Product of the Year Awards India 2019 recognises the best brands and innovations

hello and welcome to product of the Year awards India 2019 an internationally recognized certification that celebrates and rewards the best innovations in consumer products and the winner is product of the year is 100% consumer woulded independent and transparent award that seeks to guide consumers to the best products in their market and reward manufacturers for quality and innovation perlier was founded 30 years ago in France today we are in about 40 countries where neo 11 in India we are about innovation we're about helping manufacturers and shoppers we're about trying to make meaningful impact with our partners Nielsen and our engagement with the market we are continuously endeavouring to try to improve process and strengthen this platform tonight is about celebrating our winners they've been voted by consumers in a countrywide survey conducted by our partners Nielsen across the country we hope and believe that they will use this recognition to advantage by including it in their television print and digital communication and without further ado ladies and gentlemen let's get on with the show thank you very much next up we bring you the highlights from the insightful address of neroon rai chairman and group CEO south asia wonderment Thompson disruption and change is the buzzword today except that this has been a buzzword for a while but I think the only thing that is maybe change is the speed and I think the speed of change is what's I guess disorienting when I left the industry in 2008 and joined media a lot had changed in our industry and many platforms what's going on lots of clutter lots of content but the two quick key areas were that we were somehow spending more time with clients procurement teams than their marketing teams and the second thing was that just about everyone in the communication ecosystem thought that they can do what we were doing growth takes time growth stays consistency and constant evolution as an industry we also not just reflect culture we also create culture we as an advertising industry also do is we give a voice to brands today brands are not just talking about what they are but they are all also making a statement they have to have a point of view and yes we entertained there was a time 20 years ago where our only competition used to be other advertising because content was very little there were a few channels and therefore for entertainment we are really not competing with content but today there is a plethora of content available to be able to get noticed and to be able to be shared we need to be entertaining finally things will keep changing but what's not going to change is creativity to navigate this this fast changing world at the end of the day we need creativity and that's not going to change in fact my definition of our business is not even about advertising it's not even about communication as far as I'm concerned we are in the business of impacting people and their behavior through creativity up next highlights from a power-packed panel on the topic navigating through chaos confusion and mindlessness in the marketing and advertising industry I'll start with you Molly do you think marketing and it's you know landscape and all its stakeholders have made too much out of a very simple proposition of putting your product out there and ensuring people buy it marketing is about making the consumer want your brand and your medium agnostic I mean you don't really care if the medium was radio one day and it's pressed today and it's television tomorrow and it's video on wheels one day and it's Facebook one day so I think firstly as marketers I think we got to come consumer in and possibly what's happened a little bit in in this whole so-called digital wave is many of us stopped coming and zoomer in and start going medium out to say how do i do what do I do with this medium I think that's not the starting point what do I do with the consumer is the starting point marketing is not about just going where the consumers are marketing is where the consumers are willing to consume marketing and that while there are lot of their time has shifted there and the willingness to consume marketing and digital medium right now is much lesser than the time they spent there so as marketeers I think we've got to take these things into account and really say how do we kind of actually get the job done so now let me come to sue clean have we become less loyal as consumers as let's say a decade ago just because of the outburst of Technology do you think consumer behavior has changed so drastically just because today we have added elements such as Facebook Twitter do you think as a consumer we've all changed I think see behavior does change with the advent of Technology but there are paradoxes that exist we are spending more and more time watching the content that we like so when you do binge watching you're actually sitting and completing a series which might be seven hours you're stuck to that mobile watching the content that you like equally when you are being intruded upon you skip it so fundamentally you're loyal to the content you have loyal to the content that matters so I think the challenge for the marketers is it's very shallow to say consumers have limited attention span today they really to watch content that matters what it's forcing us to do as marketers is to rethink strategy of course you have to sell your products of course you have to segment consumers understand what are their unmet needs what are their desires in a country like ours we're still dependent on traditional trade fundamentally it's not just consumers you have to influence trade so therefore mass-market advertising has its own space but then it also has constraints you have a 30-second order 20 second format where you are of course trying to optimize for the medium you are trying to be efficient as much as you're trying to be effective however what digital allows you to do is to tell a complete story but the challenge clearly is that you can't tell consumers a story like you used to in the past so broadcast medium was really about us talking to consumers one way now you know he's going to skip your ad if it doesn't matter so I think it's making our job more interesting by finding the right hooks embedding ourselves in culture understanding how do we really fit in before I move to my next point we are in the business of business and if any of us decided that sort of the table cannot earn his loyalty we are not in business so I think we've accepted our failure upfront therefore I believe it is possible to earn customer loyalty the question is how do you earn and a lot of us think it's about advertising and it's about public relations and it's about those 30 seconds or online or offline my point is slightly different I think it starts with the product it starts with the positioning it starts with the brand it starts with the brand experience and all of these put together make you want to stay with a brand or not as a marketer it's our job to make sure that they love us enough to come back and if they don't come back we haven't done our job right and our job is not communication it's not starting and ending with the demand part but it's starting with the product part do you think the brand marketers today are so focused on creating content on putting it on different media on customizing it that they've forgotten the fundamentals when people talk about getting back to fundamentals they're not really often embracing the truth of what authenticity is which is you've got to stand for something in the first place and you've got to risk something to tell the truth and so I think when people do that the loyalty the content that streams from that it doesn't matter where you're doing it if you stand for something and that's how you gain the loyalty of consumers these days I think and they're so open and they see so many forms of understanding information that you've got to be much clearer about how you tell the truth my limited point is do you think marketers anxiety levels today is a bit too high they need to relax are two aspects of it one is your mainstream heritage brand where you are more concerned about your loss of loyalty if the loyalty was so strong and of course you know you need to simplify their choices and in the absence of a significantly differentiated option that comes in front of you you will go by habit or lethargy or whatever and continue to buy what you are buying but if that were true then so many new brands wouldn't have got created you know its projected that ecommerce is going to be one of the biggest platforms digitally is going to be one of the biggest mediums going forward I can take my example as too young if the loyalties of snacking was so strong we wouldn't have been created disruptive brand just within one and a half years and getting to five share in metros so I think as long as I believe the Heritage branch do have a bigger challenge to hold on to loyalty because choices are there and of course a new brand which is actually trying to disrupt and steal sobriety it's always going to make a small beginning it might not have a huge dent on a last size brand but suddenly it's like a new brand coming and chipping at your toes and taking parts away and if you if you actually and you know they find it far more engagement with the new brand if you really bring something differentiate it and I think that's the space I think certainly the heritage and large brands do have a cost to worry and coming from Unilever for 17 odd years I have experienced that and working on a new brand I actually can see the both sides of the coin it is a challenge for mainstream large brands but I think it's an opportunity for new bands welcome back to product of the Year awards 2019 now we take you to the felicitation ceremony where the best and most innovative brands were awarded based on consumer voting to hit play button and start off the first set of awards as presenter let's call on Mike Nolan global see your product of the management Mike so I'll be ready for the first set of awards audiences no we're not but I'll continue regardless and here it is a category number one health food drink for children and the winner is Nestle Nabu [Applause] number two categories soup and the winner is Sephora certified high-protein meal [Applause] [Applause] category three premium refrigerator and the winner is liebe refrigerator with dual cooling technology [Applause] water purifiers our fourth category and the winner is moonbow Mahindra oculus premium water purifier [Applause] mr. Ward's life insurance is a category and the winner is very famous brand I see I see I prove I product smart [Applause] [Applause] what I'm going to do is I'll just come into audience and give away some free prices which aren't there with me right now the World Cup is going on and we all love our cricket so I thought we'll do a little World Cup trivia and you know have some fun okay let me come it's an uncomfortable position they've put you in between the wickets that's where we are right now are you the significant other the wife no I sitting in a far too close for me as I'm not comfortable really honestly because you on this table and you're on that tables almost like a love marriage you know two different communities you've just moved away the whole cricket things gone out of the window now just tell us a little bit about yourself if I was on a date I'd be flawed I just I would marry you immediately and have three babies my Sunday I just this is so beautiful what a pick-up line okay cricket favourite cricketer Sachin Sachin Tendulkar who will die at 60 years ago when the Congress were in power that's fine you follow India right now as well with the wrath and gang yeah of course okay so I'm going to ask you a slightly tricky question let's see if you can get it can you tell me the names of five five Indian cricketers wives Anjali is Anjali so Jane Anjali yours is one romance nothing else so you were very good except you was fixated on such in and Anjali and then we got scared and what are your feelings about such in other half Vinod Kambli not interested okay back to our formal proceedings we're gonna call presenters on stage and do award number two let's have Tarun Rai chairman and Group Co South Asia Wonder Man Thompson and joining him on stage Reynaud pass who is the senior vice president global sales and marketing Indian hotels and it's the second set of awards number one in the second set virgin coconut oil and the winner is Coco Sol cold pressed virgin coconut oil [Applause] next up in the category credit card the winner is in the sin bank next credit card [Applause] we go on to number three cooking oil and the winner is sweetie range of edible oils [Applause] number for breakfast range and the winner is support line fitted by super food [Applause] sexual wellness and the winner is Gamasutra or gasps max [Applause] Thank You presenters you've been wonderful thank you so much and third set of awards almost syrup G is the editor Autocar India and director Haymarket sec publishing India Private Limited I merely smell is going to join us onstage as presenter and he's the president of goal in opinion Mullen low linters group okay that brings us to category Awards the third set Academy one savory snacks and the winner two young multigrain chips – YUM [Applause] a second category is green coffee and the winner is cipolla purified green coffee [Applause] a third category is Dom insurance and the winner is excited like smart on plan [Applause] next category mas premium refrigerator and the winner is liebe Haier refrigerator with central park cooling technology [Applause] [Applause] all right fifth category protein shake health supplement and the winner in this category is Nestle resource high protein [Applause] miel shake is our last in this third award set and the winner is Sephora 35 – team slim milkshake [Applause] Thank You Amir thank you so much very simple monsoon gives a nice monsoon story right in the middle it just started the deluge today people didn't turn up at work same reaches is empty I'm working in catering now because of this so off you go monsoon story in 30 seconds okay childhood brings back nostalgia playing in the rain I hate this story hi I can't bear it I mean I don't the hell are you saying so again Instagram moment no it's just you freaking a picture from your 12th birthday oh god no just give her the wine and never ever speak to us again in public when yearly at the end we come into the fort set or the fourth category or fourth set of categories and we have new presenters Yogesh look honey is here from bright advertising give a big hand and large Aurora CO product of the year India in the category green pea the winner is saponify [Applause] [Applause] health insurance is a second category and the winner is money pile signal Pro health insurance plan [Applause] [Applause] next up kitchen Hobbs is our third category kitchen Hobbs the winner is Hinrich kitchen ensemble [Applause] [Applause] Kable spared second-last award here tablespread and the winner is Coco stole coconuts Fred [Applause] [Applause] number five premium scalp care and the winner is true roots botanical hair tonic [Applause] [Applause] finally we bring you the highlights from the closing address of Mike Lowell in the global CEO of product of the year management we run this awards around the world and I think that's important because very rarely two people come together and focus and talk about innovation it's an every company's mission statement but very rarely do they actually gather together and say well done for innovating and the people who've done that here tonight congratulations because to get a new product onto the shop floor takes a village of people it takes research and development it takes marketing it takes finance it takes advertising agencies it takes PR and a lot of people talk the talk but the people here actually delivered that and delivered products to the shop floor so really significant congratulations to everybody he's picking up an award this evening it starts with a fantastic product but now that you've one product of the year you've got an extra arrow in your quiver and product it is just one small thing across the whole toolbox that you can use but why we are in 40 countries around the world why we have all those advertisers who work with us is because if you use product of the year right it will work and you will increase your sales product of the year ended on a high note recognizing and honoring excellence in brands and innovation across segments and providing a seal of approval from the consumers to these world-class brands winning this prestigious award is a moment of great pride to all of us at Manipal Cigna health insurance and this being a consumer award it kind of brings a live you know our commitment you know we've always looked at consumers by designing our production services so it kind of reinforces that commitment first of all thanks to product of the year for this award for the brand resource I protein today we are glad that consumers have voted and put their trust on this brand so so look forward to use the product of the Year logo – in their packaging in our any and in our campaign so that we reach out to more and more consumers and share this value proposition I think it's a fantastic achievement and we are really really very proud of it it's a great product and a great innovation come through years of research and we are really proud to have this award so it's a fabulous property it's been around for 11 years in India and it's also a global property and I believe is present in 40 countries and in today's day and age innovation is extremely important and this part of the year is not based on a jury decision but based on research and consumers in today's day and age if they can find differentiation like third out of the year it will help them make the decision at the shop shelf so I think it's a great property and be some more success in the future I think innovation is really key because now you know products are getting so homogeneous so similar they need to be differentiated creating ways of design getting table of ways of the experience of the product so you do need innovation to really have that differentiation from the competitors well it was a really fun fill compact evening got to meet interesting people got to see some innovative product categories so clearly you know I think what I liked about the event was that the product is came see you at the product of the Year awards 2020 for further details on entries log onto product of the air entry is now open

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