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Purrlesque Entertainment: Kitten Dancers – Mini-Mocks

– Burlesque just comes
so natural to them. It’s like they
instinctively know to rip all their clothes off. My name is Rita Bergen. I’m the founder of
Purrlesque Entertainment which is a burlesque show that I run from my
office at the ASPCA. It started with
the idea that cats are often sexualized
in the media. But why aren’t real cats sexy? Now I’m talking about your
every day domesticated kitten. And then I realized, they are. We’ve got feathers
and we’ve got boas and we have a cat
playing jazz piano and actually we just released
our own line of cat merkins or merkittens as we like to
call them in the industry. All of our kittens
have a specialty. Mini is a pole dancer. Rosie, she’s more of
a chair kind of a gal. But really, people
come to see Snickers. Snickers can do things that
other kittens won’t even try. The hard part is knowing
that one of these days I’m going to lose
all of my girls but I can be happy knowing
that they’re each gonna go off and make their own foster
family very entertained.


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