Red Dead Redemption 2 – Dzień uczciwej pracy – misja 95 – Złoty Medal

sure you got any work yeah there's always work home countries getting robbed robbing or stopping robbers well seems like very much else in this world except bastards victims of bastards and the bastards who want to put the bastards in the ground and which are you exactly me my time all three look same as most people I guess funny thing about this job what opportunity I just might get to be all three again how do you mean you ever heard of that Shane Finley kettle wrestler murder thief child killer he's wanted in five states I caught him last week he was disguised as a lady in a house for falling women I was bringing him in and I got robbed by a professional rival of mine James LinkedIn oh he's a nasty bastard I didn't much like him even before he robbed me that happened a lot this line of work yeah but they're all people like me anyway now they're holed up in the desert down south waiting to head north so they can hand them in to the state troopers in the north country I've given up on the job it's just a bad luck but now that you're here maybe we can go rob them back it's the money good yeah it's real good plus I don't much like getting robbed by no one come on where is it we're heading again you say no come on mount up we got a road ahead of us of course we do follow me let's ride yes ma'am that new horse some folk bar ranches some by horses horses or treatment he lets me that's it it's good maybe these fellers I heard about it state northridge gone off somewhere Elser drop down dead in their own tracks it's good country our country is good it's just folk better bad uncle Abigail Abigail ain't come there just yet really you may be but Charles Smith Charles he's alive yeah he's doing okay he was prizefighting then same to me work seaman too well he took everything real hard but I think life on the plains is gonna be good for him how always live Charles you send it oh well you know you can come along to build a cabin on the land I've done that all before can't do it again I ain't so good with people the offers there whenever you want that's kind unlikely to be taken up nothing you know you think he's a colorful character look what happened with the gang changed everyone who was a part of it the Dutch who put a blanket around me after the O Driscoll's that weren't the same man at Beaver Hollow and now he might not be so colorful no more you see a man whose character changed I see a man who got found out for who he truly was we were fools to follow him I was fooled I paid for not Gus the one who set it off I blame me for following for too long but I blamed Micah most everything else he's out there someday I hope we'll find you but most of the country they'll be down there so James leg to the Bounty Hunter got this how are you captured in a woman's boardinghouse Shan Finley correct and we aim to have length and give it back to us before he rides north of him to hand him over to some state troopers correct again though giving back part is optimistic I'll forever the optimist you know I've been doing some bounty hunting of my own since I last saw you I ain't gonna make a habit of it we cut off here this is the voice it's a few all right let's go take a look down in the valley I think I see something yeah there they are down there who's who well the bount is the feller who's all tied up very funny and that big fat feller with the funny hat that's James lankton the other fellas just work for him what do you think they're hit come on let's go follow him looks like they're cutting through the canyon underneath this let's go they'll be coming through here yeah you won't get north through here what are you doing you talking to me or like my guess is they'll stop up ahead we can get a better look at him you know his thing pretty well the canyon opens up down aways we'll head them off okay you get off your horse this might be our chance yeah they're stopping and that sure is Shane Finley coming off the back of his horse were they waiting for I think like the zoom pretty well for himself how come he's got all them men and you work along right there oh I got you you're one of them great all right so what'd you think should we threaten them start shooting at him or sneak down and pick them off one by one I reckon sneaking down is our best opportunity but it's your call let's just start shooting maybe they all run off yeah they'll scatter right away granny boy I need to relieve myself there will be a bucket in yourself I'm serious yes and don't leave us again job back to what I was saying hit him John please hey you don't need to do that just because he told you to I don't need to be hit just to be treated simple you heard the lady thank you I still protect my innocence this woman ripping me out of my bed kidnapped me they let Langton kidnap me then you killed them all I'm the victim here damn you John would you be so kind as to shut him up don't listen to her now let me speak my piece there's no call to hit me mister listen to him squirm how'd it work ain't easy job no I can see now it has its rewards a whole lot easier with a partner that back there you didn't need a partner you needed a whole company behind you we did fine and with lankton and his men gone there'll be more demand for our surface Sadie you know I'm a rancher now mostly and know how you're paying for your ranch here we are grab him and bring him in John sure brought in Shane Finlay great let's put him in the cell just put him on the bed we're gonna watch you swing I thought you said you lost him well I did but we got him back Oh and James lankton is dead we killed him why did you do a thing like that it was him to rob me okay here there's a decent price on Finlay mm-hmm I know you want this money to go to the bank – no I'll take it myself okay Jim Milton its John Marston here all right well if you need any more work you can find me in town or maybe I'll find you I'm retired sure bewail John

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