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Professional Cheerleader Reviews Cheers From Movies and TV

[Music] hey my name is Lizzie Mason and I am an LA NBA dancer and today we’re going to be reviewing a few iconic cheer scenes and seeing how accurate they are as you know movies these arms I don’t think high schoolers can say sexy but okay appropriate for children I wish there were actually that when you guys participating in chair in high school like that would be awesome there actually are some male cheerleaders and dancers that have joined the NFL and then in game this year it’s very good it’s very progressive we hope to see more Lawrence’s hair needs to be in a ponytail I feel like if anybody saw that they would be a little bored it would just be more of a performance versus like hi look at us we have arrived we’re here we’re ready cheer is all about school spirit so like it’s not about the individual it’s about the school it’s about everyone so then we’d be doing him a favor so then they could feel good about sending Raggedy Ann appear to jacket’s crowd cheers are you talking to BRR it’s cold in here I said there must be some Toros in the atmosphere I know you didn’t think a white girl made your service is over as of this moment stealing chairs a thing it’s hard I feel like it is a thing in high school but also that there are so many cheers that sometimes it’s hard to really decipher where it came from originally anyways there’s been so many chairs throughout generations like sometimes it’s really hard to just like pinpoint like whose it was first I’ve never personally witnessed someone that’s stealing something like very unique like that and trying to put it on their team but I mean I’m sure it’s possible I’m sure people do it with the spirit [Laughter] [Music] I don’t want it now no it’s okay severe stick doesn’t lose anything the person who drops it however goes days I mean like I don’t know about all that but there are actual spirit sticks that teams can earn like during summer camp they basically just represent the spirit of your team so the fork lure of don’t drop the spirit stick is basically like you don’t want to let your team down so you don’t let your team spirit hit the ground [Music] the purpose of a coach is to help the younger generation to guide them to be a positive role model you know to to point them in the right direction not to just tear them down and like to just be evil like that’s just me I never really came across a an instance where spirit fingers were a thing only times very fingers have been a thing is in reference to this movie and is as like a joke you know to be like spirit videos this is actually pretty cool yes let’s go ending stunt let’s go like they’re super clean but like the clovers just had so much more going on I never realized they were from they’re from San Diego like they drove all the way up to Compton to steal their cheers I don’t know if it would be like legal to do that I’m not really surprised that the clovers wanted I remember watching this and I was like I really hope they win because I feel like the clovers routine just like a lot more going on you know they were using the mat a lot more versus the Toros like they they were very stationary a lot in one formation you know like the stunts happening in the bath they weren’t using their space as much that’s just in my opinion Pacific Vista has never had a fat cheerleader hey Brianna Brittany has something she wants to tell you no I was like she looks exactly the same as they look exactly the same I didn’t realize well lay off the snacks with the extra workouts the way it should come right off what if it doesn’t put it this way Pacific vistas never had a fat cheerleader the culture from my experience is not like that it’s definitely more uplifting and honestly like it’s not up to your peers to tell you how you look it’s not any one person’s job to pinpoint out somebody and tell them like that they need to lose weight like that’s not appropriate whatsoever cheerleaders come in all different sizes and it doesn’t matter what you look like all that matters is that you want to spread school spirit and you want to be there for your community and you want to be there for your squad they’re just like clapping every account every time I like watch like Jared dance movies I wish there weren’t so many like edits but you can’t like fully see the full picture what’s going on you know like because everything is just edited together so you can never really tell like what’s actually happening so they’re just like throwing stunts like just randomly [Music] and this clapping every eight count is like killing me sometimes the clap happens on the six and it’s weird yeah they were like doing cheer stunts and cheer movements I mean they were clapping every four to six counts which was weird them incorporating krump and Street movement put them over the edge there are never really any two teams on the mat at the same time you know like doing things cuz that’s just very very unsafe because you never know like who’s gonna go flying across the room ladies where’s the heat where’s the sizzle well you haven’t seen our Big Finish yet [Music] check your cell by date ladies faux lesbian kissing has a vinta boo since 1994 I feel like there would be like a guideline to how the auditions going to run like there will be a specific cheer specific dance a specific thing that you are told to do so like the people who are judging can see that you can do that specific thing it wouldn’t just be like show us what you can do well then you might as well just take everybody because it’s like everyone can do something [Music] [Music] they like walked away and started playing the football game like while they were performing like I would be so mad like I would be like don’t walk away like I’m still dancing wait till after I’m done performing and then we’ll watch you play see how that goes like it’s a give-and-take cute that was super cute so I feel like Riverdale goes more towards like the dance like the song palm sorts a type of movement instead of like traditional chair movement these movies are great and I’m always entertained with these and I enjoy them so much but the relationships between the peers and the fact that there’s no adults anywhere that’s pretty unrealistic all the cheerleaders and dancers that I’ve come across of are actually very nice people and actually care about the the sport and the art that we participate in that’s our purpose of being there is to spread positivity and to be there for our community to be positive role models for the ones coming up behind us [Music]

  • This hurts me… can we do this with an all-star and competitive cheerleader please… because as an all-star cheerleader this is just… its wrong

  • The first scene was a dream in the movie, not an actual performance. It was supposed to be inappropriate for high school because it was a bad dream in the movie

  • The opening of Bring it On was a dream so, no it wouldn't have been accurate. Not that most of these movies are,but then again you dont look to movies for accuracy.

  • I remember for junior football cheer one of the cheers we had got stolen. The only reason i know for sure is cause i helped come up with it lol.

  • Late to the party, but I'm sad they didn't add the cheer competition episode of Leverage to this. I know Bring it On is iconic, but man, whoever chose the clips seems to have gotten a little lazy.

  • So on the cheerleaders uplift their members topic, my stepsister was a cheerleader in middle and high school as well as in competitive cheer. Unfortunately the head cheerleader despised her. She was the absolute worse. All the while my stepsister only wanted to be liked so she did a few bad things to earn her favor (like underage drink on the porch). The worst thing was one of the cheerleaders was my stepsister's best friends and she joined in on the hate J train.

  • She’s a dancer for the NBA. Not a cheerleader. Look up team USA coed cheer team. Those are “professional cheerleaders.” Also Bring it on (although there are some cool stunts and tricks) is SO unrealistic. She doesn’t even know what she’s talking about!

  • Most Highschool Cheer is not like this at all, its very basic pep cheers, no stunts. Some schools and private teams do competitions.

  • Can everyone in this comment section stop getting offended at her not being, in your opinion, a "real" cheerleader. Just enjoy the damn video, and if you're not gonna just click the hell off. If y'all can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all 🙄 one comment about it would be enough, but seriously, about 70% of these comments are about it so as the vine goes :

    Stop it.

    Get some help.

    Now, enjoy y'all's days okay

  • To those complaining that she is a dancer and not a cheerleader. 1. Cheerleading is mostly dancing, not just tumbling 2. Just because she is dancer NOW does not mean didn't do "official" cheerleading 3. She was part of the USA (united spirit association) Camp as staff 4. If you want to have cheerleading as a CAREER you are gonna be referred to as a dancer

  • It really depends where you go, I've just quit cheer after 5 years because I did not fit in and no one made an effort to be my friend, as I said it really depends on where you go ad the group dynamic.

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  • …….WHERE IS GLEE!?!?!?!?!

    Also for my school, there’s only 1 guy on the cheerleading team
    Then we have the “poms” which is basically where the cheerleaders stick the untalented people that they had to put somewhere
    And then we have the step team, the dance team, and the “seniors only team of people who just do a bunch of flips with glass shattering ‘music’ in the background”

  • Isn't sports cheering different than competitive cheerleading? I don't cheer so im curious. Not dismissing what she does but at an NBA game the cheerleading isn't the focal point the way it is at competitions right?

  • During basketball season there’s literally squads that they’ll see us doing a cheer they’ll learn it and copy us! It’s the worst

  • People keep pointing out shes a dancer but if you watched the whole video it's obvious she did cheerleading?? She talks about cheer camp…

  • She’s not a real cheerleader she’s just a dancer 🙄🙄🙄 your not a cheerleader unless you risk your life to do dangerous stunts
    All the moves are pretty accurate yes it’s exaggerated but accurate

  • last time i check of what i know of professional cheerleaders, especially those that cheer for professional football and basketball don't even stunt, they primarily dance

  • For stealing cheers it is a thing because for volleyball or cheering our school does a lot of them and other school we vs don’t but when they do they do the SAME EXACT THING. except putting their name one it

  • While I’m sure there are skilled cheerleaders of all shapes sizes, I don’t believe that there are cheerleaders of all shapes and sizes that are hired to cheer for professional teams. I bet we still live in a world where perfect bodies are expected when the audience is mostly straight men and $$$ are involved.

    I would love to be proven wrong.

  • She really is not qualified to judge competitive cheer. She is a sideline dancer, whereas this movie is about sideline CHEER and mostly COMPETITIVE CHEER. She does not know the first thing about all star cheer. Buzzfeed could have easily found a real cheerleader near any one of their locations. I’m very disappointed

  • Y’all are so bogus saying she is “not a real cheerleader” she is so chill and just because she is not pointing out every little violation doesn’t mean she isn’t a cheerleader. Y’all are kinda mean 🖤

  • Everybody so shook🤦🏽‍♂️ maybe they couldn’t find a cheerleader or they thought she was the best fit…..find your own pro cheerleader and ask them what they think geesh

  • We had one overweight cheerleader on the team, and oh man the coach made it clear that she did not want a “fat” cheerleader but she wasn’t allowed to do anything about it.

  • Shes pointing something really observant out. Bring it on 1 holds the shots and lets the choreography speak for itself. Everything else is clearly focused on the edit.

  • Maybe I’ve always thought wrong about her school because everyone keeps saying she’s in high school. I seriously thought she was in college. I dont really remember the scenes too much anymore but I definitely thought she was in college

  • The professional dance is great, but the scenes chosen are sooo boring and most of them have nothing to do with cheerleading.
    Btw, why did they call a NBA dancer to review cheerleading?

  • All I've learned from this, as someone who has never been into cheerleading, is that cheerleading fans are sour lol.

  • Also a lot of tumbling and stunts aren’t legal in high school cheer at my school just to do a basket you have to be on the with the coach watching and only in high school

  • 6:56 she said they’re were never 2 teams at the same time. First of all, there were. She also said there should be or else it would be very dangerous. You’re an nba coach u have no idea what you’re talking about

  • Straight up? Those movies in addition to me being bullied in real life, made me afraid of joining dance or cheer. I was convinced.i would be thrown just to let me fall or have a mean cheer yelled about me during a game. Like in movies. Same with sororities. I was just too afraid.

  • The scene with Briana struck a nerve because my high school used to have a cheer coach who put a limit on how much the cheerleaders could weigh (115 lbs). It was awhile back, but it was the rule no matter if you were tall, short, boy, girl, or the body type you had. The cheerleaders had so many issues trying to keep their weight down.

  • She has a valid viewpoint but its not the only one – if you watching Making the Team about the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, you see a lot of scrutiny over body weight

  • THANK YOU for giving common sense. Even as someone who has never done cheerleading but always wanted to, I never understood why there were no guy cheerleaders. Not ONLY do you get the experience of trying a new thing, but having guys on the squad allows for more versatility in the stunts. Plus, for those straight guys out there, you're always going to be around girls. Should be great but, apparently not LOL

  • I appreciate her doing this, but I believe being a dancer and cheerleader are two different things. After watching Trin Lovell react to this, I have more knowledge of certain situations because she has knowledge of cheerleading. This video was nice but you could have gotten an actual cheerleader to critique this because as I've mentioned, Trin has experience with cheerleading and she actually gave detail about why certain things happened and what they were doing, and how difficult certain stunts actually are in real life. She basically exposed a lot of the dramatic scenes to be farse but technically it's just a movie and these are celebrities who don't know what they're doing so the real cheerleader extras they hire have to step down to their level.

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