President's Science and Technology Awards 2015

are in these the road to the future is a strategy challenge survival is involved innovation is it takes a lot of failure to have one success we have to support people as they take risks what we have is our human intellectual capital homegrown being a magnet for smart people from all over the world cotton Singapore so I started off in the drainage department and Walter was an urgent issue is a sense of survival in the early days of Singapore so we grew with a job and you become passionate in the book that you have been assigned to bring a young engineer you always feel you want to build bridges you want to build tall buildings you know not the loan comes but I came to know almost every drinking singapore we drew up the first water master plan for singapore which we still follow today you know we knew that they must come when we would be able to collect back every drop of water and we are looking for technologies that can cut down on the use of energy so that water will always be available affordable in sufficient quantity that's where r ND has to come in you know innovation is key to our ND how do we imitate nature so that we can produce the salted water at a minimum price in the last 20 years I work on membrane separation from water for energy and this auto feeder fishing membrane has been used in a new water to help singapore can remove virus okay and protect public health we also develop some nano filtration membrane which can remove heavy metal I have to give credit to Hydra without Hydrox I cannot initialize now we like to see can we commercialize a few more products bring the industry and university together first thing to work together as far as I consider a professor is to add value to the next generation I trained the student work till I believe my show up better than me so even one day I disappear my student oil accomplished you so we started from 2009 it was Patrick who brought us together really it's the notion of by being as a team you can move from good science to great site many of the Asian cancers that we study are caused by very specific exposures toxins infection AAA is a chemical that occurs in some plants their plants that are used in traditional medicines turns out that this a a chemical is a kidney toxin and because it damages DNA it strongly predisposes to cancer and then we're dealing with cancers that are really not dealt with adequately in Europe or the US but importantly some of the findings that we have made in the Asian cancers we can net them back and also contribute to the knowledge of Western cancer if you are interested in a career in science there is no better time to get into signs the entity we are hoping that our young scientists will develop the entrepreneurship and risk-taking attitude everyone has a one-lap we had to use effectively I want to do something accomplished something I add some value I have like some contribution I don't want be a so-so present you go to answer so what is it you want in life you know tell them we have a vision for the future and they can be part of that vision which is more than just the income that opinion you

  • One of the recipients, Patrick Tan, is President Tony Tan's son. It must have been funny for him to receive the award from his father.

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