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Q & A – Sir Roger Scruton & Dr Jordan B Peterson – Apprehending the Transcendent

there are two ways of meditating on death one is the morbid way which is a kind of avoidance of life and a sense that nothing is worthwhile because it’s all going to come to an end and the other is the creative way of recognizing that that your mortality is a fundamental part of all that you hope for you know when we fall in love with another when I when one falls in love with another person one is consciously taking under one’s care a mortal being and it’s the sense of her fragility and her mortality which is fundamental to the so their love that one feels towards her in my view and if you try and exclude the thought of death then that love is weakened and the set the sense that you have that she is absolutely dependent on that love and of course will one day escape from it and through death that is absolutely a part of what the love is and why we find in erotic love a kind of redemption that’s um that’s what I would say attempt I would say as well that it’s an it’s an aid to concentration and focus you don’t have much time and there’s plenty of problems and so you and and and it’s going to be a hard road no matter what and so get at it you know for years when I was in my 20s the first thought I had when I woke up in the morning was life is short and really literally it happened to me for years and I thought no time to waste then there’s there’s there’s things to be done there’s things that need doing get the hell up make yourself efficient aim at something that makes the transience of life worthwhile because such things exist and then and then do everything you can to manifest everything you can within that mortal frame and and it adds to life of a seriousness that would otherwise be absent you I’ll tell you my plumbers story because that makes it concrete I’ve done a lot of home renovation I’ve worked with lots of workmen and on very creative projects as a matter of fact and so that was very entertaining because with carpenters for example we built a quite strange and unique third floor on my house in Toronto and I invited the carpenters to contribute I told them what the overall view was and what we were trying to produce but if they had creative ideas then I was welcoming them because I wanted them to I didn’t want to tell them what to do I wanted to produce something beautiful with them fully on board so that it was likely to manifest itself in the best possible manner and so that competence that that I described rather you in a you rather utilitarian manner is almost immediately transcended by something that’s that’s more potent and more valuable in the actuality of it and if you’re participating in a project like that and you invite people into a reciprocal relationship then the relationship begins to transcend the particular these of the of the project and then the project goes wonderfully well so and that is a reflection of something that’s deeper in and it touches on something that sir Roger mentioned the statement by christ that if two or three people are gathered together in his name then he’s there and you can you can infuse every relationship you have with precisely that spirit if you’re cognizant of it and careful I mean it’s unfortunate and and and far more than that it’s a thing to strive for and you won’t manifest itself perfectly but that can be there and all the particularity and so that way you have the the singularity of the project itself the practicality of it there’s a reason that Christ was also a carpenter right that’s the particular because a house that’s not built on truth does not stand you know and so you those particular relationships should partake of that divine the divinity of ultimate reciprocity and then both are both are elevated and and so so it the the narrowness of say capitalist trade is insufficient but it’s embedded in something that when it’s not a zero-sum game it’s it’s embedded in something that’s far deeper than that and far more gratifying and if and if you’re careful about such things then the projects that you involve yourself with that or even somewhat mundane can take on a much more much much more beautiful and productive nature and then that’s well it’s not frustrating it’s it’s it’s compelling and it works so yeah I would just add to that that what Jordan has said really is that in a job rightly done the divine is imminent in some way you know what George Herbert said in whose sweets of rumors for thy laws makes that and the action fine okay we leave out these days that drug makes drudgery divine bit but you know the Herbert was absolutely right about that that if you ask a question where does God enter the ordinary life it is in that sense of doing something for its own sake and and acquiring the habit of doing so and not wanting a reward beyond the thing which is connects with Aristotle’s conception what a virtue is as well so one shouldn’t despair that there is a moral education available to us even in a world where there isn’t a formalized and shared religion that will bring that aspect of things to bear on human life you what I what I would say is that happiness means ultimately the full your fulfillment as a person and that that that isn’t the same as gratification of your desires it is it means the kind of transformation of your you’re being such that you can look on what you are and say for all my faults I accept that thing and that and when there an occasion comes to rejoice you accept it and enter it rather than the is say asking yourself do I deserve it you know those yeah that’s that avoidance of joy which many people have is actually itself a kind of narcissism the happy person goes out and embraces the the occasion for for rejoicing and he does so because his own nature is at ease with itself and you can incorporate this into it of course there’s a lot more to it there one has to have as Aristotle says you know happiness is an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue what he meant was that that if you don’t have the virtues you’re treading always on thin ground that you will fall through you know that that wonderful moment when it at last she is going to say yes you know you you turn out you your your nature as a predator is revealed to use them Jordans image and you fall irrecoverably but anyway that’s brief discourse on unhappiness well and I mean for me like I find a tremendous first of all there’s an alliance between happiness and gratitude and you touched on that if you’re going to accept the tragic reality of life let’s say then it’s also reasonable to accept happiness when it comes your way and to be grateful for it and to be grateful for it is to accept it and to enjoy it well it makes its presence felt it’s something that visits I would say and you can invite that visitation I would say I do that primarily by playing I was very playful with my kids and my wife and still am I mean most of the time with my kids it was non-stop jokes of one form or another my daughter can barely say anything that that isn’t a joke of some sort you know and I hang around with comedians all the time and I usually have my best discussions with them and my best friends when I grew up especially when I was a young young man were people who were inveterate IRA nests and joke tellers and mostly what we did was competitive humor the whole goal of a social gathering was to see who could say the most outrageously funny thing and and that was unbelievably entertaining and so that’s if that comes along and you can participate in it and you can play so much the better and so it’s even useful to touch things that are difficult with a playful and light hand which is partly why I travel with Dave Rubin in my lecture series because Dave’s a professional stand-up comedian as well as a serious person in his own right but all of the very disturbing lectures that I put forward because I think they are disturbing are lavend with with humor and and that that there’s purpose that’s that’s purposeful it’s necessary and desirable so but it’s but that doesn’t mean that I think that short-term happiness is a goal it’s which I certainly don’t think that it is

  • i like dr. peterson's appreciation for the art of comedy. it goes beyond entertainment, as culturally it helps us to understand where social boundaries exist and just how far we can push them.

  • Oh J.P., I simply CAN NOT wait until you begin the second series of Biblical interpretation. I am simply delighted that you are doing more on the bible!! Thank you!

  • Can you imagine a being a carpenter working for Dr. Jordan Peterson? Then he tells you to use your own creativeness to create something beautiful on his 3rd level, what could possibly go wrong.

  • It is good to concentrate every morning on the eventuality of your death so you can put perspective on the seriousness of the gift of life for that day. Mindless frivolity and acts of narcissism will quickly lose their importance if one does this. By initially concentrating on the fact of your mortality you are creating a point [A] from which you can begin to gauge a meaningful point B for the day. Carpe diem

  • I do suggest that your use of the word 'apprehension" in the title of the video is incorrect, that is, if you are trying to understand the transcendent for merely pragmatic purposes. The better word, if your intention is to be more concentrated, efficient, and true, is "cooperation."

  • Hi Jordon I thought you would eventually come clean about Zionism and its poisonous ideology but I was wrong. You are a master enchantress. You were the last hope to speak out and save them from their own self destruction. So disappointed

  • This was very boring and pointless. Wish it was something actualy something thought provoking. These people are trying really hard to sound smart lol.

    Happiness is a state of mind knowing the of outcome thoughts and ideas.
    This is shown a lot in jokes and punchlines.

    That's just a simple way of saying it to folks.

  • Don't know if anyone will read this or not, but oh well, I'm writing it anyway. In the U.S. we are guaranteed that the pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right, but we are never promised actual happiness. If anyone ever thought we are promised this, they are mistaken. We find occasional joy in the pursuit of happiness, but true happiness only happens when we exchange the heavy burden we're under for a much lighter, easier one to carry. Even then, happiness is a fleeting thing because new and different burdens are placed on us that become so heavy we begin to buckle under the sheer weight of them all. There comes a time when the burden becomes so much that there are two ways to deal with it – let it crush us or else we learn that we can hand it over to someone else to carry for a time. Being the only "responsible one" in my family, I suffered from severe depression for almost forty years before I figured out that there was only one person capable of taking the load from me. To get there mentally, I didn't have to forget everything I knew, I just had to come to understand that doing things "my" way was futile. That's the lesson of the two trees in Eden. I've been depression-free for ten years now and sober as a judge. His burden is easy and His yoke is light.

  • And this was done back when Cambridge was an actual educational institution which encouraged thought and free speech. The days long gone now.

  • Off topic, can someone please tell me what's that peach thing that's always on British TV host shirts

  • Was anyone else getting comments from the "deleted screens from ace ventura" mixed in with these comments??? It was weird; but I enjoyed both!

  • Laughter is the release of tension, Music is the language of the Heart, the Soul and the Spirit, Wine to make Man's heart glad — 'Companion', the word companion ultimately comes from the Latin com- (“with”) and panis (“bread, food”) — someone you would share your food with.


  • The importance of the freedom of public discourse is not appreciated until it's lost. Look around the world at the countries who will imprison you or even kill you for exercising that right. You can't speak freely because somebody will be triggered or somebody's victim. Islam doesn't want to be criticized so we tell Christians to shut up. A political party does not want to be criticized. Too many use these tactics to silence people that oppose them. Some don't want facts revealed that exposes them. Regaining freedom that has been lost has always been difficult to regain. Humanities lost a lot of blood for that but much of it seems to be forgotten. I don't hear anybody saying "I may not agree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it." We cannot be silenced by a group of emotional snowflakes. Most of the calls to silence people now it's just because they don't like what someone is saying.

  • Hello mr Peterson, hope you doing well.. i would like to ask some questions if you don't mind.
    1) Are you aware that NZ government banned your book right after the mass murder in christchurch nz.
    2) Are you gonna respond about it?
    3) why do you think the gov banned your book? What is the reason behind it?

  • Being is conscious doing. Happiness is not a goal in itself, it is who we are when the truth of our own nature is revealed.

  • My father would asked me to help solve problems he was having while doing up houses . I loved it and it got me thinking outside the box. I was only 3 years old when I solved my first problem for him. We worked together a lot.

  • The last sentence is the kicker. Short term happiness isn't the goal…it is a result of something deeper. My take: wisdom and virtue bring happiness on the sleds of gratitude.

  • You can't talk about anything transcendent without bringing God into focus. So please let me say why there must be an actual (not merely a metaphoric) divine. Millions of beneficial genetic mutations had to occur to produce all the life on earth. They all had to survive and enrich the species in which they occurred. Given the limited time frame in which this had to occur they could not have all occurred by chance. Their occurrence was a literal miracle by any statistical definitions. So there must be a literal God of some kind guiding things. This is very important to look into. Peace.

  • The question is :Does this money go to any charities real not imagined or are we monetizing Dr. Peterson which is a relatively new of manufacturing wealth, which goes in whose pockets, and yes I earned my skepticism. Prof. of Physics & Engineering

  • Dear Dr. Peterson. First I want to say I love your content just as much as most of us. You have inspirated me on many levers. If you ever read this, I would he very interested to know your current stance on taking anti depressants. As I have heard you say in an interview you take ssri’s. The conservative point of view is normally not very positive on ssri’s. After dating a girl who is on ssri and having taken them myself for short periods I have a very negative view on them myself. It feels like one can never truely connect with another while taking ssri. I would be interested to hear your opinion on them and why and when they could be taken. Could one every truly be in love with another while on ssri? Thanks in advance.

  • In the roughly five hundred years that the Ottoman Empire ruled Constantinople, records show that only one instance of stoning for adultery took place (contrast this with colonial America/USA, where over fifty people were executed for various sexual crimes between 1608 and 1785)

  • 4:00 Jordan Peterson makes a great esoteric argument for cooperative work relationships instead of antagonistic competitive work relationships

  • Please read about Jordan:
    He goes to incredible lengths to pander to parts of his audience. E.g. he says he's "Agnostic" about the resurrection of Christ. He's agnostic about the central claim of Christianity and claims to be a Christian. He does this to maintain intellectual credibility while not alienating his Christian fan base. Completely cynical. He's also a hypocrite for his outrage over being deplatformed when he has deplatformed people in the past. When asked about this he said they had become "too hot a property" to platform. Well which is it, Jordan? Are groups and institutions allowed to decide someone has political views they deem to be intolerable or not?
    Jordan Peterson is a false prophet, do not listen to him!

  • I know that Dr. Peterson will hate this idea, but he should run for prime minister and save Canada. Don't let Canada go the Sweden path to hell.

  • I don't see the morbid "nothing matters" way of looking at mortality and the more creative "life is short-do something worthwhile while you're here" way of looking at mortality, to be mutually exclusive. It's possible to be a creative, even cheerful nihilist. Working for a future that you will never see can also be rewarding in the present moment, at least it is for me. Holding both views in the same hand, rather than picking just one is not easy…but I much prefer the dynamic tension between the two, even the pain of doing that, to banishing one of them, which in my experience is not possible for very long anyway.

  • It's a real shame that such empty headed rhetoric passes for profound knowledge. I guess that's capitalism for ya! Allows for Peterson to coast on undeserved wealth and the aformentioned is able to expand itself off the backs of insecure and confused people.
    Oskar Negt is a far more knowledgeable person, someone who really digs deep into the history of theory and presents the facts of the case and is thus not the catchy sounding, empty rhetoric expounding fool of Jordan Peterson:

  • Hey Jordan Peterson, I hope you read this. I doubt you will because you're such a busy man.. ever since I can remember I've always had one goal in my mind. And that goal is to drive from my hometown born and raised in Southern Virginia all the way across the country to California and see the sunset on the West Coast.

    I am 25 years old and I am a hard working man.. I was born to drug addict parents and many days of my childhhod and teen years we had no electricity or running water. Many Christmas's I had no presents because my dad sold them for crack and heroin and whatever else they were doing. Fighting all night, breaking stuff and cops wrestling my dad to the ground. At age 16 I saw my uncle blow his brains out in front of me, my dad drank himself to death when I was 17. I could go on and on.
    I now work for a masonry company building brick walls, doing block foundations etc. I was almost burned to death in a fire at age 12 where i accidentally soaked myself in gas and went up in flames, and I spent 3 and half months in UVA burn center and had 4 different skin graphs. I still struggle with PTSD from that event because I accepted death and "let go" but I survived.

    I'm 25 now and I Got an insurance settlement from the pain and suffering of my burns. I'm planning a trip from my home in southern Virginia to California. My goal is to find myself, and to see the world. I just want to go out on my own and have time to do whatever i want. I've heard you talk before about how a young man needs to have a call to adventure – this is mine. Some people have already told me that I'm doing something stupid and it's just a waste… No, I know full well that this is in my bones and blood. This is my call, I have to do this. I've bought a Honda 2008 nighthawk motorcycle and I've gotten my license and I'm just making the finishing plans. Wish me luck. I want to thank you for your book and lectures. I've read 12 rules for life front to vack, but I'm packing the book with me in my back pack and will be reading it along the way a 2nd time to California.

    Thank you for pulling me out of sure suicide and alcoholism. Thank you.

  • My husband died unexpectedly on the 18th of September, 2018, nearly five months ago. We had been married for nearly 40 years. For me, his death has been traumatic. I no longer know who I am or where I am going. We had been very close, and dependant on one another. Now I feel as though I am half whole, that a part of me has been sawed off. The Auden poem FUNERAL BLUES expresses exactly how I feel, because my husband was "My North, My South". Sir Roger Scruton, do you have any advice for me?

  • I am sorely disappointed with Cambridge. Next to Oxford they have one of the greatest Philosophy departments in the world. How they would stand for this obvious censorship in cancelling Peterson's talks is beyond me. Perhaps it has something to do with Peterson helping Blackwood to found a new type of college that would compete with their monetary interests?

  • I've been listening to JBP since the beginning, and it's all good but damn there are a lot of followers in the comments. He ain't my daddy! Lol… Critical thinking DIY, and share some too ✌ 👌

  • Dr Peterson, please diagnose me. For the last 3months Ive been hooked on watching lectures and debates. Almost always featuring your good self. Ive never suffered like this before….under all this knowledge and enlightenment. Im learning things at 52. Should I be concerned?

  • When we became too "sophisticated" to believe in God we lost not only our faith, we lost all the things that hinged on him, Truth, Values, Meaning, Purpose, Hope and next Love itself. Didn't Kant (maybe it was Sartre) say that any finite point without an infinite reference point is meaningless? It's logical to anyone that Man without his infinite anchor is cut adrift, floating on a sea of meaninglessness which will lead to him losing his mind, this is what I see as I look around at the world.

    Peterson is correct when he says that he as an intellectual is merely pointing out things that most of us already know or feel to be true. He is sort of presenting the Gospel to a generation who needed it explained in a stripped down logical, philosophical, almost scientific language. This generation was raised to not have faith in the bible and hence grew up not knowing or wanting to know its valuable message, Jordan is giving it to them in the language they can understand.

    Beliefs have consequences to your thoughts and thoughts have consequences on what you do, ideas you see matter, some produce good fruit and some produce bad fruit.

    Fill your minds with good things, fill your mind with Truth, this is what God wants from you.

  • Mortality is fundamental to love someone?….what?…no. What IF you both could live forever?..Suddenly you can't love them the same??…

  • This guy was knighted. Haha like children they are (a knightly version of playing cowboys and Indians haha). He seems okay though, seems kind of cool.

  • I noticed a large part of the awesomeness of Dr Peterson is that he is so practical and goal focussed. Western wealth and freedom has made life easy enough that a large part of what people say and do is based on presenting an image. Image is the kind of thing a wild animal (generally) doesnt have the luxury to be concerned about but once actual survival is guaranteed people with no other important goals spend far more time preening themselves and caring about fashion and the way they look and speak and all the other superficial fluff. This is especially true of course as people become more famous, as they become more self conscious, but JP just cuts right to the chase and is 100% focussed on 'what can I offer that actually might help people understand this world or better themselves' and it's so refreshing to listen to someone talk like that.

  • Roger Scrotum is a fascist, racist low life and Jordan Peterson is a spreader of the 'cultural marxist' nazi conspiracy theory.

  • Just discovered Sir Roger after reading he was fired. What a blow to the UK government. Anyway, I think I'm hooked. And this other man Peterson is equally brilliant.

  • 3Uhr55, 14. April 2019
    Dear Prof. Peterson, please note that i wrote a request letter to this to contact adresses that ecosia gave me, to ask for your permission to translate any content of yours [email protected]
    [email protected]
    I'd like to mention that my plan is to voiceover your speeches in german, later in turkish too, i would do that with the highest diligence that i can offer, i would avoid that my videos would be interrupted by advertise/commercial videos (if i would ever come so far of course) and that i have the deepest respect for your work and opinions. And of course, if i ever should earn some Euros out of this, i'd would be honored to share that with you if you would want that. I haven't started until now by any means, and i hope you would response positivly to this wish of mine. Details in the mentionend emails.

  • Now I know why Sir Roger fell afoul of the far left reality deniers. He had an illuminating conversation with JBP

  • Hi Jordan, im Lautaro im from Argentina and watching your lectures its making me change, and for good, but I cant take of my head the tought of killing myself, mi question is, do you think a human being can deeply change? It there a life after this one?
    If you could tell me this it will really help me, for real

  • JORDAN, don't ever be on a "panel" meeting or discussion with other people. YOU are the best and all there rest are pompous jerks………., like the slow talking, stuttering, over arrogant "Brit"……………JORDAN, it is best when YOU are alone and YOU do all the talking.

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