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[Real GOT7] episode 5. Hidden Camera

You didn’t know about the lesson? How come?   What? I’ve no idea!   *An hour ago   COME AND GET IN GOT7! Hi This is GOT7.   First, I have to say terrible sorry to Yugyeom.
Because this episode 5 is gonna be a special version!
Hidden camera for Yugyeom!   Here we have today’s guest Hyeong Ung!
He will lead us to a conflict and leave.
When he leaves, the hidden camera will begin.   Anyway, where’re the others? Why just we three?   They’re coming!   * Meantime, Yugyeom is interviewed fake.   First of all, I’d like to make a polite apology
to Yugyeom’s mother, father and our fans.   So Sorry!   Going up higher. Because the last is the best part.   Mother, father! Don’t have to worry too much!
We won’t be too harsh! Don’t worry!   Ah~ this! Do you think brothers will be hurt when they watch this?   We are doing this because we all love Yugyeom ~   Brothers, don’t be sad about this! I love you guys! * Yugyeom, don’t be mad about it~   Dear fans! Please do not hate us for doing this.   As you’ve seen, it’s going to get funniest!
*So enthusiastic brothers   It’ll be the best show! One, two, three! Fighting!   * episode 5. hidden camera
How Yugyeom will respond when he’s late for the lesson,
brothers get angry about it and finally argue with each other?   *10 minutes before Yugyeom’s here
Do not smile!   *5 minutes before Yugyeom’s here
Cameras are here, there, here!   *Right minutes before Yugyeom’s here
(nervous, nervous, come-on)   *He’s come! Hidden camera start!   Hi, Hi   What time were you supposed to be here?   Whispering without understanding of the situation.   * Hyeong Ung is getting provoked.   * Getting to know what’s going on   I’ve waited for an hour, an hour.   *Left being angry   Sorry. Thank you.   * Character actor JB’s part
Why were you late? / Come again?   Why were you late?   They told me they have something to do with me.   What?   Just an interview, you know.   Hey, you should have told us about that.
Is the individual thing coming first to you than the team lesson?   I just did as I was told…
We had a lesson, didn’t we? / Yes, we did.   Then you should have told us first.
What was the video about? An interview?   What was the video about? An interview?
Real GOT7   Why did you go alone to give an interview about Real GOT7?   They said we all are going to do, one by one.   I’ve never heard about that.
They told that beginning with me,,,,, / Did you give that interview alone?   Beginning with the youngest, and we all gonna be interviewed.
How are you going to resolve a situation like this?   Hey! Hyeong Ung waited us for an hour and half, 2 hours almost. You are annoying me!   We were supposed to have the lesson at 5.   *Mark kind enough to tell how late he was
Well, Hyeong Ung waited us for 30 minutes, and then waited for Yugyeom.   Do it correctly! What are we doing!!
*JB got angry and left   Hey! How could he left like that?
* (Yugyeom) So confused   Honestly I don’t understand why you guys are doing this to me because I did as I was told. I’m embarrassed and don’t know what do to. Seung Hun told me to go upstairs to 4th floor for an interview then I got back here right after that. Now I’m confused.   * Yugyeom, you didn’t do anything wrong. You did something wrong, it’s true. At least you should have told Seung Hun. * (Youngjae) Assisting
You’ve heard that we have a lesson down here.   I thought Seung Hun already told you guys because Seung Hun told me to go straight to the 4th floor.   Did you ask?
Hey, did you told that you don’t understand why we are doing this to you? * JB Again!
I did just as I was told.   What’s wrong with you? You make me angry on so many levels.   Calm down~ Enough!
You knew about the lesson, didn’t you?   * (Yugyeom) Explaining calmly
I knew about the lesson but Seung Hun told to go directly up to the 4th floor without talking anything to you guys.
But you should have seen us first.   You should have talked to us first. * Mark! Sitting in the perfect spot
I thought Seung Hun told about that for me. I thought he told that I went up for an interview! I swear! I went straight to the 4th floor, was interviewed and came back down here. That’s it! I’m so confused and don’t know what to do.   *Nothing to say;;; *Nothing to say, Guys just insist ;;
If you don’t understand, just tell me. Don’t talk behind.   * Jr. speaking in dialect
Stop! It pisses me off. What are we doing now? Hyeong Ung told to go for individual lessons. Why are you doing this to him?   * (JB) Right Jr. Let’s do this by ourselves. We have nothing to say to Yugyeom!
You don’t get it was cancelled because of him?   Why it’s because of him?   Jr. out of the room   outrageous. Yugyeom didn’t do anything wrong. It was just an interview.   When JB said to Yugyeom ‘Just tell me. Don’t talk behind’ I started to take Yugyeom’s side and speak in dialect. I speak in dialect when I lose my cool.   I speak in dialect when I lose my cool.   Hero for the hidden camera! JJ Project, ‘You are the actor’!   Are we going to finish now??   It bothers me.   JB again!   Hey! Am I easy to you? Still easy? You said you don’t understand ?   I didn’t say I don’t understand what you did. I mean, just this situation, I don’t get it. And why Hyeong Ung is angry.   I guess there’s some misunderstanding and I’m sorry for that.   Don’t you feel sorry for what you did, Yugyeom?   I’m sorry.   That’s it? Sorry?   Time standing still (feat. Jackson)   He said sorry. What’s wrong with you, he said sorry.   Sorry? That’s all you can do?   We won’t let it happen again.   Jackson the pacifist from Hong Kong   (Jr.) Eye emotions! Good expression~   Do you have complaints? Don’t meddle!   Say something. Just tell us. You have something to tell. You should have!   Come out! Let me listen! X 100   It can’t be happening like this~   You shouldn’t say like that. Hey, come out!   Hey, you three get out!   Yeh, let’s do this! Come on~! Come on out if you have complaints   Jackson, the character actor from Hong Kong   (Jackson) Great emotion! Outstanding!   Are you kidding me?   (Youngjae) Dryness   Shaky, shaky, exploding?   Let’s stop doing this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ   Celebrating BGM   Yugyeom, so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Ah~~~~ It’s so… bb   Naïve young man crying   Don’t cry X 10000   Why did you all do this to me ㅜㅜㅜㅜ   Yes~~~ So unfair, yes it’s so unfair ~   Because it makes no sense in the first place!   You guys are perfectly preparedㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ   Tearful Dugi Dugi dance   Funny~!   Ah~ I was fooled !!!!   Thank you Thank you!   For what!!!!!   Yugyeom now gets angry♥   Yugyeom, the happiness preacher   JYP family becoming one   You guys are all the same! You All!!   I was so embarrassed. I just thought that we are finished as a team.   And I don’t know why I’m crying now. It has been so real.   When did you know about this all?   This morning! No, since yesterday.   Thank You. COME AND GET IN GOT7! Thank You.  


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