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actors Rachel Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies announcer split back in June but their two kids don't know yet that mom and dad aren't together anymore rachel says they haven't shared the news with their four and five-year-olds because Daniel has been filming in New Zealand for three months she explains in an interview we can't formally talk to them about what's going on until he's back because otherwise what it means his dad disappeared that's far from anything Daniel would ever do yeah Daniel is fine you know I 100% they believe this exactly what you should do 100% I think those are the kind of conversations you have as a family and you have them face-to-face and she this is not mom's story to toe this is mom and dad's story to tell the kids I bet your dad was hoping mom would have just slipped there while he was gone to make the conversation a little bit easier for himself I think it's like showing that United Front is very important I do agree with that as well and if I were her I would say I would do the same thing because if we decided to do this together then we should tell them together I think a lot of times what happens is a one parent gets a little nervous to say something or they get scared that the kids are gonna look at them differently and it's bound to happen but if you go in there together and you make it this thing that we are sticking together I think that it's better for everyone and the kids are young enough where they don't look at the Internet no one's gonna tell them at school they're not looking on Google Alerts yet do you think though you know maybe they should have just held off on announcing their split until after they've told the kids but it could have been that they announced it because a newspaper or a magazine got hold of us and was gonna break it for them like by announcing it themselves it gave them like control over that narrative I'm sure they that was the reason why and even so they can announce it when they want their kids are too young to be like googling their parents are having their parents on Google Alerts I don't nobody was checking for Rachael Leigh Cook split personally I think maybe he was going away to film a movie and in June July August maybe he was gonna be dripping maybe he was gonna be dating on the set she probably just didn't want people to assume that he was cheating or she was cheating because I think they could have got away with it if they weren't seeing other people it's probably a combination of the two right as probably there was some pressure maybe from someone and maybe the pressure was that they wanted to date other people and they didn't want word to get out and make it look like the split was about something it wasn't I mean also these are two people that were together for 20 years married for 15 I think and like and the idea that they're both on a united front like you become great friend that amount of time that's a long Union and so of course you'll be doing everything moving forward as co-parents as a family even if you're not still together romantically where New Zealand China Jarell booked my flight real quick a long time I bet that must be so hard to let that relationship go you know you've built a life with somebody for 20 years I couldn't imagine you know my heart goes out for her even if the marriage was over you just think about the sacrifice and like the hard work you put into it's like having a business for 20 years they've got two beautiful children yeah and and she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and he does too so I think this this will work out okay for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus YouTube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling brick in Hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on YouTube will keep you pop-culture see you soon


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