Rachel McAdams Redefined: Romantic comedy sweetheart to Oscar-nominated dramatic actress

at the peak of movie stardom Rachel McAdams decided to step away from it all to find her voice McAdams his breakout performance came as the belittling leader of the Plastics Regina George and Mean Girls stop trying to make fetch with follow-up roles in the notebook and wedding crashers McAdams a star was on the rise she was set to be featured in Vanity Fair's 2006 Hollywood Issue alongside Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley but after finding out that the photo shoot was a nude session she decided not to participate following the magazine's shooting incident McAdams stepped away from acting saying I think things were moving so fast and I still felt quite young to be navigating the world of Hollywood and what comes along with I was just trying to find my own voice within all of that noise in 2015 McAdams redefined her career shifting from lighter romances to intense dramas she took on more serious roles starring in true detective and playing journalist Sacha Pfeiffer and the ensemble drama spotlight while spotlight was expected to be nominated through several Oscars McAdams was pleasantly surprised to recent for first nomination for Supporting Actress not knowing when the nominations were being announced she was awoken by congratulatory text messages and calls she set up her nomination this is such an incredible honor I am shocked and delighted never been so happy to get a call at 6:00 a.m. this award season lexus salutes those who dare to redefine style and performance follow hashtag red carpet redefined and joined the conversation


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