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  • Trump must have brought two brown paper bags with him, one for her and one for him……in case hers fell off.
    What a load of rubbish.
    If anything, i bet she came onto him and couldn't handle rejection. But, i think he would have remembered her (was mentally scarred by her).
    He is probably just being ''nice''

  • I really hope you can come back to the states. The socialists murder policies are really sick in Canada, everywhere you have socialized medicine, in fact. Sick.

  • At the time of the New Zealand visit; numerous sites were reporting the details including videos on "u". It has been declared a false flag visit. Keep up the great work.

  • fellowship of minds has a St Thomas Aquinas quote, this same alleged Saint also said if you have 10 apples? and I have none, I have the right to some of your apples, Socialist Saint !

  • you must accept Rabbinical law and Sharia law only, Bush I signed the 7 Nowahide laws when he was in office.

  • case in point, one Doctor in USA said about a relative, look at her, she is dying and in her late 80's, let her go, send her to Hospice, another Doctor said I will do whatever I can to bring her around, she is now 91 in nursing rehab and rambunctious as ever.

  • well the going thinking in euthanizing animals pets is that in "Death" they will have a better life, now this has been carried over to Human life, it is evil to Euthanize, amkes sense, this was said by PETA and others, really, in Death a better life ?

  • e Jean looks like Ronald Macdonald's lil sister. She should b arrested for cruelty to animals…. poor poddle…ugh nssty

  • Trump would not touch a woman like that. Look at his track record, models, beautiful women. Plus that carroll lady is colour coded, black white red

  • Don't lockout sammy.. I love seeing him.. Another great video M…anybody notice her body count going up again.. Just a thought

  • Oh my God this is terrifying what you're speaking of about the life support and your family! I am so sorry trust me everybody will pay for what they've done these acts won't go unseen

  • What better way to get them when they're not expecting it, tell them you're coming for them on Sunday then grab them on Saturday instead.

  • Mishel needs a big cyber hug. So everybody gather round and give her a big collective digital squeeze. (But don't squish Sammie). I have issues with a couple hospitals so I just think about them getting the care they gave and having it done to them when they get old. Hey pretending that karma thing works can be comforting. But you don't have to feel bad about feeling bad about them. You are a human. In fact you are a very caring human in that you went out and did missionary work. Seems like there is a correlation with Jesus as he was the most caring and had the worst things happen to him. I think people listen to someone who has suffered and turned out good more than they will listen to someone who had everything go right in their life.

  • As soon as I heard the news of ICE raids I new it wasn't real. The rght got so upset when a Mayor in CA warning the illegals of ICE Raids so they themselves aren't going to make a huge announcement of raids. That would be warning the fugitives ahead of time so they can avoid arrest.

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