PRISM (2015) Award Winning Sci Fi Fantasy Short Film | Jackson Miller

fifty years ago the world in ruins fossil fuels exhausted the sky thick with the waste and fallout of an arrogant society then from the darkness emerges lumic or the shining savior of humanity a new discovery a method of turning color to energy with a plentiful source of power the city of prism is formed in society flourishes it's important to do your part to keep our city running a good citizen the prism pays their color tax those who refuse steal from us all follow the example of the heroic to saturate errs sign up today and keep our city shining damn have you been wrong again no Lars I'm relieved it would be very disappointing if a desaturate er was found to be stashing undeclared color in this time of great need you seem troubled I am fine Lars I will have to escort you to the tower tomorrow after we complete our collections so we uh we're done here fingerprints please of course Mumma Corp thanks you and remind you that your contributions power the city thank you that was our last collection for two man remind me never to create Marilu mix extractors towards any lower powered devices no new mexic structures beyond this point here reminder 12 require employees take great care appointments of strangers I was born you declare I swear I'm loyal I'm not a stature how can you fire me for that I paid all my debts no no welcome to luma core for a brighter tomorrow all thanks to our patented extraction process which converts color into the usable dan I must be frank with you your reports are well less than desirable what well last time I checked my desaturation rates were within the acceptable range this quarter yes your extraction rate is fine it's rather your outlook we're worried about my outlook you are a desaturation we are expected to relinquish all color assets as an example to our society hoarding color would constitute a breach in contract we're transferring you to the outer precincts what's the outer precincts nowhere is there a place that serves as a better reminder of the importance of what we do try to see this as a chance to enhance yourself dan oh and Dan this is the second time we've called you in there won't be a third you're free to go and Dan remember luma Corp is always by your side this will be our third attempts to collect for mr. Thompson department ID saturation please answer the door damn if he does not comply please be prepared to settle the debt sir if you don't answer the door I'm gonna have to force entry that would be a bit rash now wouldn't it hi I'm Dan Warren I'm with the department desaturation I know I know haven't seen you before you new here uh yeah well welcome so uh who's your friend I am a little bit assessment and reporting Sentinel very fancy sir you've been late on your contributions for two months now okay we can't let you keep living here without paying your cont I know I know I'm afraid you boys have cleaned me out you've searched my home twice already yeah well I'm sorry syrup I'm required to do so again all right come on in thank you marks misshaped Loomis campus are these yours yeah not what they used to be you should have seen him then now that one there this bench used to be the most exquisite read I was always very fond of that effect do you have any recent work no can't afford it packing pastels is worth more than gold nowadays what about charcoal oh not since Anna your wife yeah not much inspiration nowadays it's hard to be a painter when there's nothing worth painting Laurens detected she must be broken there are no faults in my machinery careful with that total lumen count is fifty thousand two hundred and seventy five and will satisfy the debt of sixteen thousand you are clear for desaturation this is more than enough to pay your debt disappear contributions for money don't care about the debt in accordance with prison law every citizen must pay their debt if cable ours remember Dan you are under assessment defying our duties now would be detrimental to your position in the company and your will be please don't dan don't do it sorry I mean I don't have a choice dan you must obtain the citizens identification if you don't do as I say I will have to report you Dan you've been given many chances I know about the pastels dear that you continue to draw right you are not fit to be my title of de-saturate you really think Edna I'll be coming after me I shouldn't have these den you continue to disappoint me I didn't think you capable of such violent behavior in accordance with lumic or regulation you are charged conspiring against the city of prison destruction of the Blue Boar property and Colour stashin I have no choice I'll to eliminate you stand down wash down I'm sorry you

  • My hard broke, this man lost his wife and put all his money in one last colored reminder of her and they destroy the only point of light in his life, the only piece of color that is left of his greatest love.

  • OK, i don't care how many critics liked this, but….i stopped it half way thru when i realized the narrative.
    Color is a specific wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum, and is REFLECTED off of surfaces, and is not a part of them….its the light that is composed of color, not the object.
    AND the simple fact that color doesn't actually exist and is just our brains interpreting what the eye sees when that wavelength of light hits it…….
    Lets put the "sci" back into sci-fi, please?

  • При накоплении общей массы инопланетного материала пусть даже поврежденного .даже есои это летательные обьекты … но по общей массе больше чем масса аварийной атомной электростанции проверить на возможность о ремонте атомных станции если общая ядерная физика другой планеты заглушит… эту…ядерную физику как постоянную величину … для ремонта или переход на другой вид топлива..надежда на то что на других орбитах в других планетах это вещество могло быть безвредным и не радиоактивной величиной…поэтому смотрю на пришельцев и знаю где они всей толпой могли бы помочь местным земляннам…но они все крутят про схождение благодатного огня .

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