Queen Naija Mom "G0ES 0FF" Again After Queen Attends BET AWARDS

before I get into the video I wanted to say congratulations poonacha again for reaching 1 million streams just over EP not her album but her EP which is awesome she's definitely opening doors for youtubers coming up in the business and let's talk about her Aunt Clara's at the beads here was they were looking fabulous at Beauty Awards yes honey okay I don't know who dressed edition but they out did they so not only were they at the Beauty Awards but there were other youtubers in the building with plenty of talent I'm an ability to make a category just for youtubers alone you had DDG a modern trade Dumbo Wilson Jilly great talented people as well as Parker and Kennedy who came with boohoo aka dvg now to make this video just a little bit more fun I have three categories that I want shot a vote on the first category is the best-dressed couple at the Beatty Awards was a Queenie Clara for DDG and Kennedy the second category has we doing our little Ward's the best-dressed female youtuber at the Beatty Awards was a Jilly Harker queen Kennedy or dama Wilson last Pope popping up best-dressed male youtuber at the Beauty Awards was a clamorous tdg a mod or Trey take the poll popping up disclaimer that we're not comparing anybody to anybody this is just a friendly competition amongst my YouTube family we just having fun but let's get into the video on my last video I was speaking originally in Queen and a lot of y'all said it would have been nice and Queens mom was there well recently Queen Mother spoke out about Queen but wasn't being done right you know how mama love is you know something has bothered her but she's so subliminal when she talked it's like you kind of got to read in between the line and that's what a lot of people were doing people were assuming maybe she was upset that she wasn't invited to the BT Awards and I'm blogger by the name of melanin morose spoke out about it which made Queen's mother upset and here's what she had to say please don't use me for views because if you're gonna use me for views I appreciate it if it would be the truth don't don't don't assume on me don't first of all I was not upset because Queen is at the Awards with clearance or clearances family that is not what's going on you are so way off and left field and no I'm not getting on here just to prove a point but I'm gonna get on here to tell you you're wrong again you know I'm saying it's really sickening when people don't come with the truth you're not saying if you want to know what I'm stressed about it's I'm moving I'm moving today okay so it's like I just wish y'all would let's really leave me alone get on a fan leave me alone don't assume oh she is she's upset because her mom I mean clean is that their word that she's not it's so nerve wrecking no I'm not now I wanna address something real quick because I think a lot of people don't understand this but we talk about what our supporters want us to talk about oh well at least I do I read the MS I read comments I do polls I find out which I want me to talk about I say my opinion and in the comments you tell me yours whether you disagree or agree this is not dictatorship this is a conversation this is why I say everybody's comment is welcome whether you agree or disagree then people say oh you spreading rumors I don't spread anything but butter on my toast honey if I say something out loud and my supporters agree not out of ten time they were thinking the same thing don't think when you come to my channel that this is dictatorship that I'm leading the pack I'm not leading anybody if anything y'all were leading me because y'all tell me what to talk about and then I voiced my opinion on it and I'll tell y'all opinion on it period this is not set in stone this is not the final say this is just a pinion on what I think about the situation that's it when you comes down below let me know what you're thinking until next time peace


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