Q&A with Oscar El Blue

[Applause] morning morning's where everyone I'm Oscar blue how you guys doing good morning to everyone is 948 over here in Tijuana let me turn on there you go charger on the laptop how's everybody doing good morning to everyone god bless everyone in the United States and the other in the todos and Oyster Bay isn't Mexico in Tijuana Baja California how's everybody doing no it's not Pancho Villa is Emiliano Zapata how's everybody doing good morning good morning to you guys well why am I doing this video the reason why I'm doing this video is because since I went to Guatemala and Thapa Chula there's been a lot there's been a lot of questions in my inbox and I am mr. sobre cargando that I am that I am you know I'm getting behind a lot of questions and a lot of people are really you know not getting mad but they are you know saying you know I'm right here I'm right here I'm right here and you know I'm I'm addressing the question I'm so sorry I apologize if I don't answer back as quickly as possible is because I'm outside all the time I took a day off because I was not feeling good I had a stomach ache and you know from tapa to Allah I want to address a few things before I start there's going to be you know god bless everyone I'm Oscar blue for Zbornak or news there is going to be a lot of people that they are going to be talking bad about our persona and that is regarding border network news you know like you guys know we don't like the drama and we don't like this kind of things we are more dedicated to work a lot of people are really mad because I speak two languages a lot of people are really mad because I give the news to the United States and to Mexico and I'm brown a lot of people are really mad because you know they think that I take advantage of people a lot of people are really mad because there was a video right there that they let go and because of that video they're always on the same subject a lot of people are really mad because they're always criticizing everything that I do on every video and that means that they you guys are really obsessed with the fact nothing doing a video and you guys are always watching what I do a lot of people are really mad the whole time I want to address that real quick I'm not gonna give them more of my time I want to say to you guys that first of all contributions and deletions nobody forces nobody to donate nobody forces nobody to donate I don't force nobody to donate there's a lot of people that are always sending me messages you know I'm in a wheelchair I want to donate and contribute there's no obligation for you to donate or contribute there's a lot of people out there are in Social Security and there's sending me messages I'm all Social Security but I want to help you you know no keep it for yourself you know this I'm not taking really I'm not and these people are really mad and they up to destroy my persona in my image you know I came really for up forward with the American public due to a necessity of me say in my past my past is my past and they think that I'm really and still involved in my past if they really want to find out if I'm still and if I'm still involved in my past come to the wana and let's talk sit down and talk if you're blocked from my page is because you're rude first of all second of all you're a really you know uneducated person third of all if you're blocked from my pages because you've been harassing that is the that is the term harassing but if you really want to talk to me about you know my personal life and in five if I'm still involved with a certain the the Charlie's that's how everybody told me to call the cartel now Charlie's if you really want to talk about that call me or send me a private message to my other personal page and you know you guys make a lot of things I know fake profiles you're always watching me although you're blocked but you're always watching me and you're always watching me although when you're blocked so why don't you send me a message through your fake profile and we can establish a conversation on a video camera face-to-face no need to be texting no mean to be posting I don't really don't care really what you guys do and all these trolls that they're after my image and all these trolls that they are after my persona really I you guys are wasting a lot you guys are wasting a lot of your energy in a lot of your time really you are you're wasting a lot of your energy and a lot of your time because I don't give an F really I don't I don't really basically I don't I don't put attention to it and to ignore is to ignore the ignorant so you know you guys you know it's just exist you know you're wasting too much time and if you want to go ahead and you know you want to do this to damage my image go ahead do whatever you have to do really I don't get I don't care I've been through hell really I don't care but if you want to talk about you know my personal life and situations you know you can hit me up right there you can hit me up and we can set up an a you know an appointment we can set up a five-minute conversation in through video and we can talk about it if you really want to talk about it if you really want to talk about it really if you really want to do that so you know wanna Rodriguez friend request me Oscar go to Oscar blue Ramirez and that's my other personal page and you know you can you can also go over there also I want to address you know some other people that they have their groups little groups and their hating on us I don't care really do whatever you want I don't care we are about work and we are about the news we always told everybody I don't care and things in Tijuana they get handle differently see one of people are really different that a lot of Mexican people really different and the way that we're different as we don't give an F really that's the way it is we don't give an F really you guys are wasting a lot of your energy and a lot of your time but do you guys want to keep wasting it so go ahead I'm gonna keep on moving really I'm gonna keep on moving we're gonna go back to Chiapas whether you like it or not we're gonna add another go fund with another amount and we're not forcing nobody to donate no forcing nobody to donate we are complying and we are working and we're keeping our word to go into Chiapas that's it if we asked for 1 million and then people want to donate 1 million that's none of your business really it is you know that's our work in our work speaks for itself so really what is it what is Oscar bring it like there's like cars and what omalo and they're crossing like that is so illogical like oh my God he's like messin Brown ugly and he oh oh my god why is he speaking English English supposed to be like for America holy like for Americans oh my god it's like Oh news we already know that keep on your keep on with your life really and I really don't care really I don't care I'm gonna keep on moving we're gonna keep on moving forward in no way if I was still involved in the horrible situation that I was involved back in 2008 believe me I would be right now believe me believe me I will be right now God came into my life and it created a change in a positive change and a lot of people are following me and when people are following that's what you get you get people like that haters haters man haters that they think that it's just oh my god he's living out of the American dollar sure man think I give an F do you think I give enough about what you're saying nobody cares nobody cares really nobody cares about what you're saying and everybody else what he's saying so uh you know I want to say thank you first of all thank you – Julie Biggs I love watching your videos thank you so much Julie Dina Gallagher god is good Oh the sale oh so see they're jealous and I'm not jealous of anybody every single person that I have worked every single person that I have worked all the you know Oscar please watch out for yourself and loyal loyal followers you had from the first Caravan some of your moderators are starting problems no they're not no they're not they're not starting problems that's why I'm doing this video I want to clear everything up and Janet mr. Janet all Godwin you've been a follower since I started and you know I just you know I just want to address some issues regarding my mother is my mother is don't have issues everything that my moderators post is because they already told me so there's none I already told everybody since I started this thing with you guys I I told everybody don't get into your feelings with me don't get into your feelings with me I told everybody also I'm not a Republican I'm not a Democrat I'm not a liberal I'm not independent I'm right there in the middle I will go to where it's good to where it's right to where is the right thing to do and the right thing to do right now is president Trump in the Republican Party that's it and what recovered but Republican is doing wrong I will expose if a Democrat is doing wrong I will expose you guys already know that you guys already know that don't get into your feelings with me okay so that's why a lot of snowflakes and a lot of rhinos and a lot of these haters they're on you know every time I go you know that's what they're doing so they're getting to their feelings you know means and my moderators I'm gonna explain right now I had to do it you know there was a time that I did not have no moderators and I was like you know what I need some help and I there's a bunch of them now that they help me and they're doing a great job really they're doing a great job so uh this is the message that I'm giving everybody god bless you and all the vicinity of your hate god bless you look the little heart or like my last president Pena Nieto he did a heart like this god bless you and every facility of all the space of hate that you got in your little tiny 18 art god bless you and you're right here I don't care really I don't care I don't care I don't care do you know me for more than eight months everybody that is hating I really don't care really do you know that I don't care so we're gonna keep on working concentrating on the on the purpose I'm moving forward in our future our future is to do to be a great reporter to to give great news to do great groundwork and to push ourselves to find the truth into and to put the message out that we are against the United Nations and we are fighting for our country Mexico and for my neighbor that is the United States if you don't like it don't tune in don't watch me leave it alone I'm not going anywhere you're gonna see me here for the longest time and you're picking and picking and picking on me and you think I'm gonna stop it's gonna push me more so don't stop me really don't try to stop me and I'm gonna jump and go over you and I'll go forward forward forward you know my dog is barking hold on a second I got a basset hound my dog is like they don't bark there here we go let's go again restart after we uh we settle that after we settled that let's just start uh know so they want to know about my past dig in into it really as far as you can Dave and when you find everything pull it out and dispose it people are gonna still follow really people are gonna still follow because they know that we work and Border Network News we work we don't play around we work snowflakes okay so this is what's going on there's a couple of things that I want to address first of all you guys already know that I am against the United Nations pact and that we are for we are for legal migration in every country in every country genital Godwin says honey yeah that's the name of my dog it's just her name is honey don't care about your past thank you so much easy still in bar but he's still involved in the cartel he's like so involved there's only two ways out whether good died or whether you're still involved so he's involved come on come on my god so let's let's get into it let's get into what I the reason why I did this video and the reason why I did this video because I want to I want to address the public of all your questions and doubts do you guys have and you know basically I want to you know talk to everybody about your questions because I had a lot of messages I'm sorry and I'm not lying I don't go out and say I'm having a lot of messages I don't know if I have one message I will answer it but no you know this time I have a few of them and you know you know don't drop to their level and act like a child I'm not I'm not I needed to address that that's why I'm addressing it I'm sorry so that's why I don't care whatever they say I don't care and I keep on moving and giving news I wanted to do this video for you to reply you know to every single person that is asking me a question but I'm not going first of all a well that I will accept I will accept you know I will I will not say your name I'm just going to read the comet but I will not say your name for protection of your security and for protection whoever security I will not say your name I'm not going to say your name I'm not but I'm going to address some questions first of all I want to tell everybody that the articles that we are posting get it right here the articles that we are posting our articles in the whole country so we are translating where the article says and that is given the news whether you guys know my agenda that I am I'm for legal migration I am for against this invasion and I am against the United Nations so those articles that that we post on my page there are not my articles I asked for permission to post them that's you know ethics on regarding other people's you know work and we asked them for permission and also we translate I'm gonna start doing around next week that's why I'm taking photos now of every place that I'm going and I'm about to start doing my own articles so it will have my own signature and it will have the BNN logo so every article that is posted is for a reason there was a particular post then I want to discuss it there's a person right here that is saying and I just you know I'm not gonna say her name come on phone come on right here or is it okay right here you know this is you know with all respect I'm not gonna say her name Oh though you know if you don't I'm just gonna read the comment it says maybe I'm just feeling oversensitive about this but I'm getting the strange vibes after reading several articles that you've written regarding the illegal immigrants during sad migration the sad migration to Mexico they have not earned the right to have their story told I'm not agreeing with you that concerning all the mayhem they're causing to our cunt to your country and mine first of all what with all respect ma'am why do why I don't agree with that your story needs to be told so everybody needs to understand what is their purpose to come into our country and what is their purpose of coming I'm not an activist get into your head I'm not an activist I'm not gonna pull push and shove and yell at immigrants I'm not I'm a reporter an independent reporter and a broadcaster I'm an independent reporter in a broadcaster for me to inform to you guys and for me to tell you guys what is going on I need to create good relations around people imagine if I and every shelter around you wanna if I go on and push and shove and tell everybody you're not welcome over here you're not welcome go back to your country go back to your country and then next day I want to do an investigation do you think that they're gonna let me in there not so I need to investigate and I need to address the problem and I need to get every single like I'm curious about the people of Africa so that's why I need to tell that you know I need to get dressed their story I'm curious about certain individuals in Honduras on Sabbath or roughly yesterday we had an interview about a kid a miner at al salvador at a shelter and he told us on a live livestream that he crossed through the water raft that I crossed to from Mickey go to Guatemala from water monitor Mexico so me to get that story I need I need to talk to him in a particular way so he will understand and feel comfortable on opening up if I act I'm professional and if I start acting like an activist which I'm not they will close in the the doors so I'm a reporter and I'm a broadcaster an independent reporter and a broadcaster so for me to do all those things you need to understand that I already know all the mayhem that they're causing to my country I already know all the mayhem and problems that are causing to your country I already know that there's obligations of people and there's roles of security and that is obligations of the Border Patrol to stop them of the customs to stop them of the National Guard in our country to stop them they're not doing their job we already know that I'm not defending or justifying the National Guard in Mexico or the authorities in Mexico because you know you guys know more than you guys know that I'm always telling the truth about my government and it's corrupt you guys know that so if I post somebody something about immigrants is because there's another article that I'm trapped translating so you guys can actually realize when you're reading you're saying okay blue is posting this but he just showed us that is that is a lie so where is this article coming from all kids come from the Washington Post okay so the Washington Post is lying huh that is the logic of me posting you know I mean posting that so you guys can understand like the water rafting the water rafting it was a post about them you know and they're gonna stop and all that I just did a video last week on a water raft coming back and forth without permission and without permits and without documents and without nothing so what makes you think that I just posted something that it contradicts what I'm saying I'm doing it for your own judgement for you guys to read where is this source coming from and who are the information enemies because we need to know our enemies and we to know all the people that they are in favor of the my favor of this invasion and we need to know the people that they are against this invasion so that's why I post a lot of a lot of articles that they are Pro and and and against this invasion so we need to Rio this happen in the Washington Post all this happen in the New York Post Oh anything for my lord of the Mexico Oh an order with the choppers oh there's all that Mexican oil for that you wanna oil it on Terra all of these newspapers we need to understand and read all of them so okay this is what they're saying is you wanna but Oscars saying this okay let's ask him what's going on but it's not get the idea that's why I'm doing it okay get the idea that's my whole thing that I'm doing it I will read a little bit she says I feel if you have changed somewhat since you returned from Chiapas no I haven't changed my whole thing I just did a video about you know that's why I did a little commercial by myself I am against the United Nations I'm against this invasion people are people in humans are humans not I like I said since I started this not all image not all asylum seekers are bad like I told everyone everyone everyone since I started not all of them are bad but a lot of them are really bad and those a lot of them that they're really bad they need to back up and go to their country and the ones that they're good they need to migrate correctly and enter every country correctly with their loss like I've been telling every single one of you since you started watching me for the new viewers that they're I'm you know it's not all of them are bad but them and a lot of them are really bad a lot of them are really bad so it is not that I am that I am you know Pro or whatever that is this rumors don't put attention to stupid people really they're really stupid don't put attention to those people all right so that's regarding your your your your question god bless you really I send you a big hug hope that you can understand me you're a good follower and I say you a big hug but the you know the post and the articles are not mine we just translate them so you guys can keep updated and updated and updated Oh what the hell this newspaper is I guess in favor of the Micron's what dial that is what you know reporters do we you know inform but you guys think that I'm a hundred thousand million a trillion percent Republican I'm in the middle you guys know that I'm in the middle I'm always been in the middle I'm always been in the middle you guys know that you guys know that I'm here to give the reality and the truth and the news I can't be an activist I'm a reporter and I am an independent broadcaster thank you so much for understanding you know that's my explanation to you god bless you really god bless you can send you a big hug and thank you so much for writing to me I want to say hi to a person that is and an American that I just spoke to in camera I will say his name mister I will say your middle name because you told me that you know you want me to call you by your middle name mr. Richard you know I just talked to you on camera it's a fan from water naval news god bless you on every part that you are and every and all the way to that far country god bless you God bless you God bless you man you're gonna be okay also I want to address another comment right here let's eat I want to say hi to miss miss Marsha miss Marsha I want to say hi to you also I want to say thank you to miss Pamela also I want to okay right here let's go it says I absolutely love listening and learning what is going on if it wasn't for you I will never own any of this and a true story but I will like to say something I saw a video of David David Harris today and it scared me for you and the people that this particular group that is really radical from the Middle East is making its way its way through Mexico just to everyone to be safe this is scaring an old lady for sure not for myself but for all the young folks and the children and the elderly please be safe my prayers are with you and all okay you know talking about talking about you know certain things that is regarding this there's rules over here in Mexico regarding broadcasting and journalism you can talk bad about the president you can talk you can talk bad about your your your flag you can talk bad about you know sexuality or you know sexual again de you can talk bad about your country you can talk bad about forget it put it on religion so you know that one the last one I can't talk bad about up a specific religion but what I can do is talk about the subject and regarding that particular religion we are trying to go again to tapa Chula where there are indoctrinating kids it's in the mountains is in a specific place that we already found you know Carlos over there and Chula and myself and another another two journalists they found the place and that is where we want to go we want to find out why are these people you know why are these people indoctrinating children the indigenous children and why are you know women taking advantage or this indoctrinating children now there's another question that everybody's asking me right now is Mexico military really sending 15,000 troops to the border now I don't know really I don't know we need to find out there was a military you know a military convoy yesterday and playas now let me tell you a lot of people are gonna get mad all the shelters and all the the coyotes are gonna get absolutely mad because all these military is coming over here now hold on a second back it up for a minute let's back it up a week ago as a matter of fact let's back it up on Tuesday Tuesday was that I went over there yes Tuesday let's back it up to Tuesday that is too late yes today's Tuesday yes a week ago okay a week I don't even know where what would Sam live okay a week ago so a week ago I show you guys how I got into a rat and how I cross – what a mullah and back and I show you a whole day of activity that a whole day of activity of illegal activity even crossing gasoline from one part to another trafficking gasoline even I show you how they do our trafficking people how they were crossing illegally every day and trafficking Goods beer corn going back and forth without a permanent buying groceries there's no law there's no border there's no nothing I just show you that and the number one thing that a lot of people in America and Mexico wanted to know is the National Guard was really there and I showed you and the information was that there were 10 checkpoints from the petula all the way to Oaxaca Capitol in Oaxaca that's all the way up here but let me put ok this is the Petula right here this is where I was at right here at the second green one this is the border right here this is where we were driving it's a 48 minute drive and from here topic Shula all the way to over here some parinibbana de Becque that is what Hakka that is where they have the ten checkpoints all this red line so supposedly they have you know 10 checkpoints which I only saw to which on every checkpoint they had like around eight to ten you know soldiers from the National Guard which is if you ask if you add all the ten checkpoints and if there's around ten people from every National Guard there's hundred people which is not six thousand what he said which I'm about to tell you do you believe our president that he's sending six thousand troops to Chiapas I just show you that there was none I just show you that with the place that they wanted the place that they really need it to send the six thousand troops is on the river is where the problem is is where they need to block is where they need to stop but there's a lot of trafficking and there's a lot of Commerce and there's a lot of money and the government is paid from Mexico in the government of what a mother's paid and it's the thing that is not going to stop so you know it is undeniable is it is an undeniable force so we cannot stop that and they're not sending the National Guard over there so what what is going on now that they're saying we're gonna send 15,000 troops I haven't seen no humongous convoy over here no newspaper from from our city because that will be you know first first hand news and no newspaper from Tijuana has said to us you know what there's ten thousand right now there's five thousand oh there's a thousand of there's five hundred he's our president and using massive numbers and he's just really applying by hundreds what he did to chop us he all of the sudden change it changed the game he said to president from he's gonna say six thousand to Chiapas what happened he did not send six thousand he only sent 426 he sent by the hundreds so he's lying about that but he's complying by sending the National Guard but he's not he's lying about the amount of the quantities now he said that he's going to send fifteen thousand a bet that he's going to send National Guard to the border but it's not going to be 15,000 I bet you that by the by the by a 1 by a 1 star if they're gonna send 15,000 as one hit it's not gonna happen probably it's gonna send them like as the fluency is coming now do we believe our president after I went over there after I saw how they were trafficking in gasoline corn good beer people crossing back and forth under water rap without I cross without a passport to what a mother I had my passport in a higher my ID as a Mexican citizen but there was no customs right there so do we believe our president wake up do we believe him do we believe that he's sending 15,000 if the first agreement was the first if the first of greedman with sitting down with Pompeo and President Trump was I'm gonna take care of it mr. president don't talk about my president that's my president and you mind your own business in your country you take care of your country is that okay no we already know okay now let's get to business we the first agreement with marcello brat because this is an international issue yes for all those the data they don't have a brain the first agreement with the National the Marcelo graph that is the guide for international relations and Mexico with Pompeo and and you know and Trump was to send six thousand troops to avoid the tariff the five percent error aboard the five percent tariff now they send the six thousand I didn't see no 6000 when I got to the border and when I got to the river I was wondering where are those 6000 where are those 6000 I wanted to where are they where are they exactly like when I got there not gonna listen mykonos Unidos de los bendiga Viva Mexico Petronas Obama said we sharpen occupies I want to say hi to a group of nationalists from Mexico Viva Mexico bombs upon a surprise a chile ganas akisto para la Coupole yaki siempre voy para ustedes donde se para infirmary reportar es me trabajo informative report are a Mucha gente que se esta aqui Hondo que no hago que no me meto Kroger pero yo no soy a activista para ESO activista me trabajos inform are in luchar por inform our en contra tOA's meses de comunicación que son Televisa tebbis take envision telemundo SS me trabaja Keane's Appetit Rosa Pato como de sombreuil una vez o na Brasa caca vamos so you know we went over there and we saw that our border was vulnerable to every single country in the south now we just show you regarding the 15,000 15,000 you know soldiers from the National Guard that supposedly they're going to send what makes you think that they are going to send 15,000 when the first agreement of 6,000 they're not complying with it what makes you think like I told everybody since the start Mexico doesn't learn and – you hit them our president needs to learn to respect agreements our president needs to learn to respect agreements and our neighbor that has been providing and we've been providing to our neighbor also because we export a lot and we import a lot so he needs to respect agreements and I told you guys that I wish that it was not the 5% hit him with a big percent and not only that close the damn border whenever you want to so he will get out of this problem but all of the sudden the agreement was let's fix all center America and you see on that statement from that paper that there was the agreement between Mexico in the United States let's pick together senator America as we came to an agreement on December 18 or 2018 that we were going to you know fix senator America you know why we already talked about this because there's a lot of international investors and there's a lot of national investors that they want to put a big market of industry over there and Senator America because it's going to explode they want to create the cheap man labor over there there's the competition with China China is the continent number one right now on China the United States are fighting for that place every day everything it is this you know this whatever it's coming from China so they want to create a Center America that is an industry that it will compete with China cheap man labor everything go over there create jobs that's what they want to create jobs because they want to they want to transform senator America into them into this place where cheap man labor can stay can be taken over and it will have a great competition to China and also create you know atmosphere and hotels and all that stuff with a lot of money a lot of money they see territory with a number of dollars there's the sea you know how beautiful it is yes it is alone let's put a hotel right here let's start so that's why that's why the reason why the last thing the last agreement between the Mexico the United States remember that we had a friendly agreement then we that we were going to work for a Senate America to prosper you know that's the doesn't think rose Coleman saying you're gonna end up in trouble you're speaking truth but Mexico doesn't want the truth out we need to cut all funds go and pass our some border and close it until your president understands we're done with this not only that not only that but you guys need to start giving freebies stop that stop welfare medical care stop stop all that está siendo gran trabajo pero Trotter objetivos okay TiVo so I move okay TiVo ME objetive edad es de que tenemos que trabajar como equipo para poder lograr UN Mexico Prospero Y como vamos al lugar es o Luciana en contra del Pato moon del negocio para poder con centros de nuestro Pais y creo trabajos para los jovenes para las personas de la edad para los maestros que les Tampa gondolas tanto Rwanda todo creo que sólo de vida come on salut and to the other question you're going to end up in trouble you're speaking the truth but many people doesn't want it yeah I know I know what's going on but it's the reality is the reality and the truth now that was one question I want to say hi to a specific person the lives and in Texas and he is he's a boxing judge he's a boxing judge and he is in a wheelchair I love this guy he lives in El Paso and I'm not gonna say is his name but is this you know I hope that I can talk to you today buddy he says good evening Oscar how are you doing my name is so-and-so I'm in El Paso Texas I would like to talk to you I've been following you for a while I'm in a wheelchair I have set cerebral palsy cerebral cerebral palsy but I'm also a professional boxing judge for the state of Texas and for the WBC I would like honestly to speak to you my number is so-and-so I heard your video from yesterday and they still support you if in case you cannot dial to the United States please give me your number so I will call you send you a humongous hug boxing is my number one you know addiction I love boxing and your greatest you're a great asset to the WBC the world boxing commission you that is the belt that everybody wants that is the belt that is owned by the greatest of all time you are phenomenal you're incredible the fact that you're in a wheelchair doesn't mean that you cannot do everything that you can do in your life you're an incredible human being don't let that stop you don't let a wheelchair stop you you're you're phenomenal wake up every day and thank God that you're alive and it's giving you an another opportunity to go into work in this beautiful job that you have to be a judge and a boxing ring man you know how many people want that job that you got man you're lucky man you are lucky and god bless your soul send you a big hug and I'll talk to you later you know that's for him also I want to say hi to uh let's say right here this guy you know there was there are some people that they're complaining about and they're talking about the GoFundMe money that it was too much and that there was a lot of money 6,000 that we asked last time it was a lot of money practically they're saying that risking our lives risking my life and Anthony risking you know his life over there in the United States and doing all the activism that he does 6,000 is not enough practically my life is worthless practically my life that you don't even pay one dollar for it practically you know you know it's really cheap to go to Mexico and you can buy everything from $20 practically you know a lawyer gets really badly paid and Mexico's who you're fooling look how stupid these people are if you google how much it is you know and they're gonna start googling I know that and I don't care really you can you can Google your Google you can go and swipe your book really I don't care but the ticket around ticket there's special sometimes and there's other places and other times that they're not there or not you know they're not an offer so they go really expensive you know they go really expensive if you ask what group again you will be kicked out one time I tell you one time I'm giving you another chance to redeem yourself leave it alone so you know so basically you know we are uh I don't know how much I don't know how much I don't compare myself to the reporters of Fox CNN and all that stuff but the most people that have gone there tell me which one I'm not comparing myself because I also have a degree and everybody's not show it to me show it to me I will be dumb enough if I will show you my degree and all my information there no but if you want to come and see it for yourself I can show it to you on camera there it is you can go away now now I want to know how much or who from Fox CNN MSNBC Telemundo Univision has hopped in a water rat and has crossed in a water to water mala I want to see who are those five mainstream media's now not bragging about myself because you guys know that I'm extremely humble I want to know who are those five mainstream media's they showed trafficking of gasoline from ah what a mall in Mexico we already know that it's not you're like you're using information that is already known shut up I just want to know who has the balls excuse my language has the balls to go to water Muller and oh my god he use a kid for a god he's child labor oh my god oh my god the kid was right there and he was like hey can I go with you guys all right do you want to go go ahead what do you want me to do in another country you want me to mistreat a kid so everybody will notice that I'm his treating the kid did I get it my ass would you wanna think you want me to do that I'm really stupid you want me to do that but I just want to know who and if 6000 that they flag our account are go fun account and you think that half of it or whatever you know it was for me it's not enough wow I don't know if I we have to go limited on on Spence's once again I will address this as a really simple is really simple how we are how border network news is going to address this really simple extremely simple really simple we're going the donation again the go pond and it's going to be the exact amount more whatever the amount is and if people really wanna donate they will donate and if we don't reach the amount we don't reach them out and that's it we will wait till it reaches and that's it if you wanna donate donate if you don't want to donate don't donate nobody's forcing you nobody's telling you you need to donate every if you don't donate I will block you nah get that out of your head get that out of your head I don't block people they donate that was a make up story that everybody's trying to make up again to discredit me that is not going to happen give put up videos and you can put up stories and you can buy oh my god a took advantage of this women and he takes advantage of women oh my god like middle-aged women it takes a manager get the hell outta here I got all the messages or people caught sending me messages I want to contribute I want to help you I got all the messages right here so get the hell out of your expose whatever you want expose but the the gold font is going to go again for us now us both of us were going to da Petula watham a lot and we go into the mountains a la Sierra's to investigate and not only that just for you for the for the snowflakes and for all these rhinos let lend the dippers I want to want to address this this comment Linda dippers Oh diverse 6000 is too much what the heck are they talking about a good phone is almost a thousand Motel travel plane tickets tips sometimes to people sometimes to people for saving and talking I'm not saying giving money but I drink or something to keep people's talking they have to dress the job six thousand wasn't enough in America I would have been double that god bless you Anthony I'm glad you are and came back safe that's all in your face to all those people that's all in your face Oh invent Oh conserve adore Mexicano que bonito nombre carajo Mexicano Levante por la difensa principles consume braised la cultura nuestro liver padas esta en rio claro que si Mandan mensajes Padre Pablo Rita burka same Osasuna promoción a same Ozuna algo a semo's algo Monde immense aqui en un comercial con toda la gente conserva Dora de mexico para hacer un comercial bonito para poner lo y para que sexpanda Samantha Coleman now people are always asking about my phone he's always asking about his bad he doesn't have a pound he's always begging him for phone like he wants to sue and he doesn't have like money part of lawyers but he when he has me for phone oh my god he saw pity there's I got lures and my family just for you to know first of all I got lawyers of my family just for you to know first off just for you to just know that lawyers in my family thank you so much second of all whatever I do if I want a new equipment I mean I can ask for it and if Mexicans and Americans want to donate is that's what it's hurting you that they really wanna donate now we're gonna you know my data over here in Mexico I cannot it is not unlimited YouTube and it's not unlimited data it is unlimited data till you hit a certain point and if you overpass that point they will start charging you go ahead and Google tell sale plans till it says is the it's like a sprint it's like an AT&T over here huh this thank you so much Anthony y'all give millions to illegals we're all upset over reporters bringing them good information thank you thank you so much so 6,000 for us to go over there it's just like oh my god oh my god oh my god another 6,000 what are they doing like he's rich over there he already has like five businesses plus he's still in the cartel and this is just money laundry he's basically using us to cover all these things that he's doing in the cartel line god oh my god man what a joke you are want to joke all these people really have fun today have fun have fun burn it up burn it kick it out the building watch nyquil night good night and we really want to go again and we're putting the Gulf on again for all the people that they're watching a lot of people complaining that is too much and that is not enough a lot of people are saying no it's not enough you deserve more a lot of people are saying it's too much and a lot of people are in the middle they're like I will contribute I don't care so for all those people for all those people leaned on my penis one question asker your life alone is so work god bless you really thank you more than any money in the whole world not even considering the expenses that it takes to do all you and Anthony do 6000 is not even close to enough god bless our fans man god bless our fans and I know that you're watching all these haters and trolls they're watching and then they go hell out of here man not only that Patriot Warrior Caravan is the name for the people that they're going to top Akula and we're planning a phenomenal trip to go and investigate and it's not only me and Anthony you're gonna see a lot of go funds that they're going to start a lot of Patriots we are going primarily us we are going to top Akula and to what Amala even a meter 6k is not too much you need more than that thank you all these Americans are so brainwashed I'm going to bring the reality oh my god Linda the beers was back in you Oscar yeah I know I know he was she was back in me and I sent her a big hug uh and you know we are going again is not only us that we're going there's other patrons that are going and there's Patriots from all across the country that they're going it's gonna be a whole bunch of us and you know there's gonna be rules there's gonna be certain things that we're gonna be available to do certain things not but we need to be careful as a group that we're going together to investigate and all the things that I did we're gonna do again but they are going to experience it and you guys are gonna be seeing humongous live streaming's like you're gonna see six or seven live streams at the same time from every single point and every single view so it's gonna be beautiful because you're not going to see just one thing if Anthony is focus on one thing you're gonna see another favorite focusing on the river other one and the customers other one and what Amala are the one over here over here so you're gonna have like a whole bunch of TV just watching or the whole news and the reality patron warrior Caravan it's not a Phaedra care and it's patron warrior Caravan so we are going and that is that's that's a fact after that we're going to Venezuela that's the other plan to go to Venezuela then to go to Haiti to go to all these places and bring the news to every single one of you every single one of you to every single one of you bring the news and so that's regarding the goal phone we are event Ramirez you are an awesome guy we love you and I love you event thank you so much you know and we will do a live video later on me and Anthony we will do Anthony myself and a little more Anthony myself we will do a video about the GoFundMe and how we already preventing that they're going oh my god I'm gonna be on it black calling can I use a phone call can I use the phone call can I call somebody you guys let me call somebody can you guys let me call somebody up if you guys can let me just call somebody up just say yes Astrid angel what's up what's going on with you what's good what they say how they say over there in New York what's good you guys let me call somebody up let's make it a little bit interesting yes yes all right let me just make it a little bit interesting right here let me call somebody up so where is it an explosion lion roar bad call no audience drumroll joke baby cry harp burp fart doorbell move phone call right here okay let me just move right here I mean let me just move it over here right here okay let me just make a phone call and this is what we already know what is gonna happen we already know what it's gonna happen we already know that we already know that and this is what it's gonna happen look this is what is going to happen this is what is going to happen hold on a sec nobody's answering oh my god I'm so waiting to complain oh my god I'm so waiting how can I help you yes I want a report in account really I want a report it kinda like right now okay what is your complaint what is your name my name I'm not gonna say it we need a name okay uh Natalie Jefferson that is not a legit name I know that is not on the Djinn name but I'm just giving you a Natalie Jefferson okay all right so what is your complaint this uh this gopanna count is from this burning when you use guys it's oh my god it's oh my god it's so like it's in the cartel one of them was deported and he was in prison the other one has like 40,000 felonies and he's running for Congress oh my god so they're using this go fund account with the cartel and also they're taking advantage of Americans okay so let me filed the complaint so your name is Natalie right Jefferson okay do you have a you know proof of this no well yes he just did a video saying that he wasn't involved in the cartel the back in 2008 he was in prison for four years okay all right so let me just and the other guy well the other guy is like it's horrible and he wants to run for Congress like oh my god who's gonna believe okay so you what is your uh so what is uric what do you want me to do with this go funny stop it stop it like for God's sake stop it these these people need to be these people need to be prosecuted they need to be in jail they need to be locked up for the rest of their lives oh my god they need to be punished torture will be that on a torture of course they need to be tortured alright so your name is Natalie again ally each other let me flag the accounts and let me see what we can do ms that knows not what you can do is like I want you to right now damn man damn really they're going to do that they're gonna do that really they are they are and not only me like all the Patriots that they're going all the patrons that they're going all of them like oh my god another cool girl can I do another phone call okay let me just do another one right here real quick right here okay hello go one gets up this is John your name is John yes last name it was Anderson it was Natalie Anderson yes what rhymes with Anderson Jefferson John Jefferson okay John alright so what is your purpose of calling goal point I want a flag at the count I want to brag about the count these two criminals are taking advantage of the United States people the American people and one of them is is still involved in the cartel and we got more than 40 you know they got a one of them has more than 40 felonies and the other one is involved in the cartel all right everything is there that is correct all right these people that these people really these people where when why why what have I done on to you what have I done I leave all the way to be one up nobody cares about a guy in Tijuana I'm brown and I got a mustache nobody cares but a guy that is brown he has a mustache nobody cares I'm small I'm like five eight five seven in the end quarters I'm being I'm going to I fucked like nobody cares really who cares about me why are you caring about me man my god I want to address some comments and some questions from basically from the audience I wanted to do that really wanted to do that because there's comments that need to be addressed and and and there's comments they need to be you know talk to you whatever question I will do a live video every week I will do a live video every week to answer your questions to answer your questions let everybody know patriot water caravan is happening there's a patriot in the united states that I'm talking to now more often and we are your five five yeah I'm five five Anthony say I'm five five you know Monty bones a mutt Zeebo remember that basketball player must oppose I'm like that tall post that GoFundMe page here multiple time today we love you guys we will get you there one way of another and it's not only me it's all the Patriots that they want to go man all of them they're all of them they're going and all them they're going to go all of them want to go because they want to do an investigation on on what is going on on what is going on in what the model of the Petula chop us and in the mountains and watermelons opportunity operas and we're just putting the goal phone right there and if people want to donate god bless you really I just don't I don't have nothing else to say but God bless you really my god he's making a big profit out of that these people James Hill mr. James are you doing I love to go on these trips you take on mr. James I give you a gig shout out to you you know somebody say in five two and you know there's people right here hi Melinda are you doing then Denise Levitch what does your shirt say it says border network news right there more always your country first right there post up right here next to the button posted up right here in the cone you need a password across to Mexico yes you need one I just send my donation for oscar service should receive by the 30th thank you so much Catherine cook oh thank you so much uh hello you're forcing people to donate what the heck le oil comedy I'm not forcing ya I'm not but of your being I think you're being uh what is it called hi wait a – palabras oh my god I think you're being ironic I think so this is the work huh I know it's not ironic I don't remember the word but I yes I know that you're making make it so I want to read some comments before I go there's there's a lot of questions that need to be answered let me just go ahead and read another one right here I want to say hi to this I must say hi to this particular individual this is Joe Mejia you know Joe Mejia from Texas you know he's he's a he's a great guy really he's a great guy and I want to read you know one of his one of his comments and you know any Oscar very good outstanding reporting you're doing keep up the good work I'll be saying a prayer for you Carlos and your family tell Carlos I said hello from you know one Mejia to another yes see so he's Leslie min here Joe and we are very few Mejias and in the States Oscar with your permission and Carlos I like to follow Carlos in social media what is his Facebook and what was his new group against thanks for all you do miss Joe mr. Joe Mejia I want that the kind of you're worried man I want that hat that hat is that had it's on point man I want that one on your profile I want that hat yeah I already told you man I want to wear one of those follow follow Carlos Mejia yes he's a hot pan de noticias and he's putting up a page I already told him put up a page man you need to start giving giving the American people more news giving Mexico more news explode that explode that go more viral man go more viral push it get in there get the dirty boots get the dirty boots and he's trying to do that so so that's uh that's that's great so thanks Joe thanks what do I get out the hand of woman OH Denise Darnell says what's what price do you pay for time away from your family for our benefit hmm you hit right there at the button Thank You Denise nobody pays for that nobody pays for that Becky Rupert Sawyer best thing dude best thing to do is don't donate and get the hell out of there if you don't believe him I've been here for about nine months never had never heard blue life Thank You Rupert Sawyer you've been here since I started thank you so much god bless you god bless you Becky my grandkids got passports that's good and that's that's great be beyond tomorrow given it's not just about making a donation it's about making a difference thank you so much thank you so much all those complaining do you have any idea the car repairs ideal the car repairs gas all and it's not as cheap as they're they our on the job traveling so they have to grab food on the run cuz they can only eat so many PBJs is hotter than heck there's their so they have to drink plenty of water or just sand tires could cost $700 suppose there looks like hours they can do number on your car they risk their life to get us the truth about what is happening my god people we could be losing our country to all these immigrants thank you coming across our borders and Oscar and Anthony are the only ones you know I had the fur right there we are a lot but they don't have the the you know we are we are going every single one of us we're going and that it's gonna help you guys more alot so you can see all the unite the unity of all your American patriots over there so that's going to be phenomenal for you guys all these migrant coming across our borders and Oscar and Anthony are the only ones join us at telling them the truth everybody's telling the truth but in an in their way I can't believe there could be haters out there out here in our group on this there are socialist Democrats those will be the only ones not waiting us all to know this Oscar and Anthony I know know that not all can donate but Sharon helps to get it out and others who might be able to help thank you so much Linda DeBeers god bless you and all the vicinity are blessings thank you so much and for all those people to know Carlos took three days up he works for three newspapers he works for three news stations what do you think he deserves $10 he just deserves $10 $20 for all those days the gas is car all that just like he deserves just $10 like all around he doesn't deserve anything this is you know he's an obligation to give us the information if you go right over there there from America you've been sent from America and America the conditions really is this get out here you're not you're not winning you're not so another you guys are doing great it has to be hard to be away from your loved ones for the cause and get so much negativity I appreciate everything you do god bless thank you god bless you Oscar if it wasn't for Lego lately legalities I would send you a quart of Kentucky's finest Thank You Dwayne Martha thank you so much a Tom car the corrupt politicians in America I just wanted the immigration for our okay people think that is cheap to do what you do you will always find people that complain too many people love what you do and not worth your time to acknowledge those they that don't thank you Melinda gracias thank you so much been following Oscar and Anthony's since the beginning they risked their lives and safety to make sure we get the truth mainstream media refused in the show Kentucky girl here I wanted to do this live stream to show you guys what are you know the posts that we've been doing and the posts that we've been doing and the articles that we've been doing is for you guys to analyze them and to understand that we are against that and what are you know other articles posting I'm not going to post only positive articles that they are against migration no I'm not you guys need to understand that there's negative articles that we need to learn and who's doing it and who's doing it and who's against what we're doing it who's against what everybody is doing against the United Nations we need to understand all of that so later on this afternoon we will do the big announcement of our trip to Taba chula and our trip to Chiapas hope that we can you know get the contributions that we need and also ultimately hope that you guys can help all the Patriots that are gonna be posting that they're going to go to the petula Chiapas all the Patriots there's right now confirm there's one two three four there's four plus Anthony and myself we're six confirm like legitly legitimate confirm so there six right now on a one two three four five six seven where eight right now eight six that they're going plus Anthony and myself so it were eight so you know imagine eight eight cameras imagine eight cameras at the same time how much video you guys are gonna get it's gonna be amazing it's gonna be awesome and you know we are going to go over there and do what the best that we can for you guys all right oh it was nice talking to you guys in the morning I'm about to you know go and get you guys get you guys more information I'm about to go to a shelter right now and investigate what's going on in that shelter also late and late at night we're going to go to another bridge point to see if they're crossing by that breach point I want to show you guys that bridge point but we are gonna do YouTube tonight we're gonna do YouTube tonight and you know we're gonna do the best that we can on YouTube for everybody to watch YouTube also I want to I want to tell you guys that you know my moderators are doing the best that they can you must understand they you know it's a lot of questions and there's a lot of post and I want to say thank you to every single one of them thank you to one two three four five six around seven or eight they are thank you so much thank you so much for everything that you're doing man you're you're doing it out of your free time you're doing it without you know a cost of ascent you're doing without getting a benefit you're doing you're doing it because you want to support the cause and that is just too much value for my this is it right here in my heart and I got your backs really every single one of you guys so thank you all my moderators and my moderators are not you know they're not rude they're just respond as you know as as it pops out and sometimes that the the message as you write a message private message to my page and there's a I don't know how to say it there's a quick answer that comes out that one is just basically because of whether I'm driving whether I'm investigating whether you know my moderators got jobs too that's why I got like a few of them so you know I had to call every single one of them eh I'm going live are you available available are you available and they're like okay yes I am no I'm not yes I am no or not so you know that's what I wanted to do to everything I wanted to tell everybody so god bless everybody we're gonna do the go fund next two up congressman congressman future congressman god bless his soul Anthony aweto Anthony a widow is meadow meadow is a widow vote for Anthony a widow for Congress for 16 district of El Paso yes he's going to win yes he's the number one yes he's the most stronger candidate yes he's the one that he's gonna preach every day yes he's the one that is gonna defend the people from a so yes he's the one that is going to defend the social security over there for people yes he's the one that is going to help the veterans over there yes he's the one that is gonna protect the apostle yes he's the one that is gonna help the poor people over there yes he's the one he's the one and he is going to win god bless my partner conservative Anthony as he is one for district 16 of apostle against all the haters against all these people that they're hating on him and they just want to bring his criminal or whatever record that he has he doesn't care nobody cares about that we care about the change we care about the opportunity and we care about the heart that he has to change his city and he's going to do it and when he wins I'm just gonna post this letter this couple this four letters ha ha that's it call it a night have a great afternoon we will see each other in a couple hours at a particular place at a random place like we do and we will do a live stream for you guys have a fantastic day a great evening stay safe peace and love and right here always your country first plus e BN porque tu pays s primero god bless you guys


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