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some new drama for our Kelly so as we know federal prosecutors have charged him with a combined 18 counts including child pornography he's denied all allegations he's being held in a Chicago jail without bond right now and in this newest twist his crisis manager Darrell Johnson has resigned so he spoke to Gail King on CBS this morning and revealed something surprising take a look you have a 20-something year old daughter would you allow her to be alone definitely not with our Kelly I wouldn't leave my daughter with anybody that's accused of pedophilia so you hear you that doesn't seem like a contradiction to you your absolute depending are Kelly but at the same time saying you wouldn't leave your own daughter with it I would leave my daughter with anyone come on say it again that's accused of being a pedophile I mean I feel like the message is pretty clear but what sort of effect will this have on will this have an effect on our Kelley's defense no no I think it I think it because I look at it like if you're trying to protect something with the wall and people are trying to get into what you're protecting and after a while the wall starts crumbling around you there's no longer protection between what's trying to get to what's inside so his defense if you look they're slowly starting to crumble and it's just like and I don't know if you know they're crumbling because they don't think you'll win I don't know if they would crumble because they think he's guilty I don't know what they don't crumble because they think he because they know he's guilty or if it's a guilt if it's a moral thing internally I just knows not a good look no separate time all right Kelly's team get on Gayle King they just don't look I don't think that it'll have an an impact is because I don't think that there's I don't think that there's a lot of people who think that he's not guilty of this that he's not that they're I mean I know that there are some but I don't think that you know if this were to go to if this were to go to trial it would be you'd be hard-pressed to find you know a wide jury pool of people who are like no I mean everybody has made an association with you this is obviously something that's been gone back for over a decade now I don't think if our Kelley is found guilty has got anything to do with somebody going on a morning show I think it's to do with the fact that there are prosecutes in New York and in Chicago they've been working on this for a very long time right so if they have enough evidence what is interesting to me is we've talked talked about it a little bit is that our Kelley as somebody who was the superstar of a particular group of people in Chicago and for that reason he was protected and I think the reason that sometimes these walls start crumbling is because he's now in jail without bail the money is potentially like starting to run dry that kind of the thing that was keeping people motivated and him and just he's obviously a very charismatic figure he's been able to persuade people his side of the story again I'm not saying guilty not guilty but for a very long time and how people support him no matter what despite a lot of other evidence so apparent I just feel every time Isis comes up I just feel bad for his kids because no matter whether he's found guilty or found innocent his name has been you know tarnished so much that his kids aren't gonna deal with some sort of abuse from other kids at school your dad is this your daddy's that and that's the crazy thing is I'm like you know he's lived his life he's done his saying whatever happens ever happens my brain is just always focused on the kids I'm like man it sucks you know it was interesting because Darryl Johnson said you know I I he's in he's those he's are living in very poor conditions in jail and I wouldn't surprise me if he was suicidal you know here's somebody who I'm not sure would ever feel that go to that extreme only because his ego might have been what I'm I'm speaking with allegations obviously in no guilty verdict but his ego is what maybe has allowed him to be able to to to be living on that line for as long as he has right and and they didn't sing attachable and I don't it will still fail I think he'll still probably feels untouchable even though he's in jail now

  • Why Oprah and Gayle will not interview the other men who have been accused? Thier last name ends with Stein and others. The industry is holloweird.

  • This guy (the crisis manager)is an idiot! HOW does he even make a living?? Well I don't think he will make much of one after this!

  • well, it initially seemed he was making the point that since he trusts rkelly around his 20to dtr, it follows that he doesnt believe the allegations… but the way it came out, & then the insinuation that he wouldnt take extra precautions concerning his dtr regardless of who the suspected person was/is seemed to lead him to err on the side of caution, so to speak, jic rkelly tried some 'your dad told me to pick you up' type ish (not that he will ever have that opportunity any more now!) against his dtr.

  • When Gail King asked him would you leave your daughter alone with R. Kelly he should have said NOT BY THE HAIR ON MY CHINNY CHIN CHIN!!!.😆😂🤣

  • Kelly in prison bout to find out what it's like to get ramped from the rear and pee'd on. We bout to start getting prison photos showing Kelly wearing panties and thongs.

  • The world is going through a CLEANSING! process  of all evil and no one will get away is a fact. Anyone that can't see what is happening  around he globe with arrest is blind do the research. The arrest are happening for good reason  and there no were to hind. the days of paying people off are OVER!! I have NO facts or truth about Kelly and have NEVER meet or been to his shows…I Will Not judge I'm not in a court and I was NOT there. But what most of his fans dont understand is a person can be charged for having a fan in a vehicle with them may be under age?/ fan  travel with them form one state to another is called trafficking even if the person is welling..  if true what a shame and waste of beauitful talent I'm AWAKE and can think for myself. I have educated myself and study the HW craft Kelly is a Freemason and he does support the evil side of HW.. in some of his music, clothing Music covers, just like all the others being faming is NOT free  they have No FREEDOM they are owned SLAVEDs  and Fake .. Check out  the most integrate man on the planet he will blow your mine his got the scoop on Kelly and many others  his channel name is  ChroniclesOfJudah 144

  • Stop trying this man in the media let his case go to court the same way you would want your case to go to court he is innocent until proven guilty leave him alone

  • It's amazing how Gayle and her wife keep throwing Black men under the bus. When their friends with Harvey Weinstein. You also have Jeffery Epstein and other nasty White me. So let's see Gayle do a interview with her White masters first, instead of this weak act of covering up for White Hollyweird. It's sickening how she keeps talking about this R Kelly drama and not Weinstein or Epstein. GTFOH

  • He didn’t resign, he was fired. The manager answered to gayle’s question got him canned. To avoid kelly looking even worst they had to spin as the manager resigning.

  • Moar fake distraction from all the crimes of esptein and his pedophile island that is going to ensnare all Hollywood and politicians……..Gayle King wouldn't touch this at all…….

  • Hopefully R. Kelly can make a contribution to prisoners with music, like Bill Cosby helped inmates to choose sugar free Jello, opposed to high sugar snacks. He may as well make the best of a bad situation, since he's not going home for a very long time.

  • His rep resigned, I believe, because of the question posed to him with respect to his daughter, by Gayle! His morales would not allow him to continue!

  • Crumble because R.Kelly is indefensible! True he probably won’t do anything stupid to himself because he’s ego won’t let him!

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