before we even get into this video I just want to say one thing before I proceed it doesn't matter what we're doing in life whether it's me where there's you it doesn't matter what the occupation is if you have a dream for yourself you go ahead and you achieve it and you don't listen to nobody else but your heart and you know what if she would have listened to a lot of people she might not have achieved what she's achieving right now so I say this to everybody who watched my who watched my platform fuck them you understand what I'm saying fuck whoever don't believe in what the hell your vision might be yeah I had to struggle yeah I had to hustle yeah whoa yeah I just struggled after today yeah I have to struggle for this I was just broke the bad bitches I never could hit now pull up with some shit break down the Sun I spent like a bin on my face what a dude family is a girl Tameka and I am back I am back with another video before we get started go ahead and smash that subscribe button turn those post notifications on so we can stay connected shout out the essence he squad gang like listen man you guys are the best squad thank you so much for coming back look you guys we've got to get in here and we've got to celebrate Queen Naja man as everybody know yesterday she hit a huge my song she got our first platform billion streams what you know about it you know I'm saying so without further ado though we've got to slide right into this video man before we even get into this video I just want to say one thing before I proceed it doesn't matter what we're doing in life whether it's me where there's you it doesn't matter what the occupation is if you have a dream for yourself you go ahead and you achieve it and you don't listen to nobody else but your heart you feel what I'm saying this is a prime definition on sometimes if you listen to certain people and certain naysayers and things like that you might just stop you might does not reach our dream all together you know them saying we live in this world now man with social media sometimes determines that outcome of so much stuff you're not I mean and when you're doing this type of platform when you're sharing yourself with the masses sometimes you're not I'm saying it can get so overwhelming and you have to really really learn to have thick thick skin if anybody in this industry has thick skin it would definitely be clean agile for a year and a half now man we have seen headline after headline we have seen so many people critiquing this woman telling her what to do when not to do and you know what if she would have listened to a lot of people she might not have achieved what she is achieving right now so I say this to everybody who watched my who watched my platform fuck them you understand what I'm saying fuck whoever don't believe in what that you know your vision might be you don't understand everybody ain't gonna be on your page you know I'm saying right away sometimes people aren't able to see the visual that you see you're not I mean so I'm gonna tell you to tell them people fuck them you're not I'm saying because as you can see every time somebody drops some type of headline critiquing this warming and trying to say what this woman is not and what she need to be and all of these type of things everybody is a big ass expert when it comes out to this woman you know I'm saying and I'm just really really really proud to see that she did not listen to anyone she did not be confused by the storylines and their headlines and she stuck to her truth even if some people didn't like it and guess what it's only up from here man go out and focus on Queen I can focus on Queen after queen Iser dropped medicine a lot of people speculated that she would not have a follow-up single and she surprised everybody with the bob karma but she didn't just stop there you had songs like butterflies and bad boy that preceded we're one of the dopest songs was one she dedicated it to her son CJ Mama's hand a lot of people felt because she got pregnant that she wouldn't be able to sustain a schedule and show up on the tour and she proved everybody wrong and she did it and then baby Renzo came and you know what I'm so happy that she stuck to her guns because this is the happiest that I have seen Queen in a while so please over the weekend Queen Naja participated in a bt experience and might I add that girl was slaying that shit she looked amazingly beautiful and you can just tell that her confidence level was at an all-time high and his dope is held to see she met up with the legendary and iconic mary j blige in his moments like these but she really don't have to concentrate well outside people to sing she is living her life she is living her truth and she don't have to apologize I would like to add one thing I wish people would stop thinking that their process it's gonna be Queens process we're all going to go through things at different times and different speeds you know I'm saying at different moments of life and it hurts my nerve that sometimes we lose sight of those things especially as women you know I'm saying I said this on a video before you know I'm saying what I learned this year another woman when I learned in – next year and that doesn't make her oblivious you know I'm saying – life she just hasn't experienced it yet and I feel like sometimes when people are critiquing Queen they lose sight of that you know I'm saying they they think that just because she's a mother and to this she got life all the way figured out it's impossible she's 23 I'm saying go shoot yourself it's like impossible for their know these things and I also would just like people to understand that just because Queen has got a record deal doesn't mean that she just had like this endless array of money it doesn't work like that the more money we start to get in our life and where our lifestyle would change so even though she might be making more money and I'm saying she also got more responsibilities she got a g-wagen and she had to pay insurance on she has you know I'm saying a penthouse she has to pay for she also got to understand that Queen doesn't work at a job so you know I'm saying whatever she don't have certain insurances so a lot of the times when legend and CJ have to go to the doctor herself including those are out-of-pocket expenses and that shit ain't cheap you know Satan ain't she wouldn't sure so people sometimes gotta understand it they expect for her to get a deal and then she's supposed to just have the best makeup artist which brings me to what I'm not the same man I feel like a lot of times people come down hard on rebel you know I'm saying I really really feel like that I feel like this all of these people in spicy management in this camp they are all new working together you're not I mean it's gonna take time for people to learn how to mesh and to understand you know I'm saying what the look should be on Queen that's what it's all about it's all about growth you gotta understand that these people are more than just makeup artists and in stylist these people are family you know I'm saying when Queen was pregnant it was probably certain things that these people did you know I'm saying and light up doing just makeup and in style and clothes you know I'm saying and sometimes people forget that yes you want to advance in the industry but you also want to advance correctly you want to be able to trust everybody that's around you you know I'm saying and sometimes you're not I mean or whatever you gotta give it a little bit of cushion you got to give it a little bit time of time to happen everybody just think that everything's supposed to happen overnight it does not it does not Rihanna did not happen overnight Beyonce did not happen overnight legends do not happen overnight yeah I'm saying it takes experiences so yeah I got a Chi alone that man trust let her trust our process let her go through her own process yes sometimes it's gonna be like damn you want to get in there and help her but it's not for us to do that she has to bump her head and I just wish people will understand that like we all do you know I'm saying well let's proceed with the video her management took to live yesterday so that we can all share her biggest accomplishment to date she received her first plaque for a billion streams I mean wow that's an amazing accomplishment I mean especially just coming from my EP it was so many people who just thought for sure that she would be a one-hit wonder and she's already proved amasses wrong she looked amazingly beautiful yesterday you could just tell that her confidence is peaking y'all and I'm really really happy to see her this way I love her wardrobe I love her makeup I love everything about yesterday what I really loved the most is that she was very comfortable so she feel very very free to interact with people I just really really love that about her and I'm really really loving you know I'm saying how supportive her management team was yesterday you heard so many people out there screaming you did it you were seven months pregnant and I'm like yes bitch you better speak it you know I'm saying but this is beautiful dude and I'm really really happy to see her winning and she's only gonna continue to elevate people you cannot change what God has in store for us nobody can nobody can alter that it doesn't matter what anyone says man this is amazing in conclusion I just want to send a big shout out and a big congratulations to Queen Naja this was an amazing amazing accomplishment I'm gonna be completely honest with you though I'm not really surprised at all I think this is gonna be the first of many you're gonna continue to elevate man just keep continuing to walk in your process and trust that process man shout out to the whole squad the whole team man spicy management has done a very very good job so far you know I'm saying shout out to Clarence but just being her support system while she transitioned through so much shit that's very very important shout out to our whole glam squad you know I'm saying everybody's learning each other and it's little win for all of them and it's a beautiful thing to witness you know saying is motivational as hell to me if you want to see more videos like this man give this video a thumbs up drop it down in the comments how you guys feel you think she looked amazingly beautiful for the beatty experience I think she did very very good shout out to Queen as a promo I stole some clips from me shocking and I stand for Queen as I Jack jump I love y'all man just shout out to the whole artists a whole royalty squad man everybody rides so hard for this girl and everybody should should feel very very good because you guys contributed to our success just as everybody else did so keep riding for y'all and with that being said I'm gonna catch shot I put them numbers I know it's going down my middle finger but

  • I’m so happy you have this platform that spreads love to this girl, especially with so many platforms dedicated to spreading hate to her and Clarence! Although it would be more prosperous for you to hop on that hate train, you chose to show love instead and I’m happy that you did! The hate pages will one day have to answer to all the negativity that they put out there on Queen and Clarence for a few bucks! I was just telling my sister that the statement that lil Mo said about Queen was not gonna finish her tour because of her pregnancy is what probably made her more determined because I know that was hard being pregnant! So as the kids say I hope she keep stepping on these b*tches neck until she get to where or as high as she want to be!

  • 🗣🗣🗣I hear ya! Say it again and again you right she deserves everything coming too her speak all things into existence!! Much Love & Respect ❤️Oh I had too edit because YOUR COMMENTARY WAS ON POINT 💯💯

  • 💜Your the best I’m glad that I subscribed to your channel. You speaking some real stuff and I need for everyone to take heed to what your saying. God bless you my sista.

  • That's right girl, F**k them!!! check out the comments! Much Love!!!

  • Queen team is doing just fine for her. I’m so happy for her and she has bossed up.I love this Tamika, your spirit is awesome. I love the positivity you speak and how you break things down. I think Queen be looking beautiful and really do a great job

  • Thank you I'm so sick of the haters especially tnk squad like get a life and stop worrying about what she do

  • I'm so happy for Queen !I'm also happy you use your platform for positivity ! It's refreshing to see someone who speaks truth and stands behind what you speak! 💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • thanks again 4 another bangger reaction…..QUEEN'S ON TOP OF HER GAME we love u S&T keep them coming much love

  • I fucking love you you are so inspirational thank you I am living on the streets so to hear your inspirational message is awesome thanks so much

  • Love this video sis!! Great job! I'm so proud of her!! She is going to go far and so is your channel! Keep working boo! <3

  • I can’t even type, I’m like crying!
    I’m so happy for Queen and the whole team..You know we all have been down since the “Red Couch” and to see her evolution gets me emotional. Wonderful vid sis!

  • Tamika, I love how you represent for ALL of us who loves Queen Naija! You speak the REAL and more importantly you take things and put them into Great Prospective. If no one outside of Shamika told you that she appreciates you I do too. Keep up the Good work and keep the videos coming. Gotta love the S&T channel. Another GREAT video!!!! 🙂

  • I so agree with you Sis! & I join with you here on your platform in congratulating the 🎶🎼🎶🎵lovely Queen Naija, she's so down to earth. Thanks Tamika for your video as well as encouraging words! Bless you love!🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃

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