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Psychological Short Film “STRANDED” presented by Exit 44 Entertainment

JIM: You alright? CALLIE: Yeah, the damn thing won’t start. JIM: Need me to take a look? CALLIE: Oh that would be great. CALLIE: Uh, show me your waist. CALLIE: I have no clue what I’m doing here. JIM: There it is, you got a loose radiator
hose. JIM: Got any tools? CALLIE: Yeah. JIM: You know a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be out here all by herself. CALLIE: Uh… I’m with someone at camp. JIM: Yea? How long you two been together? CALLIE: I guess it would be nearly nine years. JIM: My wife and I didn’t last that long, you see we had a difference of opinion when it came to fidelity. JIM: I believed in it, she didn’t. [Laughs] JIM: Should be good, give it a shot. [Engine starts] CALLIE: Thank you! Thank you so much! CALLIE: You don’t really see this anymore, you know? CALLIE: Somebody helping somebody. I really appreciate it. JIM: My pleasure. Take care of yourself okay? CALLIE: Where were you when it started? JIM: My families house. We watched the assassination on television. JIM: You? CALLIE: We were having dinner. Friends kept telling us to get out of the city. JIM: You lived in Washington? CALLIE: Yeah. JIM: Musta been hard. Take care of yourself. CALLIE: I have some soup, would you like some? JIM: Nah that’s okay, thank you! CALLIE: I have some meat too! JIM: Where’d you find meat? CALLIE: What do you say? JIM: Yeah, yeah sure. CALLIE: Oh no honey, don’t speak you need your rest. JIM: Holy shit! CALLIE: I’m sorry he’s not well. JIM: What happened to him? CALLIE: A few nights ago some men attacked our camp. CALLIE: They beat him half dead. They shot him in
the arm. Stabbed him in the chest. CALLIE: All Ned wanted to do was protect us. CALLIE: He was so brave until it was over. JIM: Well at least he’s, you know… thank God he’s still alive. JIM: Oh, thank you. JIM: Oh man, I haven’t had meat in ages. CALLIE: I’m gonna get some bowls. [Inaudible Moans] JIM: What? [Inaudible Moans] JIM: You know, I can’t understand you man. JIM: I can’t understand you. [Inaudible] CALLIE: Can’t dwell on the past when the future is
unknown, that’s what my pa always said. JIM: Uh… I think you’re husband uh… I think
he was trying to say something. CALLIE: What did he say? JIM: It’s probably nothing. JIM: Oh, thank you. [Sizzle] JIM: Oh, God damnit! JIM: Fuck, I’m sorry I didn’t think it would be that hot. CALLIE: Leave it, leave it, I have plenty. CALLIE: Ned doesn’t eat much anymore and I can’t have
it all myself. CALLIE: So, what did Ned say? JIM: You know it was nothing it was just… mumbling. CALLIE: What kind of mumbles? JIM: I don’t know, I couldn’t understand him. CALLIE: Careful, it’s hot. JIM: Oh that’s good. That’s really good. [Slurping] [Inaudible Moans] JIM: Oh, I think he’s bleeding. [Coughing] JIM: What kind of meat did you say this was? JIM: What the hell? What’s in the soup? CALLIE: Some tree bark, grass, ceramine leaves, the
combination of which gives you sever nausia, CALLIE: dizziness and temporary paralysis of the extremadies. CALLIE: Luckily, it cooks out. BOY: Mom? CALLIE: Yeah? BOY:Are we gonna eat them soon? CALLIE: Soon hon, real soon. CALLIE: Now… did you stab my husband in the gut
first — CALLIE: Or was it the cutting off of his foot? NED: Please, no… no… CALLIE: Well, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. CALLIE: Does it? [Stabbing]


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