President Trump to award Roger Penske with Presidential Medal of Freedom

and the presidential medal a to spoke to him we're going to be presenting the Presidential Medal freedom to roger penske like the Penske is a great gentleman who has won 18 Indianapolis 500 he's won just one Daytona me one day Daytona he won Indianapolis he won probably more than anybody in the history of racing I can't imagine anybody even being close but Roger Penske is going to be getting the Medal of Freedom and he's very thrilled to be getting it and that'll be announced over the next little while but I guess actually I'm announcing the putting something out he's very deserving he's a great gentleman I've known him a long time and a very brilliant guy when you think of all the countries that want to win Indianapolis and Daytona and they fight and they spend even Canada they spent a lot of money and they and you know when a man wins Indianapolis when he wins in eighteen times and he just won the Daytona and he won many things over the course of years and he's become a very successful man we talked about electric cars today I think nobody knows more about that subject in terms of common sense that Roger Penske self Roger Penske will be getting and receiving the Presidential Medal Field


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