Reaching 13,000 TROPHIES – NEW RECORD!!! 🍊

I'm rushing in we can just rushing in I'm rushing in though I'm rushing I'm freaking rushing in Russian I just love rushing into the mid maybe I will rush freaking rushing in oh yeah orange juice what's up everyone its Oda today we're gonna be hitting 13,000 trophies and bras stirs now this is one of the hardest feats to accomplish in the game three months ago now it's really really hard I know what you guys are gonna say Oh everyone can hit 13,000 now if you have 500 brawler's no no that is not the case that is not the case at all because I'm gonna at 13,000 trophies and I'm gonna hit 400 BB she's not gonna be 500 skill logic how does that work science I don't know if you guys don't have BB in the shop she's one of the few brawler's I highly recommend you buying with in gems especially if it goes on sale yeah if it goes and sell it for sure I think there's like an epic sale it's like 30% off to room 117 but anyways if you're gonna spend gems don't forget in the top-left corner if you're not supporting anyone linking in the description down below and you can support me or your favorite creator my favorite creators Lex is it is just really funny Carlos and Lex I love watching them so out of all the events we've got gem grab showdown bounty and brawl Ball I've got BB now whatever are my teammates going to use if only there was a website out there that could give you the best compositions for the best Maps starless Pro let's get to 13,000 trophies with bb-bb-bb-bb-bb-bb-bb and I love the booty snack give me some booty snacks I'm rushing in with this I'm gonna smack hmm I wasn't supposed to die immediately I think it's cuz I got my glasses on it works out better if I can't see okay I'm coming into the Primo knock them the Frick out get the pre get bream mmm I missed the bubble that would have wrecked the cream oh so good get out of here get out of here oh my goodness that primo jumped all right what's his primo doing he's jumping he's doing some weird jumpy stuff oh yeah hmm oh yeah that's some nice bubble bouncing get that bear away from me get that bear away from me bubble do your thing bubble it's a Haneda yeah hit hit the Nita why aren't we winning yet I feel like we have control but we're but I'm just totally goofing around freaking bear get out of here bear oh shoot the Primo just did something weird okay okay I see how it is we're playing for realsies now I know that primo isn't he was waiting for me for sure he was Oh skunk nice pass blitz as nice fairly nice and then right as my bat them away right before right before the walls break take him down knock him down oh nice all right well at least I took out the bear for blitz this is kind of no he scored because I took out the bear I took I gave my life for that bear – Claire blitz his path so that he could dodge Rico and score thirteen thousand and four hundred BB here we come – in one video I hate that there 500 and I'm only like 360 we're matching with like better than usual people for the 300 range it's not fair man it's not fair this part usually takes like 4 minutes we literally add it all out know what that means warm up today we're in a game finally finally Dill's you don't know what's I love I love my star power I love freakin just rushing in like Oh boom boom get out of my way Leon he got scared he knows I'm the boss I'm just gonna keep charging my super like that oh my goodness this is not good how am i alive mmm if I'd knock them back out he being so nice the only problem is that the Shelly has her super all but she used it double kill why am I so good did blitz just knock it to the left side right before he died so good man who's so good I'm calm hang it's my dying it's my dying wish I was gonna die anyways it's so easy to charger super she feels not overpowered but not underpowered I love it she's so fun to play her knock-back is hilarious uh-huh mmm knocked back to Shelly every time I throw the ball I lose my homerun charge I don't like it get out of here Shelly I know I saw that super slow-mo replay that right about now oh my gosh skunk made him waste a super that was actually intentional that was insane like actually oh my gosh skunk I might have panicked with white bubble get out of here with your super get out of here mmm that's juicy oh my goodness knock back that Shelley no he missed ska it's good game they got the score they killed all three of them are they dancing now they're beaming yeah you thought you saw the PM the ball went like left and right left and right 500 spike with level six not bad that's pretty good reminds me of when I hit 500 spike at level 5 anyways they're almost there were 300 oh he missed it cuz he had to go I get it when nature calls all right we got Lukey bear we don't need you skunk we got Lukey oh okay I wasn't busy and Dysport you're busy on discord discord Gigi /ps uh we have a gene all right then I'm gonna direct this spike to hits nice yeah splits opening it up for Lukey bear that was a nice shot just totally me though cuz I knocked a spike out 100 sent me Oh spike wasn't expecting me to just rush in that's hilarious plus with my star powers movespeed its oh my Frick are you joking me that was dangerous he could have scored if he tried it's a BB it's not a Rosalie freaking spike yeah we're gonna win this no losses zero losses zero deaths oh she's using her super we know what's up oh my Frick knock him out that Rico's so dead he's so dead what he didn't die whatever it's so satisfying when they retreat and you have your super oh okay we're at 377 trophies let's uncover the hit three of illest we have the world's best mortis playing a spike I don't like this way don't he's not the world's best mortis the other dude is Alyssa's just generally really good I don't like it Jesse Jesse Jesse knows she's dead I hope I'm not too far out my teammates I have no frickin idea it's ridiculous uh well I did take up Jessie so there's that mm-hmm and they didn't score that was really full assured me to chase Jessie that far up and not being voice chat so like literally not know what's going on like what's going on so I use my bubble oh my goodness get out of here guys sir Frank okay I hate grabbing the ball because it ruins my home run probably gonna do it let's do it nope let's I aim the ball you can see where I aim I want it to go on the right side bullets only we had voice chat or do we know we don't yeah that spike knew I was gonna knock him the Frick out come here a list we spin together oh those dangerous oh my goodness am i dead or the Frank dead ah okay really get super on there I'm gonna finish it off oh my I had it Frick my lack of ball control intentionally dodge that spike there cuz I'm good oh my I had it we would have won dang it that's what I get for using auto aim oh god Jesse caught it my supers useless it's good for like one snipe looky he's spun because we don't have voice chat and I don't have common sense to pass it to him say it suspending me like yo Oh Jade give me the ball give me the ball 382 trophies we're gonna get there zero losses we're in a game the score GG /ps you guys don't have to join it's a really cool server we're just there to chill chat I'm rushing in them why did you pass it to me that but that was some mad ouchies right there oh my bobbles of death and I knocked someone so I charged my super a little bit I need to knock hmm I swing from from this way to this way so because of the right side it doesn't work did i just mess up their super nice did i just mess yeah and i miss my home run well on the bright side the Primeau didn't break any walls oh my goodness alright so let's see oh my goodness do you guys see that didn't this see Lukey bear do that thing with the thing yeah I might have panicked with my um my super there yeah he jumps I die he dies wait I don't die zero deaths zero debt and I gotta get my fingers back on the phone that Jesse's gonna score yeah at the Frick out of here get out of here primo yeah let's ignore that primo Oh to zero and we're in a game 387 trophies okay I'm rushing I'm freaking rushing in get out of your poco smack smack smack three games undefeated zero losses yes Matt laughs are they get smacked it's ridiculous but they want to grab it though oh my bubble of doom how did Carl get all the way in there what in the world well I dodged all those taxes I am freaking awesome well not so much not so much those ones they've opened up all those walls oh my goodness yeah totes worth it they pushed us back so we're gonna spawn closer to them whereas the jesse has to walk all the way back so kind of worth it for them pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom boo the bubble came back although if we were in voice chat I wouldn't know if that was a good idea or not because oh my goodness one hand I love it yeah I'm getting a little excited I got to heal up before I rush in oh they're so doomed that was a lot of bubbles yeah he would have scored what I needed the glory I am the best scorer in the game of that match for the score twice speak to me he's a Allnut what is a hazelnut sounds delicious we on smack smack smack to the spike I'm alive whoo that spike is that spike in a1 yeah nice we are the best I just love rushing into the mid cuz my frickin knock-back stuff is ridiculous char's got her super though so I gotta be a little more careful maybe I will rush liliane smack smack smack double kill oh goodness gracious it was calculated calculated oh my goodness blitz wow what a way to end it off oh no he's stopping her game dang if that was the last key and I would be nice wait don't you get a super exclusive you do you do get a super exclusive icon all this way zero deaths zero zero losses we've come this far we have one shot one chance one opportunity to make this all happen to seize everything we ever wanted thirteen thousand trophies trophies trophies trophies trophies I'm in the middle freakin rushing in oh yeah if I don't have anyone that I'm super doomed unless I'm gonna pretend that was all me I ruined this trickshot oh my goodness I mean I knocked them all back in a kilt two of them and Spike ended up using a super so we're in a really good position is Karl gonna trickshot that Karl trick shots it we have to see how it happened I rushed in knocked him back by knocking the spike and Jesse into that crevice karl was able to shoot them all out and then here here we go here we go trick shot bounce bounce bounce 402 trophies 400 Beebe 13,000 trophies the ultimate flex 13,000 trophies the ultimate icon flex bb's Secutor we've got the icon we got 13,000 trophies we've got 400 BB it was no easy feat know a lot of you guys are gonna say that you got it's easy to hit fun if all your brawlers are 500 you can hit 13,000 easily in this day and age but no my bb's at 400 so got you guys there hope you guys know this video thanks for watching and stay tuned for more quality oj


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