President of Poland Awards Medal to Kazakh Citizen

polish president NJ Duda awarded the courage and Brotherhood medal to Kazakh citizen passing by Abdulkareem off and an official ceremony in Warsaw Polish president Awards people who saved the Polish citizens the sea by Abdulkareem of helped the Polish family of Yablonski during the years of deportation despite the old age the Gaza held a continuous licking after the graves of the poles in his region it is very important to share these good deeds and celebrate them a Cossack citizen was the first to be awarded with a medal I was very touched by his speech it is a sign of gratitude from the Polish people and Poland the sabayon Valentin became friends in 1952 and they overcome many difficulties together the continued communicating after the Yablonski family left for Poland and the meeting the two men could not hold back their tears according to Valentin Yablonski he was very ill when he arrived in Kazakhstan this is when the 16-year old Tessa boy came to his rescue I'm so thin and sick when we first met they brought me food and us aware was from my health began to recover thanks to these people I would like to thank does he buy any Kazakh people I remember the taste of the Kazakh traditional drink miss and the Kazakh style meat I want to visit Kazakhstan and write a book about my experience there really mean you take care go which in turn a go-go Valentin started helping the local people after recovering as a professional doctor he has become a medical assistant he travelled to various villages and learned the Kazakh language a kiss I am conscious what Stein know to be Ricky was taught the best LTJG sex talks on eternal indirect Marcia apart thirty-five-year-old passerby Abdulkareem of didn't expect to meet his old friend many years later the kazakh elder also did not anticipate they who receive an award in warsaw from the president of poland is award is for all the Kazakh people we are strong open-minded and are always willing to help therefore we helped others a lot Valentin will remain in my heart forever there are many types of friends however I believe that we are true friends and have gone through a lot together I love my friend with all my heart passerby has worked as an agronomist all his life he raised nine children and is a great example for them the friendship between the Kazakh and the pole will be remembered by many generations to come

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