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Rachel Brosnahan Keeps Her Emmy on the Toilet… | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-You look stunning this evening.
-Thank you. -This dress — who makes it?
-It’s Elie Saab. -It is beautiful.
-Thank you. -How does it feel, being here tonight?
-It feels so good to be back. We’re so excited to be invited back to the party.
And we wrapped like two weeks ago. So it’s been nice to see the whole gang again.
We’re really happy. -You won Lead Actress in a Comedy last year.
-Yeah. -Where’s your Emmy?
-It’s on my toilet. Yeah, I live in New York,
and there’s not a whole lot of shelf space. There were very limited options,
very few places to put it, but, yeah. Is that where this one will go, as well,
if you win this evening? -I think I’m pretty safe this evening,
but, yes, it would probably go right next to it. yeah. -Well, you know, I have to say, there was a woman
I spoke to recently, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. -My hero, my queen. Oh, my God.
-I knew you were gonna say that. What is it? What is that special relationship like?
You say “my hero, my queen.” Tell me about that. -Well, I met her for the first time last night.
-So, you did meet her. I wasn’t sure if you had met her yet.
-I was very uncool about it. [ Laughs ] I just think she’s amazing.
I mean, every woman in this category that I am so lucky to be a part of
is a master class in comedy. And I can’t believe, honestly,
that we get to share this category together. I’m — I’m not over it. I never will be. -Well, you are, too. We love watching you. Thank you for everything you do.
You are so wonderful. -Thank you.
-So nice to see you again. Thank you, Rachel.


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