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Raising their voices at the Latin Grammy Awards with Alejandro Sanz for #DreamActNow

I couldn’t believe it at first. I never thought that I was at that level, to use my voice and come to the Grammys, and perform with all these incredible
people that are huge leaders in their communities. I was just like ‘Wow, I’m gonna be at the
Latin Grammy Awards. The big stage, all the lights!’ Alejandro Sanz was a huge celebrity growing up. Saturdays for Hispanics are cleaning day,
you wake up listening to his music. It gave me shivers knowing that ‘I used to
listen to his music all the time!’, and now we are here and he’s in support of all the DREAMers. Knowing that there is somebody who actually is willing to help really gives us energy, and force, and strength, and courage. So it really makes me happy. This whole week has been amazing, just been great meeting a lot of young people fighting for their rights. We are trying to use this platform that we
are being given to give voices to all of our community, including undocumented people,
DACA, and TPS recipients to urge Congress to pass a Clean Dream Act, and also give people
a pathway to citizenship. When I find somebody who isn’t educated about
situation, I try to take that moment to show them that they are also part of something
much bigger than themselves. (watching TV broadcast together) (in Spanish)
What do we want? Dream Act! When? Now! I think it’s important that we recognize that
we are trying to be very inclusive. DACA students are not just focusing on ourselves, we are gonna keep fighting for our families, our communities, and everyone that is being oppressed. We are gonna be in this fight together. Say cheese! Hi guys, I’m Camila Cabello, and I support
the Clean Dream Act. (cheering) We definitely are looking forward to not only
walking the red carpet, but getting to meet the celebrities, and get them to take action. We need to protect these people — they are
our children, they are our future. Gracias. We are grateful they are giving us this space
for us to speak up and tell them our struggles. It’s getting real. I can’t believe it’s today. (friend) Hi Lori! – Hey girl! And Josie is just great. We are actually from
the same state in Mexico — so how cool is that? Hi! (laughing) We are here for the community as a whole, I think. We wouldn’t be here without our parents who
are the original DREAMers. I’m walking (the red carpet), for my family,
for my community, and for those who have been separated by the immigration system we have. We all have to step up, you know, everybody
should get out of their comfort zone and start sharing our stories because our stories are very powerful. For every stone (in the wall), a dreamer. A stone, a dreamer. A stone, a dreamer. DREAMers! (singing “Corazon Partio” with Alejandro Sanz)

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