QRT: GMA Network, ginawaran ng diamond content creator award ng youtube dahil may…

heesang Paraiba Kumail stolen achieved and GMA Network Matt Abbas Guevara and diamond content creator award on YouTube APD began how are they answer my YouTube content creator nanaka button and 10 million subscribers Paris a panic multiple Network presents a turnover Sina GMA network chairman and CEO attorney Philip il goes on president and CEO Gilbert to avec junior executive committee vice chairman Joelle Marcelo Jimenez executive vice president and chief financial officer Philip II alone GMA new media president and CEO GRS at GMA enemies senior vice president and general manager Dennis carry on the panic namana YouTube narrowed and Southeast Asia director of content partnerships and business development acid vishal serene out content partnership in the philippines country lead Pablo Mendoza pneumatic dynamo personally that the GMA Network Messina Michael V Bianca Molly Kyle in Alcantara a tomorrow leo at Jessica Soho Du Monde arena executives and GMA Entertainment Group's upon una the senior vice-president deliver Christina bleh impact right now as I speak it's already 11 point 1 million and that is equivalent to eleven point eight billion views so that's quite an achievement and translated into growth that's about four times growth in one year yet for year so that's enough reason for us to be a baby yep I'm unhappy in the park and animal program and it follows that but I'm married under 100 online India Lhasa TV kudos to the once produce the content at the end of the day it's still the quality of the content Rafi Pima GMA news


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