Red Dead Redemption 2 – Godziny odwiedzin – misja 68 – Złoty Medal

I insist insist all you lack ain't happenin Arthur Taylor she ain't coming with us to collect her husband Abigail you ain't coming that's the end of the matter see there you heard him now let's go but but nothing it'll be quicker and easier with just the two of us plus John will be calmer without worrying about you ain't complicated well why ain't the crying sore but I'm real grateful yeah we know you are we'll bring him back to you thank you thank you all right nothing the place is surrounded by marksmen Ginobili give us a bit of cover to move in close enough to find a spot look for John this time of day business probably be working to fail then all we gotta do is take out all the guards and on our way out of there okay good okay come on up alright where's John let's go and see okay come on I think what are those dogs were still moving come on Arthur let's keep moving where's you see him nope you mister you know John Marsden I hate you working today put the gun down lady No you put the gun down now where's john marston she ain't in the work detail okay I guess we'll go and get him together try anything I'll blow your damn head off you clear on that yes very clear Oh come on why don't you apologize to the lady for pointing the gun at her excuse me I said apologize I'm sorry ma'am so where do we go towards the entrance I guess and who's in charge this fine establishment Jameson sir Jameson who no mr. Jameson Heston Jameson he's been quite a force acting boss of times I look forward to meeting him here they're not gonna let you do this that's gonna be up to you my friend oh my god so you are popular employee my friend not especially well I guess we're about to find out mom March him straight up to the fungi you better hope someone in there actually gives a damn about this fool okay fairly cool now just do as I say put the weapons down now is Jameson and he's insulted a they got Millican got him and gonna kill him unless you bring me John Marston right now yeah one minute I've counted one two three may look in yes sir you can't fool me I got talking to do yes sir of course sir came from wonderful oh very fun you know we must be at 11 by now eleven twelve brain shot for nothing Millikan don't stop counting I can't hear you [Laughter] boy seems an a restaurant there's some fellas coming here don't look too friendly we best get out of here you shoot you seriously let me you your better shots fine you just relax and enjoy yourself John leave the real work to them instead still handling Thanks you know I think I liked you better when you was all dressed up like a brass chicken no doubt hurry up they're gonna be on our tail soon enough if you boys keep wasting time damn hey Arthur thank you don't mention it let's go we should get out of here quick before the law gets wind of this so what the hell happened in San Denis she's fine jack is too she managed to escape when they got home say it Hosea I still don't seem real somehow all them years Arthur he was like family goddamn mess what how the hell did that happen only way out of their hole went down in a storm we ended up stranded on an eye somewhere near Cuba Cuba wait you're gonna have to tell me all this again it's a long story some case there thank you kids caught up with us again we had to move yeah seems Molly rented us out the bitch so she's dead too Jesus maybe you should have just left me to hang so much for no man left behind I can't stop thinking about this in the bank when they grabbed me he saw it felt almost like he had a a moment to do something and didn't donate himself right now maybe he just ain't who we thought he was guess we don't need to worry about who's his favor no more yes not keep running back to me we told you we would John what are you doing here good to see you too partner Ament I hadn't sent for you yet I went but I said I know what you said I felt different is that so yes and when spring and John brings the law down on all of us what then Arthur well I guess we'll have another fight on our hands loyalty ain't a goddamn plan John John you are my brother you are my son I was coming for you but it was talking to hanging me touch they was talking they was talking and now they may come and hang us all Arthur Arthur oh sorry that was miles away thinking of dodge said to tell you he and Mike have gone to Anna's burg something about mr. Cornwall oh okay thanks Mary Beth

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