Red Dead Redemption 2 – Ponowna próba – misja 102 – Złoty Medal

hey getting on son uh fine sir what are you doing reading end up playing with the dog we'll go fishing or something not particularly I don't really like fishing do you like eatin though right cuz we gotta find some food come on let's head this way to the stream okay sir why you gotta be like that I'm sorry it's okay do you wish I was more like you like me no but let's keep going can Rufus come fishing dogs scare the fish but if you like him too I guess so you don't care if we don't catch fish yeah I'm not very good at this at fishing or walking and talking with you but fishing will be fun sure unless you want nothing but beans again no I'd like to fish and it'll be pretty fun I promise okay it's fine being out with you even though I can't say the right thing Vande you papa we should let's do more of this sure I mean yes I'd like that pretty countryside ain't it I guess grass Mike there's a lot uglier in this world but sure as hell is a lot of beauty yes you'll see it better when you get older it's tough at your age just land and light but to me this is a real good fishing spot folk always say that and hours later they've caught nothing ain't you just the leading authority on everything well ain't so well maybe in this case it's true I hear there's some real big fish in here big old steel heads hard to catch but real good eatin hard to catch get your excuses in early that doggy years know he's owned by a complaining know-it-all come on son I'm sorry Oh yank it's all right come on this fish he was the fisherman wasn't he that's right I remember uncle Arthur taking me though huh yeah I suppose he did that's nice I got a bite I got a bite all right now stay calm and start reeling them in not too fast one set the hook in tight he's he's strong good now reel them in stay calm give him a tug now reel how you feel I don't I feel I don't know thanks dad I told you this was a good fishing spot you did hey my trip with Arthur I remember now I picked some flowers and a couple of men showed up dressed like they was from City no one like that's gonna show up here thank the Lord where's Rufus I don't know relax he's a dog where is he though I don't know I'll go find them Rufus come on boy let me come help you look Rufus no it's a snake I see jack you calm down – come here what are we gonna do what are we gonna do pop he's it all out don't swallow it keep going he's gonna die he's gonna die he'll be okay you just got to get him somewhere warm and calm he's gonna die go get the fishing rods and a fish taking the dog home Abigail I get a hand what's going on dog got bitten by a snake let's look after and the boy grab his rug is it gonna be okay Jack the dog is gonna be just fine we never should have gone fishing sometimes sometimes you just don't know how things are gonna turn out but but the dog the dogs gonna be fine it's okay sir


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