heyy what's crackin YouTube so I am back we're here to talk about woken us and is it killing Hollywood there's an interesting article here from Breitbart someone asked me have a look at it and okay no people get pissed off when I use these articles from Breitbart they're like how dare you conservative scumbag how dare you use those articles we'll look I've read plenty from the Mary so in the past so let's even up the ledger a bit here so this article from Nolte says ratings for MTV movie and TV awards collapse 46% and this person is claiming that it's due to Hollywood going work and look I mean I'm sure that's a contributing factor I'm not sure if it's the only factor but you know people are sick of all this political stuff right they just sick to death of it and we get these rich people trying to preach it to the to the masses out there the public's like stuff you we don't want to hear that's guys stick it up in clacker so this sort of came to prominence in the past few days with brie Larson Captain Marvel winning the award for best fight scene beating out Captain America vs. Thanos and some other people and Aleta didn't even get a mention and people are thinking what the hell was going on here that doesn't make any sense because Captain Mal was fight scenes we're clearly trash right well compared to the Captain America versus that I'll say anyway it definitely was but you know brie Larson has to win everything she has to win Best Actress Best Actor Best Director Best Kiss best fight scene and best best dump filmed with an iPhone 10 she's won that okay I want to put him for that next year but I don't think I because I think she's going back in there again to check out the st. Stephen so let's not look at this article and see what has to say it says the ratings for the MTV movie in TV Awards disintegrated by 46% when compared to last year reports the rap as if that number is not in and of itself humiliating enough this now totally irrelevant award show managed to draw only 1.8 million viewers even with the advantage of airing on 10 different Viacom owned cable channels not just MTV and vh1 it's of a show in the u.s. and awards show nonetheless to only get one point eight million viewers Jesus that is a that's a dumpster fire yes you read that correctly on ten different cable channels only one point eight million tuned in in the all-important 18 to 34 age demo the ratings also imploded by 46% so people are definitely given the ass to MTV which was a great was with a great music video whatever coming of the word plays where they played good music videos in the past right even over here people knew about MTV cool video clips and all that back in the day but these days you know it must have lost its luster on MTV only four hundred thirty four thousand people tuned in compared to nine hundred three thousand last year it was not supposed to be like this between Game of Thrones and Avengers endgame this is MTV broadcast was blessed with two legitimate pop culture phenomenon what's more the show was also blessed with the guaranteed presence of Dwayne the rock Johnson because MTV awarded him one of those meaningless special awards are created to guarantee the presence of a big star and a meaningless award show look they do the same thing over here in Australia quite a few years ago they always used to get like American stars to come over to our award show and they obviously didn't know anything about our awards or the people getting nominate anything like that they just do it to get people to watch the show I think they've stopped doing that but it was cringe as hell so what's happening everybody they got that was it one of the guys from like one of your daytime soaps I don't think it was Harry Hamlin but someone sort of of that sort of it was so bad well well all of these award shows have crashed in the ratings in fact almost all of them have hit record low numbers over the past few years the Tonys Oscars Grammys American Music Awards MTV Music Video Awards Emmys and the Billboard Music Awards the Golden Globes and now the MTV movie and TV awards are both bottom-feeding the only hard there is obviously something going on a real problem but Tinseltown's sycophants and apologists will continue to blame the internet streaming TV blah blah blah blah blahdy blah blah t da will continue to stubbornly refuse to address the real problem you see that is what The Hollywood Reporter deadline and variety do block-and-tackle for Hollywood protect the industry most especially the delusion that the whole world still loves them and agrees with them 100% even as audiences flee in droves he's hitting some good points I'm in solid disagree with stuff is saying in I'll disagree the truth is that the internet 500 cable stations video games and other competition for the entertainment eyeball have been around for decades now but it is only during these last few years that every single one of these award shows haven't lost their audience why could that be the problem is obvious Trump broke the shop put the hammer down on him now they've all got the Trump deranged with syndra they walking around like zombies like how can they get out of this nightmare they're in because celebrities cannot handle losing elections they all turned into resistance wiped ads which has bled into every facet of entertainment but nothing as much as these hideous award shows look these shows these award shows are so cringe I don't even watch one for like probably 15 20 years that's all I'm not giving them up because they're all just cringe embarassing just all these rich people giving himself awards though who really gives a rat's they never give to the people who actually deserve the awards to some using I son crap these shows used to be fun and sexy and edgy and exciting now they're humorless preachy sanctimonious button-down and smug and for more than half the audience the majority who are not woke these shows are frequently insulting regularly off-putting and no fun whatsoever that's a very good point what's of the funds go out of these things and have these like cringe and monologues and top that out of him funny I think Ricky Gervais was the last one actually did something interesting and funny that was a few years ago when he's pretty much just roasting everyone in the audience but you know I don't think I think people got pissed off with that even all well understood human nature enough to create the two minute hate in 1984 even all well understood that anything longer than two minutes would become counterproductive but these award shows racer may three hour hate to way for our hate which means that even those who hate Trump and Christians and Republicans eventually grow tired of it especially if they're just tuning in from CNN's 24-hour hate snap I got to read more articles from this guy John Nolte I think I'm threatened article from him ages ago but people were not happy but I think this guy's makes some good points look I'm not agreeing 100% with everything he's saying here but I think you've made some pretty strong points there that's hard to disagree with very interesting indeed he's putting the put in the boot in there – these dodgy award shows that no one gives a rat's about anymore because they've turned – were to shoot to shoot I can't swear anymore turn to show bugger that they've turned a shit you know it as what's going on here so that's what's happening very interesting I don't tell me you think about that in the comments and it's more just about you know these are these woke Hollywood types can graduate themselves and you know trying to preach the people out there look if you just leave the politics out of it if there was someone up there trashing Obama it'll be the same situation don't talk about it just leave it out of it you hate Trump that yet thrown business just don't bring it into these award shows right don't bring in and if it was reversed and someone just say criticizing Obama back when he's is present can you imagine that that would have gone down can you imagine you'd be called every East under the Sun but with Trump you know you get the standing ovation that was standing much I think so but you know it just leave the politics out then you'd have to worry about it the interesting article there I'll leave a link maybe the pin coming to something so go check out Nolte maybe he's related to Nick Nolte I don't know it's I've been good days or where types and as I always say what I say I say it cringe-worthy dodgy fake cast award shows we just got rich people congratulating themselves patting ourselves on the back and not giving a rat's about anyone else out there popping their rich friends that's what I say tell them to stuff it up you know where and then to get the hell out of my house right now

  • Link to article #pineappleonpizza

  • Killing comics, killing TV, killing Hollywood….. wherever woke infects, it goes broke!

    I'll not be mad about you sourcing Breitbart, but just like the Mary Sue, it's best to check what they are saying is accurate!

  • All we can hope for is that in 10-15 years Hollywood goes complete bust and the identity left wing political idiots loose everything

  • Who the hell even cares about MTV anymore?……no music for like 2 decades, teenage girls having babies, crazy people who think the other people they fall in love with online are real, and rob dyrdeks americas dumbest home videos…….i can watch all of that and actual music videos on YT……so again, who the hell cares about MTV?

  • this is the first time in 15 yrs i watched the MTV awards, i was curious to see how much bullshit was going on and about 90% of it was bullshit. Awards have become a platform for SJW's in hollywood and people have caught on and have stopped tuning in. i only watch the people choice awards or the independent spirit awards all the other AWARDS can SUCK A BAG OF DICKS — oh and i havent watched the Grammys since Metallica lost to Jethro Tull in the heavy metal catagory

  • I hate that the term "Woke" has been hi-jacked by these post millenials where being "woke" means political awareness rather truly understanding the truth.

  • Captain 🇺🇸 lose in MTV award 🤔 captain🌈wins Wahman transgender feminist award a.k.a wtf award 👈😂

  • I remember the year when the nominees for best fight scene was Ray Park, Liam Neeson and Ewan Mcgregor in Phantom Menace, Wesley Snipes and the fella who was the main bad guy and in Blade and Ben Stiller with the dog in Something About Mary. The first two took weeks of hard work to get right, the last one was a man pretending to fight a dog, took minutes I'm guessing, Stiller and the pretend dog won.

  • I really hope that Hollyweird continues it's Woke crusade.
    I hope it doubles down, triples down, and makes EVERYTHING coming out full of nauseating, cringy wokeness.
    I want to see it alienate every last audience, every single fan.
    I want to see it hemorrhage hundreds of millions of dollars every year, until investors shun them.
    I want to see small, independent filmmakers grow and prosper while old, leftist, arrogant Hollyweird flails in its irrelevancy and dies, without ever understanding why.
    Enough is enough.
    This industry is diseased beyond redemption and needs to be put out of its misery. OUR misery.

  • I don't know if Trump broke them or maybe awoke them to the lies and deceit of the left.
    Maybe people are like why are we putting these idiots on a pedestal. Most are just bad actors.

  • Pretty sure people stopped watching years ago, when they realized all they were seeing was rich, entitled, overexposed celebrities accepting awards for a bunch of shit no one cares about. The amount of money splashed around during an awards ceremony is sickening when the average person is struggling to make ends meet. But don't worry, they will prove they're good people by donating $10,000 of their latest $10,000,000 salary to charity. Hey, Cruise! How about giving up one of those bedrooms in your 100 room mansion to a homeless person?

  • Yes, a lot of people are tired of being preached too and told that they are on the wrong side of history.

  • Good you would think they would learn but there so high on them selfs they in there little elite world

  • Good to see these awards shows ratings go down the drain. I used to watch them but since most movies and music has been crap and they are clearly not putting any effort whatsoever to create better material I spend my time and money somewhere else.

  • Oh dear! How the mighty collapse into dust like staked Joss Whedon vampires. Poof!

    Hollywood leveraged their fame to deliver stupid woke messages and everybody turned them off. There are waaaaay cooler personalities and more entertaining things to check out today. -And when YouTube shuts the New Cool down, the real people will just head elsewhere.

  • Hate to break it to you SC but this years Logies will have guest presenters/appearances from the cast of Young Sheldon. Sure to send ratings through the glass ceiling!!! Bwahahah

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