will be knowing the Oscars that's the thing I don't like about the Oscars cuz it's like it's from all these different categories I'm gonna just pick the same people yeah I have no idea who's gonna win this I think probably Rami Malek maybe even go Mortensen even though I haven't or Bradley Cooper hi I don't know I don't I don't think he was outstanding yeah I wouldn't give it to him I have no idea what idea skaters yeah Robbie might like definitely showed up yeah I even though I disagree with it being in Best Picture I totally agree that he should be in the second coming around hating Bohemian Rhapsody now here we have like other movies that we thought should have got nominated for something yeah first man I think we both thought that guy shafted we were talking about it earlier in its nominated for all the technical stuff honest like a few technical things though like best visual effects best sound mixing best sound editing best production design but yeah and it should be up for Best Picture in my mind yeah and freaking Ryan Gosling because I love Ryan Gosling and I'm gonna throw all my judgments on the window happy Valentine's Day to Ryan Gosling by the way he should be in Best Actor I don't think you should be in best actor but I think it definitely should have been a and a lot more things can you ever forgive me what was that for how it has Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay and you thought it should have more even I'm happy with the nominations it has I think all of those are justified but I feel like it also should be in Best Picture if I were to replace movies I would say take out Black Panther take out Bohemian Rhapsody take out a star is born and put in first man can you ever forgive me and I don't know for sure for him just leave it was great a gap down there you don't need to replace everything I agree with that those replacements though and I'm first reformed I thought that definitely should have got more than it did pretty much a total place in my mind yeah that was a great movie really weird which I think probably is why they didn't get me today yeah sorry to bother you yeah it did get Best Original Screenplay though and I think it has a pretty good chance to win that if Beale Street could talk the same thing that probably should have got more nominations but it does have Best Adapted Screenplay yeah um Natalie Portman also got cheated this year because she was in annihilation and voice looks and she was amazing in both I really liked turn Rox Lux which was a really low-key movie but she was outstanding Best Animated Feature probably the Dark Horse of a category I think that's like the most well put together category this year I think all of those like deserve to be in there and have a pretty good chance agree and then we put this on here for funsies we said that bow animated short yeah if you saw Incredibles 2 and you remember the lady eating the dumpling boy that was such a good short and I'm so happy it's nominated for an Oscar yeah could win yeah but um all in all we're angry angry but hopeful I'm not hopeful I'm I think some of the right decisions could still be made if they decide not to hate on that flip there honestly you're probably gonna give it to Bohemian Rhapsody don't say that what's the over-under for boo that's so depressing if he wins any more than one like rami malek I think this deserving thing all right did it get nominated for like a soundtrack I think maybe that could win even though it's just all queen songs that were already written Oh Lady Gaga should get first her best song I think they already decided that one well I think that's pretty much it that's our rant for this week yeah thanks for joining us we'll see you back here next week thanks for watching


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