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QNAP Turbo NAS – QTS 4.0 For Home Entertainment

In this video, we will show you QTS 4.0’s intuitive desktop and feature-rich applications for home entertainment Built on a Linux foundation QTS 4.0 is an extremely easy-to-use NAS operating system designed entirely to give a pleasant user experience completed with rich functionality in file storage and management backup, multimedia applications, and much, much more! Let’s start at the QTS 4.0 log-in screen where you can change the background design at will Simply enter your username and password, and get started! The refreshing QTS 4.0 desktop environment delivers a smooth user experience thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use design Click ‘Main Menu’ the Main Menu neatly presents all the enabled applications system preferences and any additional app that you’ve installed from the QNAP App Center It is well organized so you can find the desired functions and click the icons for instant use You can drag and drop frequently used icons to the desktop as shortcuts and remove them so easily To keep your desktop organized, you can also drag a desktop icon onto another to create a group shortcut, rename the group, or drag it out to ungroup There are further functions on the smart Toolbar Click the ‘Desktop preference’ button four options are available allowing you to customize the desktop display You can display the desktop with Small Thumbnails or Detailed Thumbnails and switch from Window Mode to Tab Mode to simulate the operating systems found on tablet devices QTS 4.0’s multi-window and multi-tasking design let you open multiple application windows to run multiple tasks simultaneously All open applications can be minimized onto the Toolbar enabling you to quickly switch between them later There are 23 languages for you to choose from For example, choose Deutsch, and the system language changes immediately Click the ‘Resource’ button a list of support and tutorial resources appears for you to refer to while using the Turbo NAS Just type the desired keywords into the search bar and all the related system settings and QTS Help content will be instantly presented Click the ‘Admin’ button you can set up your profile personalize the QTS 4.0 desktop with the inbuilt wallpapers or upload your own photos change your password,
and set up other miscellaneous items such as hiding the time on desktop The event notification offers categorized system information that helps you get instant updates with error messages and system warnings The external device button provides a convenient way to manage connected devices such as external storage devices and printers When an external device is connected this option helps quickly access its shared folder or allows you to safely eject the device Click the ‘Background tasks’ button it shows the system’s tasks and scheduled jobs being performed in the background such as hard drive S.M.A.R.T. testing and media transcoding QTS 4.0 provides multiple desktops to extend your workspace You can separate particular applications onto different desktops and switch between them freely The extended desktop work space is designed specifically to improve your productivity Click the smart Dashboard icon on the edge the Dashboard unfolds right away and presents information such as system health and news for you to review More applications for home entertainment are available for you to enjoy! Your precious memories are now more fun! QTS 4.0 Photo Station is a great app for you to collect, manage, and share tons of photos Click the button, then you can easily import dozens of photos at one time You can choose to browse photos as icons in a list, or against a timeline You can rate each photo with stars click to view a larger size image download, share by email, via social networking sites as a download link, or add a tag for easy searching Here, you can also view the detailed EXIF information of the photo Or tag your photos with location on Google map Selecting multiple photos and processing them as a batch adds even more convenience Drag photos to ‘Private Collection’ to keep the photos secret It’s helpful for protecting your privacy Create slideshows under ‘My Slideshow’ and drag as many photos as you like to play and enjoy a slideshow Drag the slideshow to ‘Shared Slideshow’ to share with those you have given access permission The “Social Sharing” option lists all items that have been shared for you to quickly re-share Just take as many photos as you want and you can easily store and manage them with the QTS 4.0 Photo Station QTS 4.0 Music Station is great for you to collect, manage and enjoy your music collection in a fun and intuitive way It’s simple to upload music to the Music Station manage your tunes, and click it to listen You can choose to display the music in thumbnails in a detailed list, by album, and in cover flow mode Your music is categorized by artist, album, genre and folder automatically for easy searching You can even enter the lyrics of each song, and sing along while the music is playing Have fun and share music with friends! Drag and drop the songs here that you want to share and easily do so by email, via social networking sites, or as a download link What’s more? The inbuilt Internet radio stations deliver thousands of local and global online radio programs for you to listen, and it’s all free! QTS 4.0 Video Station is a wonderful tool for you to archive your video collection and create your own personal video website It’s easy to upload videos to the Video Station manage your movies, and click to view Click in the video, you can manage playback and feel free to share with friends by a link an embedded code, or social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Visitors can leave comments on your videos to keep the fun going You can extend the possibilities of your Turbo NAS with a variety of apps in the App Center There are numerous apps developed by QNAP and by third-party developers you can easily install them on demand, via just one click The App Center is organized and rich-in-content to help you make the most of your Turbo NAS


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