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Rajar Raja | রাজার রাজা | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit Chatterjee, Debashree Roy

“I am reckless, reckless I am.” “I don’t know the rules of life,
I don’t know.” “Listen listen, I am the only king and
I don’t admit anyone to be the king.” “Understand?” “I don’t admit.” “I am reckless, reckless I am.” “I don’t know the rules of life,
I don’t know.” “Listen listen, listen, I am the only king
and I don’t admit anyone to be the king.” “Have I seen you before?” “I never get love,
sympathy anything in this family.” “I never get love,
sympathy anything in this family.” “I have got only pain,
insult from this world.” “I have got only pain,
insult from this world.” “Ram, gin is in the wine glass.
Ram, gin is in the wine glass.” “Nothing can understand
without this, cant understand.” “I am reckless, reckless I am.” “I don’t know the rules of life,
I don’t know.” “Listen listen, listen, I am the only king
and I don’t admit anyone to be the king.” “Have I seen you before?” “If I get a little hope, love.” “If I get a little hope, love.” “I will be able to decorate my
life with happiness from this world” “Rally of face in day night.
Rally of face in day night.” “I can’t understand any face without
known face, can’t understand.” “I am reckless, reckless I am.” “I don’t know the rules of life,
I don’t know.” “Listen listen, listen, I am the only king
and I don’t admit anyone to be the king.” How will you go madam
in this midnight? I am sure I will get a taxi. Everyday he comes drunk. Why don’t you tell anything to him? Wasting a lot of money. He wastes his father’s money,
we don’t have nothing to say.. ..and we are just his cousin.. ..wish to God that Raja
increases his drinking day by day. What are you saying? Yes, if he continues like this he will
die very quickly by damaging his lifer. Dasu brother.
– What happened? Give me wine, Dasu brother. There is no more wine. Why not? I know you are hiding from me, then
give me sleeping pill, I want to sleep. Dasu brother I want to sleep,
please let me sleep, let me sleep. I never do any sin work.. ..then why are you
giving me this punishment? I am giving this poison to that person
who have grown up like my child with me. Take it. Take it. Your daughter is serious,
come quickly. What’s the matter,
why are you taking luggage? Where are you going? Telegram have reached just now;
our daughter is very serious.. ..I can catch the train
if I leave right now. Have you gone mad? I have organized a party tonight.. ..lot of businessmen are
coming and you will not be there? What can I do? I don’t have anything to do. No you can’t go anywhere. What are you saying? My daughter is ill, and I won’t go? No, you will go tomorrow
after attend the party tonight. Which one comes first?
My daughter or your party? What? Don’t forget Chitra.. day you were wandering with your
daughter after you had lost your husband. Today you have stand with dignity.. ..your maintenance, your daughter’s
expenses everything is for me. Yes, I agree with you. But Mr. Barman only tonight,
only for today please let me go. She has no one except me. I also have no one without you. Now you will decide that whether
you will go for taking the keys. This is good for
you whatever I told you. And by the way, you should
wear a short dress tonight, bye. What Ratan Babu? There is no arrangement for music? Oh, yes, yes. Arrangement for music.
– Oh, yes. Sing a song. Sing a song. It’s not possible for me. Don’t you feeling
shame to slap a woman? Gentle woman?
She? She is a girl of market. I have known that
you are a gentleman.. ..but today I know
that you are a bastard. I will break your hand
if you put it anywhere. Where are you going? Home Do you have a car? You can go with me
and I will drop you. Thank you, but I don’t need it. Mr Ratan have done
something wrong with you.. ..and you are showing
your anger with me and my car? If you think me as a real friend
then please come with me in my car. You should be get respect
like friend, let’s go. You have seen everything whatever
that has been done after that. Do one thing,
go from here tomorrow.. ..and if you want you can
come with your daughter here. Listen you guys will
pick her from Howrah station.. ..and drop her at
my house on Richi Road. I will tell everything
to my Manger uncle Why will you quarrel with Mr.
Barman for me? Quarrel is very long term, I don’t want to see the face of
Mr. Barman from today. I want to inform you one thing you
can think me as a friend from today . Give your hand for
friendship in first day? Where will be stop the hand? You bastard, I will kill you. What, you are insulting
me at my house? Get out from here right now Yes, I will go, but I will not go alone,
I will go with her, come with me. Selfish! Chitra , Chitra, don’t be sad ,
come on, cheer up, dance, come on. Dasu brother? Have started You are angry with me, isn’t it? It’s enough. I have done a something
wrong yesterday.. ..I will never do that again. Dasu brother, please don’t mind.. ..I don’t have anyone without you,
please tell me. It’s enough, now get fresh and
take your breakfast to rescue me. You? When have you come? Today’s flight in morning Stupid , you had to inform me Raja, this telegram
have come yesterday night Why didn’t you give me till now? Are you staying at home at evening? Kalkata 17th morning by
Thai International. Chandan. Drink this water. Let’s go But where? I will tell you later You are still same as before. First you finish your breakfast.
Let’s go. Raja, what have you done Raja? Chandan, One day you saw a dream
that you will be a senior doctor.. ..I also saw that dream with you. Today my dream is fulfilled.. have come
back as a big doctor.. this nursing home is a
small gift for you from your friend. Raja. Listen, now I will go to office
for some time , have lot of works. I will be back in evening,
then we will chat.. ..we will take dinner together,
now bye. Good morning.
– Good morning. Everything is fine here? Yes but.. What has that
to do with your state? What happened?
Why are you stopping? What happen in state? There have some problem there. I am telling you, please
take care of your business now. Why? Brother is also there,
Ok please give me files Its good you have come ,
I am thinking about you . Manager uncle told me that there
are some problems in the state. There is big business, big property same
as big problem, don’t think about that. Listen there will be
two payments by next week.. should be signed the cheques. Ok , give me, I am doing right now. Amount is not written now. Its ok, leave it,
you will write later Here is 9 pm,
you please take dinner. First Raja will come then. Chandan if we wait for
Raja then we can’t take diner. Why? You will not believe,
so you will see with your own eyes. “Whole night , whole night.” “Whole night , whole night.” “I will hold your
hands in this hand.” “Whole night , whole night.” “Whole night , whole night.” “I will hold your
hands in this hand.” “To make the night successful
by giving and taking the mind..” “..taking and giving the mind.” “To make the night successful
by giving and taking the mind..” “..taking and giving the mind” “Whole night , whole night.” “Whole night , whole night.” “I will hold your
hands in this hand.” “Whole night , whole night” “Whole night , whole night” “I will hold your
hands in this hand.” “Whole night , whole night.” “Whole night , whole night” “Have I ever seen you before?” “Let the day be spent
with love and close with love.” “Let the day be spent
with love and close with love.” “Whole night , whole night” “Whole night , whole night” “I will hold your
hands in this hand.” “Whole night , whole night” “Whole night , whole night” “I will hold your
hands in this hand.” “Whole night , whole night” “Whole night , whole night” “Whole night , whole night” “Whole night , whole night” “Whole night , whole night” Dasu brother, give sleeping
pill Dasu brother, give me sleeping Raja, what have you done? Chandan, please help me
to go to sleep, you are a doctor.. ..this is my sleeping pill,
please give me. I want to sleep, I can’t.. His condition is like
this after you are gone.. ..every night he comes like this. Why don’t you tell her anything,
Dasu brother? I feel like leaving him. I will tell anything whenever
I think to tell him something. If I can I will love
him more as he is like this.. ..after he had lost his parents.. ..I understand that
he needs lot of love. Only love. Who is she and who
have come to leave her? That I don’t know,
but I think that girl is very good.. ..fine and wants good of Raja. Okay you being a big doctor
will you not be able to cure Raja? Why can’t I Dasu brother? I am here for Raja, I promise you
Dasu brother, I have to cure Raja Life is long, be a big doctor. God bless you,
you will be a big doctor. Raja, will you give me a promise? Let’s go out for some days. There is no place in the
world where there is no night.. darkness, no one who
will make me afraid like a ghost. May be there is a country
in the world like this. Let’s go and search that
country where there is no darkness.. Only there are lights and lights. “Let’s go to the world of lights.” “There is no darkness scattered
here and there in front of us.” “Let’s go and get lost like a bird.” “Let’s go to the world of lights.” “We will not obey any zigzag road..” “..and we will not
be knowing any obstacles.” “We will not obey any zigzag road..” “..and we will not
be knowing any obstacles” “We don’t have any bindings in the
zigzag road which we have left behind.” “Let’s go to the world of lights.” “There is no darkness scattered
here and there in front of us.” “Let’s go and get lost like a bird.” “We know that we will get
the way after finishing this way” “Love is calling with love” “We know that we will get
the way after finishing this way” “Love is calling with love” “The road doesn’t know the way;
mind haven’t address” “Let’s go to the world of lights.” “There is no darkness scattered
here and there in front of us.” “Let’s go and get lost like a bird.” “Let’s go to the world of lights.” “Let’s go to the world of lights.” “Let’s go to the world of lights.” Do you remember this place? This is the place where the most famous
painter were painting like Pikaso.. ..Rambran,
Da Vinchi, Nandalal Basu etc. Correct. Chandan? You have come back. Why didn’t you give an information? Oh, if I sent you the information before
then how can I give you this surprise? Anyways, let me give your introduction
first, This is Navin and he is… One minute You have recognized me? We are meeting after a long time You have not changed Raja No, I have changed a lot anyway,
let’s go and celebrate Today I can’t, I have a tuition,
I will reach tomorrow morning sure Can’t you manage a day? Will you stay at the old Bungalow? No, forest bungalow Anyways listen, never forget
to give this information to Lata Ok
– Bye Bye How are you big brother? Fine sir fine How are you? What happened sir, you have come
suddenly without any information? Saurav sir called today Actually we don’t have any plan
to come here, we have come suddenly Then I am telling
them to clean the house.. ..actually there were
no life since 12 years No , there isn’t, you please
arrange in forest bungalow Mr. Master Lata, Lata. Mr. Master Navin brother, what happened? Why are you shouting? Chandan have come Chandan brother? Yes, you can’t imagine
who have come with him Who have come? Raja What? Yes, I will come later,
see you later, now bye Raja Raja Namita, Namita Namita What Raja will be happy to
see this picture, isn’t it? You will show this picture to Rajada,
but when will you become the actual girl? What do you mean? I am talking with the master, we will
give the marriage in the month of November No , first let me
get a permanent job Raja brother have come,
you go and tell him What? He is the owner of the tea garden Shame, will I beg from my friend? Come, come. Come come. Greetings sir, we are your staff ,
we never got you within us. Today we are very happy
to get you within us Thanks a lot Will you come in
our office once more? Yes , sure come, sure We are going sir Hey you all of you have
skipped your work and came here Why will we not come? Today our boss have come,
why will we not see him? Boss please leave this day. Today we will celebrate the program,
we will dance the whole night and enjoy. And? Mr. Dutta.
– Yes, sir. Give them leave today and give
them some money for taking sweets Okay. We will not eat the sweets ,
we will take poison.. ..and we will be dancing
and singing on the pain of poison The electricity
has gone from 1 hour.. ..and you are sitting
in a relaxed mood? Very good, carry on. Impossible,
I need only one thing, wine. I have sent someone to bring that,
he will come soon. But when? Is this a town that everything
would come whenever we wish? You need to know it before Chandan. I told you that I
can’t live without wine.. promised me that
you will arrange everything. I have arranged everything. But where?
Where? I want wine right now. From where can I get wine right now? I don’t know, I don’t know how
will you arrange, but I need wine. Raja, don’t go, stop. Chandan brother. Lata, please come,
sit, tell me, how are you? I am fine, are you fine? Fine Where is Raja right now? Raja, Raja? Raja, Raja? Raja? Raja, Raja? Raja, Raja? Raja, Raja? Have I seen you before? I thought that Raja
would get changed a lot.. his childhood atmosphere
but it did not work. It’s very late in the night now,
so let me accompany you. Dasu brother, Dasu brother. How can you get
Dasu brother in here? Chandan please give me sleeping
pill otherwise I won’t sleep But How can you get
here sleeping pill? Neither wine nor
sleeping pill is here.. ..then did you come
here to give me punishment? Punishment? You are giving us punishment.. ..Lata did not sleep the whole
night to see you fine, and you? Who is she? Why is she here? Why is the girl in my room Chandan? Raja, that is Lata. Lata? Lata, Sita, Soti,
Sabitri I know everybody very well.. ..why have you come here? To give me poison? No. Don’t touch me,
get out, get out from here. Chandan give me
sleeping pill, please. I want to sleep. Ok fine I am giving
you sleeping pills.. ..but you have to tell me first,
why are you doing like this? Why you hate the girls? I will tell you everything. I don’t have anyone to tell. But promise me first that
you will help me to sleep. I never give permission to that
person who are coming in my closed eyes. Mother is the one word
which can fulfill the heart.. ..and my mother. Hi, handsome, how are you? Today you are looking so nice Your party is very boring ,
there is no arrangement for dance. Will you dance? Then please come to the
room which is beside this room.. ..let us dance to the tune of music. A lot of people is here except
you and me, wouldn’t they dance? Leave them, now let’s go. Excuse me, one minute. One minute, ok?
– Listen. Let me introduce DM
of Darjeeling with you. If you wish to meet him you
may carry on, but now I will dance. There are lot of guests in our home,
and you will dance! You take care of your guest. I told you before that
I will stay in Siliguri. If you give me permission
to leave me as per my choice. Please can you manage for today? Shut up! I am not feeling
good with that animal.. ..I don’t know what would be
done with me if Jeet wouldn’t come. Good morning, Raja.. ..what happened,
why didn’t you say good morning? Good morning, Father. That’s like a good boy. you will go to
the school with Dasu brother.. car after brushing your
teeth and taking breakfast. Okay? Hello, Nil,
you are going office regularly.. ..please come today we will go out.. ..I am not feeling
fine in this Siliguri.. ..I am alone Nil,
please come, What are you saying? Joydeep? It’s doesn’t matter if he
knows about this, will you come? Please please come,
come quickly, thank you. Joy, whole state are
talking about your home.. please tell something
my daughter in law.. ..I am happy with
my family only for you.. son Saurav is studying
with Raja in same school.. ..listen, if daughter in law
feeling sad to live this garden.. ..then send her to her parents I told you before, we can’t
show our face for daughter in laws.. ..she is doing a lot in day by day.. ..please you can arrange anything. Dasu brother. Wait. Papa. MY Raja , my son. Good morning. Good morning. Do you feeling any problem
of this new environment? Do you know Chandan.. ..I was feeling last night that some
one give me warm touch in my head.. whole night.. may be dream. Not dream, its true True? Yes, Lata was giving her
hands on your head in whole night. Lata?
– Yes. Did you recognize me? Go and be fresh. Now you can see the difference
between the Raja of night and day. Don’t tell him anything
about last night.. ..Chandan da,
Let him stay enjoy this day. Raja, Chandan? Sir, Chandan have passed
the FRCS from London Ok ok, you made our country proud.. have brightened our
face in abroad, God bless you. Raja what are you doing? I am doing the work of
a king and to stay in enjoyment.. ..I use the money of others earning. You are talking like cutting jokes
but real king is also doing like that. Anyway, sir we are
going to picnic tomorrow.. if you give permission
to take Lata with us. Sure sure,
she will be going with all of you.. ..she is play partner
of your childhood. Lata, now please go to your home. Why, you cant tolerate me? How can I make you understand.. ..that I am feeling afraid
of the coming evening. Who?
Me? No, I am afraid of me Stop, where are you going? Let me go No I will not leave you. Don’t cross your limit Lata. Why are you dyeing slowly? Why aren’t you finished one time? It was fine that
you were far from me.. ..and will never know anything, I
will cry if I hear your death news.. Go Raja go. Lata, believe me, I want
to live Lata, I want to live.. ..will you save me? Tell me will you save me? Yes, I can Raja I can. Come with me. Come with me. “The sky is full of
stars giving golden rays.” “The time have come of
new moon is giving dreams.” “The sky is full with
stars giving golden rays” “The time have come
of new moon giving dreams” “The sky is full with
stars and giving golden rays” “It’s feeling good that
ray is in only tree leaves ..” “..mind is being mad..” “It’s feeling good that
ray is in only tree leaves ..” “..mind is being mad..” “..happy air play the flute
with fulfill with subjection.” “The sky is full with
stars giving golden rays.” “My heart is dancing again
with the fascination of leaves.” “My heart is dancing again
with the fascination of leaves.” “The smile of forest of
mind keeps aside the darkness.” “The sky is full with
stars giving golden rays.” “The time have come
of new moon giving dreams.” “The sky is fulfill with
stars and giving golden rays.” Are you doing exercise? What am I doing?
– Exercise, exercise. Why should I do exercise? Then what is this doing? We sit here
from a long time and so you are.. I want to marry Lata. What, what are you saying? Say again Raja. I will marry Lata,
will both of you be happy? O f course, its amazing
that you will be marrying Lata. Navin, you wont say anything? Yes, I am very happy. Will you do me a fever? Why are you saying like this? You just tell that
what could be done. Both of you will
convince sir about me. Then? Then you will know the opinion
of Lata’s father, will you do that? Yes I can, I surely can. Raja, I can give this news
not only to Lata’s father.. ..but to all mountains, seas
and other things in the world. I will surely do it
and I will have to do it. Mr Master. You guys? Please sit. May be Lata
have gone out for sometime Actually sir, we have come here
to tell you something about Raja. Tell me what you want to say. Raja wants to marry Lata.. we want to know that if you
are in agreement with that or not. Chandan, is it right that one
hears a lot if he is growing old. No sir then he hears a little. That’s the rule, but today
is different from every rules.. ..I am listening
something more today.. ..Chandan is it true
whatever you are saying? True. Actually ,
I never got more in my whole life.. feeling afraid
to get more than hope.. ..feeling if the hope will
die which is awakening in mind. Sir then will we inform
Raja about your opinion? Sure of course,
it’s Lata’s pleasure, my pleasure. It’s not done Raja. Why? In which relation I along with my
father would be staying over there.. ..and what would the
others say about that? Really , you have lot
of intelligence in your head. Where king lives
apart for the king.. ..the others are the
members of the kingdom only. But I can’t take this matter easily,
and by the way.. Look, you love me and I love you,
so there is no problem.. But your brother and brother in law? If they say anything?
I will manage that. I will marry you. There would never be
any gossip from anyone. What are you thinking? I am thinking that how luck can take
from where to where nobody knows. In the childhood you scolded me
for giving more salt in hotchpotch. And now laugh to get my love,
it’s nothing of luck.. are going to Kolkata with me. Bye Lata. Bye sir, I will inform
you after making an arrangement.. ..when I reach Kolkata, you
wouldn’t have any problem out there. Go carefully and take care. Bye. Dasu brother. Dasu brother.
– Coming, Coming. Dasu brother. Dasu brother.
– Coming, Coming. Chandan are you going to your chamber?
– Yes. Let me first change and then we
would be having our dinner together. Okay. Okay. What happened Chandan,
Raja is looking very happy. Yes, never seen
him before like that.. he is shouting in happiness,
what’s the matter? Actually Raja is getting married. Marry?
Whom? Where? When?
– Why? He is getting married to
Lata the daughter of his master Have done? God, please boss have come, boss? Boss is here. Come, come boss.
– Boss is here? Thank God. How are you? Chitra. Chitra. Raja? Where were you for such a long time? Boss, please take this wine No, I will not drink wine. What happened boss suddenly? I am doing marry. Really? Are you serious? Yes this is true.
Are you happy Chitra? Yes, I am very happy Raja,
very happy. Let’s go Panu,
I will serve you drinks myself. No one will drink
from today in this house. Chitra, take it. What’s the matter? You were giving me company
to reach my home from many days.. you will
have to do that again. You were not able
to go alone that night.. I was with you but today
you are totally fine and normal… So in normal state i want to see you
how you used to take me, please Chitra. Good, Your driving is very good. I have a lot of things which
are good, you never saw that. What is this,
will you not go inside? This is the boundary line for me, I
never want to cross the boundaries. What are you seeing? You told me with high confidence
that your friend will not take wine. Yes I told but…. Now you can see how he
is sitting there in the car? He will never be
able to leave drinking. How did I surprise you? Yes, the way you were
sitting I thought….. I will be a big
actor if I act in film Yes you are right Dasu brother, you will clean the room
which is beside the brother’s room.. ..Lata and Sir would
be living in that room. Okay let’s start Yes, let’s start sister-in-law. You take please. Mother please come quickly, mother. God bless you my daughter. God bless you my son. Are you fine? Mother, sister and brother in
law didn’t tell, bless you my son? Shut up. I gave them respect. Sure I will tell,
live long my brother. Live long. How funny , mother , sister and
brother in law told me to live long. Shut up. Will you finish your
entire gossip here.. ..or will you keep
something for the room. Let’s go. Let’s go. Raja, this is my mother
and my brother Katu. Yes, they would be coming today. Long live my son. Long live. Shut up. Ok, now I will go out
for some office work.. ..will talk after coming back.. ..Dasu brother please lead
them to the room in the upper floor. Your brother in law is very sweet. Come mother please come. Come. Come come sit, mother please
take rest and after that get fresh.. you have traveled
a long distance.. ..till that time
I will make tea for you. It’s ok Dasu, you may go.. Did son in law take a leave today? No no I will go later in the day. You know mother I have told him
not to go to office several times as my mother and Katu is coming. He never listened to me Okay okay. We are still here. We will chat after
he comes from office. Sister, sister. Your rooms are very big
just like our playground. Only difference is this is
embarked by walls on four sides. Shut up its not big. I am getting suffocated out here. Don’t you have any other room? I am going as I
need to go to office. I think son in law
fled due to my words He will flee only as his
younger brother has done something. What? He married a girl named Lata so he will
keep her and her father in this house. Let them live. Get lost you burnt face. What are you telling? He will bring the girl
in this house before marriage. Shame shame Then what I was telling you. Your son in law is a sheep. Otherwise I would have
given you the next room. It is next to Raja’s room. Now Lata will stay in that room. Mother, sister please come
immediately to see a thing. In that room a bird
got inside the clock. Sister please help the
bird to get out of the clock. Telegram Whose telegram father?
– Let me see. Its Raja’s telegram. He
told us to go to Kolkata tomorrow. Tomorrow? Its good Mr Master as you will
be good if you go to Raja’s place. What will happen I don’t know. What
is written in my fate I don’t know. Nabin you are like my own son.. will have to arrange
everything of Lata’s marriage. You will have to go
from the bride’s house. You don’t have to worry
about anything Mr Master. I will arrange everything.
– I know, I know. Long live, son. Long live. Lata I am leaving. What are you thinking Nabin brother? No nothing I know what are you thinking? You are thinking that
you are getting rid of me. At last the curse is gone. Did I not tell you the truth? Lata will you forget
me after going to Kolkata? What are you telling? Can I forget you. I will not forget you. But you know I am
feeling a little afraid. You don t have to fear
as you are going to Raja. You will be the queen out there. What are you afraid of. I am going Lata. I am going. Come Mr Master, come Lata. Brother who is this girl? Your wife? Mother please do the rites. This guy is my brother’s
brother in law Kutu No its not Kutu, not Kutu, its Katu Has my dear come? Sister-in-law here
is Mr Master and Lata. Stop stop okay okay. What was your name? Oh its Lata. Listen, if you need anything.. ..please let me know..
Don’t hesitate. Yes. Stop stop live long. Sister, uncle too said.. it is fun. Come inside. Come. “You are mine and I am yours.” “Tell me who are you to me?” “I can read the love letters
from the language of your eyes.” “You are mine and I am yours.” “Tell me who are you to me?” “I can read the love letters
from the language of your eyes.” “I have got one green mind’s
golden envelope letter in my name.” “I have got one green mind’s
golden envelope letter in my name.” “The letter contains
the lost address of ours.” “You are mine and I am yours.” “Tell me who are you to me?” “I can read the love letters
from the language of your eyes.” “Show me the love
path by your love sight.” “Show me the love
path by your love sight.” “My mind is filled with love.” “My mind is filled with love and
thereby the sleep has gone away.” “You are mine and I am yours.” “Tell me who are you to me?” “I can read the love letters
from the language of your eyes.” “You are mine and I am yours.” “Tell me who are you to me?” “I can read the love letters
from the language of your eyes.” What you twins? You will not speak or stay
like the dolls of Krishna Nagar. Words don’t come out these days and even
if it comes out doesn’t have any sense. Why? I’ve not eaten from
past many days.. Its long that we have
not ate and drink good things and you can see the current
condition of ourselves. Boss, we can’t escape now. I’ll settle
with my family and leave all this work. Why are you getting sad? I am here to help you. Everything will be okay,
You get out. Okay give it to me. Are you sending the
money to Chitra on time? But few days back Chitra told me that
she will not require this amount of money. Why? When you were giving it regularly.. ..the expenses were
happening but now you are … Okay give whatever she wants. I am not having
the appetite so early. Are you happy? King and queen have returned Yes I think so. You are older than them so Saurabh
should say something to them. Does your son in
law have the capacity? But in this way things
cannot be run like this? They have no entry or exit time. People will say different things . It is like keeping
a kept in the house. Shame. He has done the correct thing. When my sister goes with
her husband then nothing happens.. ..but when Raja brother gets
out with his wife then its a fault. You are again getting restless,
I have told you not to be. You started to quarrel. What will you tell? Do not go often with your wife,
you will be rebuked. No Katu you don’t have to say it,
I will tell him. Long live my sister. Get me a rope so that
I can tie this guy to the bed. I am really worried
with this stupid boy. Hey look at me. Hey just few minutes back there were
lights but now its load shedding. Will you never be serious. I am always serious. Hey listen my father’s mental
condition is not good for sometime. If somebody stays alone then his mind
will automatically be sad sometimes. Tell him to read or to roam about here
and there, then his mind would be fine. No I am not telling that. My father was telling when
will you think of our marriage. Look this is not
exactly my department. In 2 to 3 days the priest
is coming , he will decide the rest. Are you happy now? No Nanu our leader is not here. Okay but look Timu
this would not be correct.. drink here in
the absence of our leader. Everything is okay
in the tea garden? Yes sir Look into it that nobody
gets to know about it. No no all the things
would be managed. Friends for the last 3 months.. ..we the workers of this tea garden are.. ..are getting deprived
of their legitimate rights. The owner is misbehaving with us. Year after year the owner
is making profit from this state.. ..but he doesn’t have the
time to think about the workers.. ..who are playing the pivotal role
in earning the revenues of the state. Lets take an oath to involve.. ..and prepare ourselves for a bigger
revolutionary act against the owner. No this has to be fixed. Month after month we
are not receiving the salary ..and they are not
looking into it all. I told Master and he said that
Mr Sukumar has gone to Kolkata.. ..and everything would
be okay as soon as he is back. What would be alright? Workers of factory, office, hospital
are yet to get their salary. If we would have known that the owner
is not making profit in the tea garden.. ..then we would have understood. This situation never happened before so
I think there is some problem out there. I don’t understand all such things. I do tuition and want to get
the money at the end of the month. Nomita you can do one favor for us. Please tell your brother
to go to Kolkata and meet Raja. Then everything would be clear. Yes that would be better. I will surely tell but it would be
great if you can tell the same to him. That is for sure that is for sure. It is 3 months now and we have not
got a single penny of our salary. How am I running the
family I only know it. My daughter is having exams.. ..and if I am not able to give the fees.. ..then she will not be able
to sit for the exams. Raja is your childhood friend.. ..and if you go to Kolkata
and let him know about it… That I am thinking to go but trust
me Raja is not this kind of a guy. I am getting a very small
amount of money as my salary.. ..and if that is delayed by 3 to
4 months then how can we run our family? That is quite obvious. In this auction there is no competitor
in terms of our tea of our garden. Listen its confidential. If you can, lift the bid
price and get hold of the same. After that I will go to
your house and have something. Okay okay see you. Nabin when did you come? Sit sit sit.
What will you take? Tea ,coffee ,toast ,
fried egg, lassi. Stop stop now let us first
complete the important discussion. I will have to return by tonight. What, you will have
to return by tonight? Okay no return. Come on.
– Where? Lets go to my house Raja, Raja. I will listen to you later. Now come along with me Lata Lata Dasu brother. What happened, Raja? Nothing happened till now.
Look, who I’ve brought with me. Why are you standing out? Come inside.
– When you come. – Just. Everything is alright? How is your sister?
– Fine. How was the surprise? When you come?
– Today. Did you understand to become an artist
you need to have a passion for the same. Then only you will be
bale to know him internally. I don’t have the passion. You know Lata he is telling
that he would be leaving today. I brought him here by force.
– Okay. Look you would be
staying with me here. Why will he stay? Yes of course. Lata Nabin will stay
in the front room. I am going now and will chat with you
in the evening after coming from work. Okay, let’s talk in the evening. Okay I am going. Come Nabin brother. What did you understand? What did you get
from the words of Nabin? We cant even think. This is happening
for the last 3 months. Your business is going on loss. What? I am signing
cheques every month. I am doing whatever
they are telling me to do. Raja you should have done that
after giving it an after thought. I was telling that your brother is at home
now so call him once and speak with him. I have told Dasu
brother to call him. Raja did you call me? Sit brother. Nabin has come. How are you? Not well. Why? I am asking you the reason. Brother how much salary
do you get in a month? 5000 Rupees Who bears the expenses of
you and your wife in this house? No we live jointly. So when you go out with your family
for a trip then who bears the expenses? Office but why these
questions are coming here? These questions are
coming up as you… Me?
– Yes One day when you got
one fish less in your plate.. had scolded Dasu brother
like anything and now when The servants who work for us
are very agitated. But what has that to do with this? Yes there is a connection as the guys
who are not getting their salary on time ..are the ones who
built this company. They are responsible
for increasing our business. Can you imagine Lata the masters who
have taught us to read and write.. ..and have held our hands
to make us big and strong.. ..and today I have snatched the food
from them by our own hands. This is wrong as I had trusted you. You have given me
the right reply as.. ..the employees of my state have not
got their salary for the last 3 months.. ..but I have signed
cheques every month. What have you done
with all these money? I have done whatever I am supposed
to do but you can ask Mr Sen. Okay please meet me
tomorrow at the office. You can go now. Please go. Now tell me. What? You told me that Mr Sen
will tell the entire thing. Yes he is supposed
to know the thing. Is it so? I used to put the amount in your
signed cheques and give them to Mr. Sen. So, he withdrew money
from their bank accounts. After that what happened to the
money that Mr Sen will be able to tell. To suppress one bluff
you need to tell a lot of lies. I know what you will tell me. I’ve made all the arrangements. Mr Sen… That one is bank
manager’s statement. It has been clearly mentioned.. ..when and how much you have
withdrawn and on which date. Beneath them there
is a signature of mine. Bearer cheques were made
Self and money withdrawn. This is the Xerox.
I have the original with me. Well do you want to say anything? I don’t want to hear anything. Mr Sen from today you will
be looking into the things. Please send the money to the state,
factory.., garden wherever
there is any pending.. I will sign the cheques for you. Take the keys from my elder brother. What will I do? For the time being
you need to sit at home. Then I will think about
what should be done with you.. ..whether to be given
to police or not. I don’t want to see
you in this office. Now get lost. Now get lost.
Please get lost. Get out now. She is the daughter of school master
and she cannot be better than that. God is there and he will
not be able to tolerate injustice. He is not his own brother. Mother shut up Why will I shut up? Why will I shut up? My daughter’s fate is burning.. ..and I am not that sort of a person
who would tolerate such things. Nothing like this happened
with me anytime. All these days we
were the all in all.. ..and now with the words
of a girl we have become your enemy. Friendship. Here she has come with her father and
friend to stay at the expense of Raja. Broom them away, broom them away. I have never heard that a grown up
girl spend her night outside her house. Shame on you, shame on you. I am telling you all these
are the doings of that girl. He poisoned Raja’s ears. I will not spare them
I will go to high court. I want to see how
much power you have. I am also a bride of
this Chatterje family.. ..and I will see to it that the girl
and his father is ousted of this house. If you are not able to see the same
then call a street dog by my name. What happened Lata? Why did you come to my room? I have told you not
to come in my room alone. Did you expel your
elder brother from office. Yes. Here in the house his wife and
mother in law is cursing the whole day. Why did you fire your
elder brother from the job? What are you telling? Will I keep a person knowing that
he is dishonest and have cheated us. He will ruin me. You might not keep him in office but
can give a monthly salary to him. Elder brother has a family. Okay, my dear,
I will do as you say. Now go and listen I have
a private talk with you. Tell me. Ears please. Tomorrow the priest is coming. Greetings my name is Dhurjoti Patra.
– Greetings. Okay. I was a bit astonished
when Raja wanted to marry. Coming 22nd Shraban is a good date,
so if you say I can fix that date Fix it, fix it. Bye.
– Bye. Chandan, Raja speaking
are you there in the chamber? Yes I am coming right now
– Why? I am having pain in my stomach
and blood is coming out of my mouth. Come fast.
– Yes. What is Raja doing in the room? I will just have a look. What happened?
Will you not eat? We are all waiting for you. I’m going to meet Chandan.
– Why suddenly you want to meet him? Tomorrow there is a operation of one
of my friend which I forgot to tell you. I will come as soon as possible. You guys eat. What happened to you? I don’t know. All of a sudden blood started
to come out of the mouth.. ..when I entered my
washroom to wash my face. Also I am having lot
of pain in my stomach. Do something, Chandan. Okay. Come, Come. Raja I have been made by you. If you were not there.. ..I would have not been able to
come to the position that I am in today. Why didn’t you come to me
if you had so many problems? The ones which I could have demanded
all of a sudden left the world . My demands died and I
was not able to love myself. The only thing that I
did was to suppress the pathos. Today I am not able
to bear the pain. Please do something. Please do something. I am doing it. You please wait for tonight only. I will get the liver
x-ray report by evening. Then I will do as per the situation. Chandan you do whatever you
like to do but I have one request. Let me hear the request. If the X-ray report says something wrong
then don’t disclose the same to Lata. And? Touch me and promise. Okay I promise by touching you. You will not tell anything to anybody not
even to Master, Nabin and Dasu brother. I am going.
I will meet you in the evening. Hello diagnostics. Hello Dr Chandan Bose speaking. Yes tell me doctor. I am sending you 1 blood ,
I need that report very urgently. I will give it to you
in the quickest possible time. If something happens to
me what will happen to Lata? I will not let the
life of Lata get spoiled. Why are you so grim? Nabin is leaving today. He is leaving, What happened? Raja the work for which I came
for is already done and completed. My sister is also there
alone for so many days. So here unnecessarily… Unnecessarily, unnecessarily… Look at me. Now tell me the truth that what is
the reason of your coming to Kolkata ? He wishes to make an
art exhibition in Kolkata. Correct.
Lata has said the correct thing. You are not going anywhere
and you are staying with me. I will arrange the exhibition. Raja listen. What? I am grateful to you
for your interest towards me. But I have one thing to tell you. Tell me
– Raja. Lata yesterday in the night.. ..had been waiting for
you late night in the balcony.. ..and went to her room crying. Why do you become so cruel? Why don’t you understand that.. is somebody
who thinks about you.. ..and she becomes blue in your pain. You are doing a wrong thing. May be I have done a wrong thing. Actually I needed blood
after the operation of my friend.. ..but after searching for
a long time the blood was found. After that is was relaxed. Yesterday night was really
a terrifying night for me.. ..I and Chandan was
awake till morning. Shame on you. We were thinking of so many things. So I was feeling that a person like
Raja must have gone to help others. I am sorry Raja but I am
not able to understand that.. will i bear the
expenses of the exhibition. Stupid I am there. I don’t know whether t do good to people
or not but I never do bad to people. Lets go inside. Yes. – I am coming from
Chandan Bose to take the report. What has happened?
– He has an ulcer in his stomach I am calling from the diagnostics. Tell me, what is the report? He is having liver cancer. Liver cancer? Please do a rework on the same. Do the test another time. We have tried all methods
but the report is the same. Hello Doctor you can try
testing from other places.. ..but the report would be the same. Chandan I have come. Hey say something. Why are you staring at me like that? You must be thinking how to say the
thing as the report is not up to the mark. Everybody will have to go one day
and I will leave early than the others. Now tell me what happened to me. Raja you are having liver cancer. First class. Correctly done. You know Chandan this liver
was disturbing me from a long time. How do you dare to disturb Raja? God said I will punish you liver. Then the life span
of liver comes to an end. Now try to disturb
as much as you can. Raja are you a human being. You don’t have the sympathy. Do you know that
you will not live long. Yes I know. Don’t you feel ashamed to tell this? I have done a grave mistake
by only thinking about myself. By thinking about me I have loved
an innocent girl like a flower for.. ..which I have done a mistake. Trust me I forgot that
I should not be loving anybody. I…. Chandan you have given me the word that
you will not say anything to anybody.. have given me the word that
you will not say anything to anybody. Raja please. Raja. Raja. How are you? I am good. I am good Chitra. But why are your
eyes and face like this? Are you really good? Fine, I am absolutely fine. No Raja no. I will not let you drink liquor. Leave Chitra I need wine. The one who has gone out of your
life I will not let that come in again. When the one who came in
my life has gone out of my life.. ..then I will have
to drink this wine. You cant talk with me
without drinking those poisons. Yes I can. Surely I can. But you know Chitra when I drink these
poisons I am able to talk to myself . When I drink these things.. ..then I can see lights everywhere.. ..and in those lights
I can see my mother and father. They seem to tell me Raja,
are you suffering there? I say that yes I am in great pains. My mother asks me to go near him. Then I tell I am coming mother,
I am coming.. ..but why I am not able
to go there I don’t know. Raja its too late in the night. Will you not go home? Home? Who will take me to my home? Where is my house? Where is my house? Did I see you before? I am very happy, I am very happy. Raja brother is this
another wife of yours. Raja brother has slap me. What happened? Why are you crying? Raja brother has put
a hot iron on my cheeks. Listen where have you gone? What happened?
– Come here. What happened? Look what your brother
has done to my brother’s cheek. What are you seeing? Cant you tell something
to your brother? Sister what will I do now? Basu we will go tomorrow. The kind of trouble
we had over here…. ..after this we cannot
stay for one more moment. So sad that the color of
my son’s cheeks have changed. When he gave me one slap I ran.. ..and came here but
if I have got another slap.. would not have
recognized your son. Tomorrow morning I will
also go to my fathers house. I will not be able to
live with a sheep like you. You have been thrown out of your
job and today he beat my brother.. even after that
you will not be ashamed. You are not even ashamed
a little bit about yourself. You did not tell the brother
who insulted you like anything. So go and put a hand round
your brother’s shoulder and say. My cheek is burning I am bringing ice
and rub it on your face. Get away. Mother. Mother. You son is also like a diseased
dog as the kind of scene.. ..he is making after
getting one slap. What are you saying? Katu is a diseased dog. Basu this is what I heard. He say your brother
is a diseased dog. I will not stay in
this house any longer. Never. Father, what are you thinking? I have come in at the words of Raja. Don’t know what
do we have in our fate. I feel very sad these times. Why father ? I am not able to
see any more mistakes. It would have been
better not to come here. Staying here with an unmarried girl in a
drunk’s house does not seem to be good. Come on, let’s go. We are going Saurabh,
You guys stay well. Katu show your cheeks
to your brother in law. Raja doesn’t know me. Listen whatever I got from
your end I will return it to him. Although I am not his
own brother or brother in law.. ..then still my surname
is having Chatterjee. So the kind of things he
can do I can do better than him. I will make her
day and night as one. If you can prove yourself
as a proper human being.. ..then only come and take
me from my father’s place. Not before that.
I am going. Hey Nabin. Do you want to say anything? Sit I have something to tell you. Words, so many words. Do you know master? Do you know master? Yes of course. And the lady who
is sitting over there? Who?
Lata. I will not be able
to recognize Lata? No. If you had recognized Lata you
would no have behaved in this way, Behavior. What ill behavior I have done. We were good previously. Why did you bring us here? What did we get here? I am very fortunate. You got insincerity
from an insincere student. Lata you get back to
your room as the words.. ..that I will utter after this,
you will not be able to digest that. Please go please. Raja, Lata waits for you without
sleeping without eating the entire night. Why are you playing
with the life of a girl? Raja what happened to you? Cant you hear her deep breathing? Why do you again drink after
giving her the word of not drinking. You had given her word of not drinking.
Why did you not keep the word? Tell me. Curse. Its a curse of my forefathers. I will have to drink.. ..and moreover I will
not leave drinking as because.. ..I have given word
to an ordinary girl. Yes I am an ordinary
girl a very simple girl.. ..but you had loved this
ordinary girl for a single day. That was infatuation. That was liking on a sudden note. You have grown up from a village
and I have grown up in Kolkata. I have seen you in a picnic,
wherein I liked you and then loving. That love have reduced day by day.. ..and my daily need is new girl with
new wine and that I know very well. But from childhood
the boy whom I loved.. ..he one whom I wanted
from the inner core o my heart.. ..for whom I have devoted my entire
life, how can I forget him Raja. You tell me. You have put yourself in the
same row of the other rich people.. ..and you have become so mean now. Nabin you take them
away from my sight. Lata is not my choice. Many girls like Lata
stand in queue behind me. Okay. I am not interested in standing in
a queue behind you like other girls. Tomorrow morning we are leaving. I am going. Everything is finished Chandan. Why?
Its good. This is what you wanted. Of course you are happy now. You could have told Lata that you will not
marry Lata but why did you insult Lata? There was no other way out Chandan. You only know that
how much I love her.. ..if I had not shown
her that amount of hatred.. ..I would not have been
able to keep her away from me. I wanted that she
misunderstands me.. ..but Chandan if she would have
spoken with me once at the time.. ..of her exit from my house …. Raja the sight of yours putting
an end to your life.. becoming very unbearable for me. You did for all but we were
not able to do anything for you.. ..not able to do anything for you. Can you tell me
that what have I done? When was I born? I have never been able
to get love from anybody. Before I could have got
love from you both of you left me. Although I received love from another but
I was not able to keep that love for long. Tell me why don’t you
guys did not bless me. Tell me why don’t you
guys did not bless me. Why? Why? “My life is full of darkness and I
was not able to tolerate the lightness.” “I was not able to tolerate love.” “My life is full of darkness and I
was not able to tolerate the lightness.” “I was not able to tolerate love.” “My life is..” “I have misunderstood
mirage to be the light..” “..and I have build a house
in the heart of depression.” “I have misunderstood
mirage to be the light..” “..and I have build a house
in the heart of depression.” “I was not able to
tolerate the lightness.” “..and I have build a house
in the heart of depression.” “My life is full of darkness and I
was not able to tolerate the lightness.” “I was not able to tolerate love.” “My life is” “I had decorated the love room innumerable
times but the same was destroyed.” “I had decorated the love room innumerable
times but the same was destroyed.” “Why the light of hope
wants to get put off..” “..and in spite of lighting the light
several times the light does not kindle.” “My life is full of darkness and I
was not able to tolerate the lightness.” “I was not able to tolerate love.” “My life is full of darkness..” Here he has come. Hit him hard so that he dies.. ..and after that come to me
to collect the rest of the payment. Why are you beating me? What do you want? What do you want? Look. You swine,
why are you beating our leader? Wait I will show you now. Take him in. Make him sit here. I brought water.
– No. Give me liquor first. Here. No! You both stay here,
I’ll be back soon. Mr. Chandan. Come fast.
– Where? At Raja’s place.
– Why? What happened to Raja? Please come fast as Raja
is bleeding from his mouth. Lord, I will serve
you wholeheartedly. You cure our junior sir. You cure our junior sir. You cure our junior sir. Who has closed the door? Open the door Dasu brother,
open the door. Open the door Dasu brother,
open the door. I will give you lot of money. Open the door. I will take the money form
you after I give you to police. Hello Diagnostics. Dr chandan Bose here. Please tell doctor. I have sent you one blood case then
why did you send a wrong report. No Doctor we have sent
you the correct report. Stop it! You didn’t call and tell me that the
patient is suffering from liver cancer? No doctor. The one who was sent
to me was given the report.. ..and that was told that
it was a ulcer in the stomach. My men, my men had gone to
your clinic to collect the report.. ..but I did not
send anyone from here. Any way I am sorry. Please don’t mind. Mr Chandan.
– Oh you. Its good that I have seen you. I am going outside and
I will bring Lata with me. Why? Is it that Raja
is facing any problem? He was having a small ulcer
which I operated and now he is good. When he gets back to his
normal self tell him about this.. ..and also tell him that
Chandan has gone to bring Lata. Before that please
do something for this guy? Whose?
– His. Brother. He is not a Brother he is a swine. He told you Chandan that Raja is
suffering from liver cancer. – What? Also he hired people to hit Raja. When you were engaged in doing the
operation, this guy was stealing money. I’ve caught him and after that the security
guard beat him to take out the truth. Shame on you. You are so mean. I cannot think. Brother Dasu, do as you please. I am going to bring Lata back. You go and bring Lata
back by hook or crook. Let me go and put him behind
the bars in the police station. Go go you satan. No Chandan brother no,
I don’t believe this. Yes Lata Raja loves you very much. If there is any fault
here the entire fault is mine. It is not Raja. I had told him first that
he is suffering from cancer.. ..but while doing the
operation I found out an ulcer. When he found that he
was suffering from cancer.. ..he did not want you to be with
him as your life would get spoiled. This was he was acting
in front of you. You guys have misunderstood
him so many times. Why did you not tell me earlier? I was helpless Mr master. Lata I was not able to understand
the importance of yours in Raja’s life. I really did not understand. Please Lata come with
me to visit him for once. Please. Raja do you know that
nothing has happened to you. You only had a small
ulcer in the stomach.. ..and that has been
operated successfully. Nothing as happened to me. Raja try to sleep. So, so Lata. I don’t want to see anybody, Be careful Raja I don’t want to listen to any words. My leader. Chndan has gone to bring Lata. I only want Lata I only want Lata Leader don’t do like that. I want Lata. I want Lata. I will go to Lata. You will be facing health problems. Let it be. Leader please be calm. Leader please be calm. Raja please stay calm. Leader don’t do like that. Raja. Lata didi you really come to me? Yes I have come and
have come back to you. If you again tell me to go away,
I will not go. I will stay with you only. Lata


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