yo what is up guys it's your favorite youtuber back again with another one and I'm still banned and I haven't heard anything about that and this video is not gonna be about that I will be looking at the forums and more specifically the video of the week nominations or whatever you call them so anyone can really post whatever video they want on YouTube and then then link it to the forums and you nominate it for a video of the week so basically today we'll be looking at those I'll judge them by myself whether or not they are a video of the week War v video and maybe I'll just give a couple helpful tips or just laugh at it I don't know we'll see I mean I've seen some of these videos before like I tried recording this video yesterday but I was really late and then I was like yeah I'm not gonna do that so I'm trying again now but I look at different videos cuz already you know I want this to be my first reaction to them but yeah without further ado let's let's get into it man okay we are on the forums right now and let's go I was actually I'm not go back a little bit maybe because I've seen everything here I believe so we actually I don't they have this yeah I haven't seen this one let's see what this is okay subway experience no you have intro in the front of your video it's just – points you already lost so that's cause if you turn away with video of the week you're gonna talk like that of course a long yeah put that there yeah that all right that makes sense funny story okay I'll have for us on the subway yep pregnant good girl came into the subway car I don't you talking about subway the burger place or the place where like the train is what I don't know okay oh you offer this seat that's so cute did really six and a half hours later oh I can't know it next video next video I can't the okay this seems like a professional video I mean has these okay I'll just lets yeah it's basically out Terry seizes dreams every night I just this ever every night gee he's been telling me about them heads flying UFOs which like chicken leashes on in them yeah this is guy I don't know how you knew but yes okay you know what I'll I mean the graphics are pretty bad you didn't do a good job cutting this out but you know what I'll give you I'll just rank everything from 0 to 10 and I'll give this one a 60 vho I mean you know I do see you put some sort of work in here but if this were to get a video of the week I don't know if yes the magic let's see animated movie it's – 2 minutes long I don't know what movie you're talking about her I mean when did you go to the movies and the movie was 2 minutes long its clickbait it was just literally Lake ins production ways this is a guy's name this is literally for 20 seconds dude okay okay [Laughter] was that bunny doing there what is that bunny okay like just look um okay we're still watching I come sorry I'm sorry dude I don't know man it's just you know you got to paste it up a little bit I just there's too much like just useless content here that has nothing like it's just so boring to watch just cut it down a little bit just get to the point and I mean you know just try again I'm gonna have to give that one a 4 out of 10 and yeah okay gems growtopia video video of the week wait don't tell me he didn't get a bit Tom please tell me he didn't get a video of the week let me let me click on it if it that I was like okay that's 20 27 views there's no way that he actually got a video of the week with this yeah it's just you just put that there just okay like oh yeah I'm gonna get the video of the week for sure dude okay first off you have the Gir topia logo like that there's no background but you saved us and save it as a PNG so it doesn't have the background yes some helpful tips losing stuff do you have an intro your tea your tea lost man like it's free the intro is really like it's not 2010 anymore man I'm sorry but this it's it's not what is gems in growtopia I what is it gems is one of the most important item that maker chose me alive if he talks about flirty texts that I can barely read like what okay first I'll put some shadow on that text and second off just you're not gonna win a video of the week oh wait there's Terry hey Terry copyright them strike them down dude and dude look at that HD 4k quality you gotta appreciate like the amount of effort he put into this just make sure that has the best quality possible I don't know man and also we got appreciate the watermark logo down here like this is next-level not even movies have a watermark man like this guy is on another level and he literally just has text for the entire video he has video of the week in the title assuming that he's obviously gonna win I have to give this one a pass I'm sorry man okay something just like this animation oh wait this is copyrighted song no we're not watching that could you have your life of a noob I see it's part one is why I love this game so much and nothing can ever ruin it yep you guys don't even have world locks toxic naps who are you guys we're pros and you're new yep you might as well just quit you won't ever be pro who's liked this dish but this is supposed to be like how all pros are and they're just we won't ever be pros like haha dude we can't become trolls just like them yeah okay it was part one so I'll give them that like there might be more coming but like you're not gonna win a video to week just by one part which is 51 seconds long and is just there's nothing there just basically just shows that pros are bullies and noobs are crying like that's what they're trying to show with this I guess and I'm pretty sure growtopia would not really want that as a video of the week so yeah I'm off to give a pass on that one but making a Gert opiate animation okay let's see this one this might I don't know it's a good day to design a growtopia okay alright alright let's see let me open my growtopia editor damn I mean I Hey look at this this is kind of cool though like he has the the windows setup but it's like kind of a sort of utopia style thing like damn that's pretty cool actually but you know yet he put some effort into that oh the recycle bin is a garbage block okay he's putting a lot of details in this so hey uh let's see it's might actually gonna need a body all he's really doing is this making goodness but it's so slow you know like the resizing here took like ten seconds for you like no one cares about that just do it a second and just cut out all the unimportant parts as if there's some sort of a funny joke no way is now the head are you seriously got you just gonna put above the Gotham I can't watch anymore I'm sorry man this is this is not what I mean I expected some bad videos like or at least most of them but I haven't seen a single good one okay this is the last one what is fine I can't watch anyone sorry goodbye


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