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President Oscar shares his plans to promote Cardo | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Excuse me, Mr. President. I think this is the right time
to make your announcement. I think so too. Hello, everyone! May I have your
attention please! The president wants to give
an important announcement. You don’t have to stand up.
Please remain seated. First and foremost, I want to congratulate
Lola Flora and her family for the successful opening
of Flora’s Garden. Second, I want to thank
Task Force Agila. Thank you very much for the support
you’ve been giving to the government’s goal to eliminate all crime
in our country. I also want to
take this chance… to tell all of you here about the order I’ve issued… for the promotion of Police Senior Master Sergeant
Ricardo Dalisay. – Cardo! Cardo!
– Cardo! Cardo! – Idol!
– You’re the best! Cardo! Cardo! Cardo! Thank you very much,
Mr. President. Mr. President,
thank you very much for the trust you’ve given me
and Task Force Agila. And thank you very much
for the promotion. We promise not to let you down. We are with you
in all of your endeavors. Cardo! Cardo! Cardo! Cardo! Cardo! Cardo!


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