Queen & Slim: Trailer Reaction & Oscar Talk

good evening this is the Oscar exper here's brother bro we're gonna talk about the new trailer for Queen and slim we've been really anticipating this one because you've got Lina weaith writing this writer on master of none creator of the Chi actress producer she won an Emmy on master of none actually for an episode which the director of this movie directed which is where their first collaboration came from and that director is Melina Matsoukas acclaimed music video director for years now directed a ton of famous music videos won lots of awards but these two haven't really done feature film work but everybody knows that they're just fresh voices one of the things that just stands out about this movie is just so original what's also interesting about this movie is normally you'd expect this premise which is more controversial to be taken on by an independent studio like a 24 you know this is like totally up their alley however this movies produced by Universal Studios so you a big studio coming out and producing a film whose subject matter involves black men killing a cop some people we're gonna let their diapers over it get a little upset but it doesn't matter because this is a great project for them to take on I honestly can't wait it looks like one of the most important movies of the year for showing black life in America yeah I'm not a black man myself happened to be a white man but I can still like those I can still like that what does it mean for this movie's Oscar chances that it's being produced by a major studio good things okay not gonna be blind spotting where no one sees it not gonna be Beale Street word just goes under scene the fact that a studio is banking on it means that it has a little mainstream appeal as well as critic appeal and an awards appeal it looks like a movie that a lot of audiences can get down with not just like the arty arthouse heads even leave people who don't like to go to the movies to think thinking about the movie they just saw that kind of movie gets nominated for the Oscars and this movie is on everybody's tip of the tongue when it comes to Oscars people are already getting this movie's buzz it actually premiered some footage at sin Khanh something like that and people loved it it got Oscar buzz right there Daniel Ouya isn't we've been waiting from my mouth I'm waiting to see Daniel Kalia and his next lead role since get out and I think he's gonna be equally as stunning III think the cinematography is extremely notable I was just totally captivated is just such it just feels like something new the reason this movie is an Oscar contender and I actually have very high hopes for it I feel very confident at the moment loosing this teaser trailer is this is the first of its kind it's gonna be in a you know train of move modern-day movies that are doing something big or saying big things or making important statements they're starting conversations they're looking at things in new ways you have plenty of movies where white people kill cops we have the white Bonnie and Clyde and we never rooted for black characters who have killed cops and we're about to do that and it's going to be insightful rather than careless and anti blue lies no no no you like when Robert Redford and old men and gun goes and shoots up cops you just don't like when black characters do that the stakes are just more real like it's not this old man and the gun thing we're just charming to watch this guy rebel against police and it's just like fun or escapism this is like hitting home it's touching on real subjects what did the oscars like important movies good movies original movies and this movie looks like it's probably gonna be all three and you might say you know controversy about diversity okay controversy is gonna exist in the Fox News world the Academy does not really overlap as far as I know with the Fox News audience I think they're quite merican sniper okay American sniper perhaps there's some people some older folks black clathrin black Klansmen literally middle fingered the president and it didn't matter they wear it like a badge of honor if the movie is something that conservative audience doesn't like so we're you know obviously we're thinking picture here we're thinking director aren't we because it just is that kind of movie that has just such originality is behind it it's a voice behind it and oh yeah original screenplay I mean talk about a voice behind something this movie I think could win original screenplay absolutely because of how unique the storytelling is and because if you listen to Lena Lena done if you listen to lean you Lena if you listen Elena weighs talk you know she's writing the story from the heart and this is almost like a writer's movie in the same way that TV has that like writers are the authors and this movie I feel like the writer is the auteur just as much as the director what in what world don't we see this getting an original screenplay nomination I also totally see actor for Daniel Cole oh yeah if the movies good what you I think it will be and I don't know how they're gonna ignore Daniel Kuya in this movie I mean he's gonna be enormous actress I feel like she's less likely than Kuya but at the same time we just don't know I mean you don't know we don't come up like she is people can creep up like that janicoo Leah crept up on us and get out I don't know if she would be in my top five right now cuz I could I could see them just nominating kahlúa and not yeah but she's definitely like in the top ten she's up there she's in consideration we'll to see what she does we have no idea their supporting characters in this movie that they can I really die I really do and I really don't see that we just don't know editing could happen for this movie as well because it kind of just looks like it has like that energy that you might get an editing nominate the editor did all is lost and margin call and beasts of no nation and I I actually do think this movie will be in talks to win Best Picture because of how important it is because it's gonna be the important movie of the year last year we thought that Romo would win because Romo was the important movie of the year and before that moonlight won we don't know if they can win we don't know if it's too controversial maybe it's a movie that everyone's gonna really like but not everybody will like absolutely loved so maybe he just won't get best picture for that reason a possible cinematography I kept yeah and who did the cinematography on Kapadia or IMDB the cinematography looks pretty good and depending on how the movie like sucks you in with it I think it could get some consideration there although if there's no cinematographer you can't nominated for cinematography yeah I just want to know who it is I want to know this there I'm out of the closet also no composer listed for this movie made the soundtrack in my back of a 75 movie I actually kind of see that this movie doesn't need to dominate technicals it can get like actor screenplay director picture whatever it might be that's great we're excited for this movie we thought that it would be a contender early in the year when we heard about it and it's shaping up to be what we thought it was going to be of a good track record for us if this movie continues to live up we'll probably go to Toronto we'll probably get big at buzz a bit out there hope everybody is okay out there is that your dog comment below

  • I watched the trailer this morning, and IMMEDIATELY thought: Oscar Contender! It looks so fresh, and poignant, and real. I can't wait.

  • I don't feel like Kaluuya will get in due to the Amount of other Contenders like Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Antonio Banderas, Taron Egerton and Tom Hanks, but he could get in if the Film Gains a lot of Traction

  • There is zero doubts that this is gonna be universal's main oscar push (sorry Us). This seems like a movie that doesnt do well at the globes(like get out) but does well at the oscars. Right now I have it getting three nominations at the globes(actor drama,Screenplay, and picture drama)

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