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Red Cross Presents Lifesaving Award Stories: Shelby Electric Rescue

The Certificate of Merit is one of the highest
awards given by the American Red Cross. I think they deserve it immensely. We have a health and safety course and they
implemented what they had learned to save their co-worker’s life. The award is to see Kevin be able to walk
around here again today. To be able to go back to his wife. Honestly, I don’t feel like we deserve an
award. As human beings, we’re supposed to take care
of one another. We did our job and the American Red Cross
gave us the ability to do it. I’ve taken Red Cross training before, like
I said, 25 years, to be honest, before this event happened,
I always thought it was non-productive to do it year after year after year. Until something happened like Kevin’s episode and I’ve seen how people doing it year after
year, it was second nature to us when it did occur. The day of the rescue, was a beautiful day. It was like this, it was sunny out. It was actually my first time over here teaching
pole top rescue. We take turns. Everybody’s kind of hanging around and doing
their thing. We have to go up and get the dummy down. Kevin decided to take his turn. He went up. As he was coming down, I was actually filling
out some paperwork and I just heard a grunt and then a slap and
turn around and Kevin was laying back on the pole. He didn’t respond. Head rolled back. All of a sudden it was like, this guy’s not
kidding around. I remember two steps, then everything went
black. As I started yelling instructions, everybody
was already doing everything I was yelling. I yelled at the guy in the bucket to get the
rope around him, he was already had the rope in his hand tying the rope around him. Once he was down on the ground, that’s when
American Red Cross training kicked in. It’s like, ok, get him on the ground, assess
what’s going on. Breathing and pulse. Jerry started CPR on him. Guys were actually counting out loud. We say to count out loud. Guys were actually in the background counting
out loud. It was just [snap, snap snap] And I hope that through this story, we can
learn the importance of CPR and First Aid training. Guys, it is my honor to stand before you today
and present to you the Certificate of Merit. Let’s give them one more round of applause. We’re proud about the Red Cross training that
allowed us to help our friend. Most places I’ve worked, have actually put
me through the American Red Cross CPR training. When the time comes, it’s something you don’t
have to think about. You’ve done it so many times. I would recommend it for anybody. If you can just save somebody, why wouldn’t

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