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PTA Awards – Spirit of PTA

(instrumental music) – I always thought when
I first got involved 18 years ago that I was the one in charge of bringing the fun. So I always enjoyed
being able to do things that would make kids smile
or even the teacher smile. Whether it was program that we’d bring in or teachers’ lunches and just bring that light mood to any situation or school. I’ve held every job;
treasurer, legislative VP, secretary, but it’s easy to do when you love the program that your in. You just continue to do it. Being in PTA it doesn’t
necessarily mean you have to hold a job. You don’t have to have
a commissioner position you don’t have to have a board role its just coming and listening and being involved in your kids school. And there’s all kinds of opportunities whether it’s volunteering your time or taking on a calling its a way for you to come in and really get to know the teachers and students and the needs of the school. – I think partly I was born crazy and I have more energy than most people, but I also was a public
school teacher before I had my own children. And I saw the positive effects of our PTA when I taught and when I
quit teaching to become a stay at home mom it was
the natural way for me to continue serving in public schools. Our after school program
came to us as PTA; I was the president at
Cottonwood at the time and said the kids were so
hungry they couldn’t study and it was pointless to
have this after school program and could we provide a few snacks. So I emailed every single
person in my email list and said, “I need snacks and
I need them by tomorrow.” and I had three car loads
to take to the school. Our student body president,
Katie Metcalf at the time, and her mom Jane kind of came up with this great idea. What if we open a food
pantry here at Cottonwood? So we were able to have
a PTA run food pantry. We raised about $16,000
to get it started and today it still mostly runs
on community donations. I’m just the cheerleader. Generally, other people
come up with ideas. It’s not me, I just happen to be crazy. – I think it’s a remarkable
thing to be part of a great project. To be a cog on a wheel as it were. Most recently I remember working
with a lot of PTA members on the junior high musical
and creating a beach ball art that will forever
be impressed on my mind as how generous people
are with their time. And what they will donate
as far as helping a community and helping these kids. PTA has been a remarkable
lesson for me and watching parents give
hours upon hours that they simply don’t have to create a success for their student as
well as for the students in the community. It has been a humbling
experience working alongside parents and learning from
them and learning with them. And I think one of the
great benefits of PTA is you get to know the members
of your community better as you serve alongside
them as well as the members of the faculty who put in
hours, I’m told, on behalf of these students.


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