• Hey sis it’s sad 😢 we are the worst race ever!!!! Them white folks is laughing 😂 at us wow 😲 we need to stop ✋🏾 enough is enough I no god is not happy at allllllllll 😢😢😢😢😢# enoughisenough

  • Remove Michael for what , when that was the most popular interview she or anybody ever did, they r full of shit & sellouts all the way

  • I feel like this is a start with the Vanguard Award and if they get him remove from this award, they will remove him from other things

  • You have overcome a lot and you let this ugly bitch stir up all this shit!!!! Spitting 🔥 🔥 I love it!!!!!

  • Works is undeniable credible#mute MTV better yet boycott them
    All Black powerful men are being brought down by # Me To # Times Up
    CBS snake Gayle King interviews all of them Galye King when are you going
    To interview Donald Trump , kevin Spacey Harvey Weinstien You Like getting
    Of on black powerful men less do some powerful White Men

  • Michel Jackson is being attack from his grave site
    MTV boycott them. they deserved it. MLK would've been very proud
    OfMichael Jackson, R. Kelly,Bill Cobsy these three men are legacy
    To our history love them or hate them the accomplish of their hard
    Works is undeniable. wow so proud!!!.

  • Outraged I;m besides my self that we as African American people would
    Allow Main Stream Media or any one to disrespect our King Of PopMichael
    RIP. he deserve much better.MTV you are a disgrace to Michael Jackson name
    Boycott MTV #Mute MTV this is real. Men Are Under Attack And
    Michael Jackson is being attack he;s dead disloyal media how fake all of them
    MLK is turning in his grave dam;n

  • Michael Jackson 😭🤦🏽‍♀️/ bill Cosby 🤔🙃😭tarnished for life yet Hugh Hefner and Elvis Pressley went out a Legend 😥… go figure.. my ppl was saying rip Hugh 😳..eulogizing him 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Wtf is r.kelly family especially his big Sister 🤷🏽‍♀️🙃I couldn’t imagine seeing the big picture everyone u bleed with disappeared and everyone u fed /broke bread with or Gv bread to vanished on you…tlkn bout buried alive!!!!

  • They not victims the victims were our ancestors I told you all to come to DC to the museum that has our history on the wall I bet you they will Shut Up when they see that!!

  • They mad cause he owned 80percent of Sony and he talked about it n next thing you know he dead then Prince Whitney her daughter and Bill Cosby now RKelly Hugh Hephner was a petifile along with his brother Bill Clinton got his D asucked n J F k had Maryland Monroe to play with

  • Uncle Levi is tired but he ain’t giving up or backing down n I got it I am gonna way something nice to her

  • I'm CUSSING TOO, R.A!!!! Please don't stop ranting. Somebody has got to awaken the DEAD.

  • RA we see it all I been saying this to Uncles n they see it don’t think they not they see it all I told him about it all but I contacted my Governor and Mayor along with my Brothers who work for the Feds

  • I just got my computer and I am trying to get it up n running fine so I can help out I contacted my Govener and Mayor

  • Me to Sis I cannot believe Oprah nor the rest of these hoes it is a disgrace to our community they even went after Whitney and Bobbi Brown n his wife nor daughter here n they were murderd by the same person

  • Hell they getting awards for being Alleged victims but yet where is the proof of it all I know for fact some of them ain’t never been a victim of the entire thing but they getting book deals awards ect based on lies

  • I know his family and they all came after her to as well sister she messy she did Monique the same way

  • I do not support none of these folk I am supporting you n the rest that’s coming on here and I see our black men under attack I been in the prisons n see this all the time wealthy men along with men that have no money!! It’s sad!!

  • @12:09: Michael Jackson does not need to defend himself if the world was fair. Wade Robson and James Safechuck went to court saying Michael molested them and they need $1 billion to live (I kid you not). The judge heard them and dismissed their case because it was NONSENSE.

  • Michael Jackson has been dead 10 year's, never been convicted of anything, but you wait until a documentary comes out, now you want to remove his name, and if it's because of allegations then they should not have put his name on there in the first place, leave Mike alone, that man is a legend and his legacy will out live us all!!!!!!

  • U sho right spittin 🔥 just don’t make no sense they super stupid to be doing stuff like that!….I wrote the judge damn that!!!….cause Kellz don’t deserve this!…The judge said he wasn’t even aware of Kellz celebrity status allegedly

  • Spitfire all of this stuff is really sad I can't get mad because you are telling the truth we have to come together at some point and stand up for what we believe so I do understand you I appreciate you because you really makes me think🤔 about what's going on so thanks again four putting all your time into this and your knowledge I am truly blessed by you keep doing what you doing you're doing an awesome job they will get it👏🏼❤

  • This is too much! MJ made that fuckin network. If Madonna and all those other artist from the 80s and 90s say they'll never attend another awards show I guarantee they'll get some act right! I swear the world is going to hell. People have lost their minds!

  • They want go after the ppl that did that shit to them but so quit to judge just because it happened to them why because the ppl that did it to you don't have no money

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