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President Oscar informs the masses about the bombing incident | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (WithEngSubs)

Hello? What’s the matter, Lily? I just wanted to
check up on you, Oscar. Are you okay? I’m still thinking about what
happened at Cardo’s place. I’m sure they’re already
investigating the matter. Don’t worry about it too much.
You might get sick again. By the way, I’ll give you
some of my multivitamins. You don’t have
to do that, Lily. I know you’re busy with
your businesses. Is there a busier job than being the president
of the Philippines? You have so much
on your plate already. Then this had to happen too. I’m worried, Oscar. I want to go there to you. It’s up to you, Lily. Thank you. I wonder what this is about. – The President’s here.
– Mister President! Please, settle down. You might already know that someone attempted
to take my life again. They also attempted to kill our National Security Advisor,
Secretary Delfin Borja, my Chief of Staff,
Secretary Diana Olegario, and Police Captain
Edwin Salonga. Aside from that,
some members of Task Force Agila
were also put in danger, including their
family, friends, and civilians who only
wanted to celebrate with us. Thankfully, we were saved by a certain courageous
police officer. He’s Police Senior Master
Sergeant Ricardo Dalisay. He’s also the leader
of Task Force Agila. Sir! A question, Mr. President! Mr. President, do you
already know the culprit, and their motive for throwing
that grenade at you? There are many possible
angles to the incident. An enemy of the government
could’ve done it, or maybe they don’t like that Task Force Agila
has been successful on every mission so far. But like what I’ve said, we’ll do everything
we can to solve this. Thank you very much. Sir! Mr. President!
A follow-up question! Sir! Just a follow-up
question, please! Sir! Sir! We will give updates to
General dela Cruz. Let’s try to our best
to capture this culprit, and present him to the
President. Understood? Yes, sir! Okay, adjourned. We still have to go to Dalisay’s oath taking
and donning of ranks. What’s the problem? Sir, Dalisay will be a Captain
once the ceremony’s done. He skipped a lot of ranks. We know Dalisay applied for
lateral entry and he passed. That’s why he was promoted
to Police Lieutenant. But Sir, how about his
promotion to Captain? Achievements. Sir, just one more rank, and he’ll be a major
just like you. I don’t see anything
wrong with that. We’re all a team. We’ll cooperate with
Task Force Agila regardless of our ranks.
Understood? Yes, sir.


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