President Donald Trump Gives Creator Of Failed Economic Theory The Medal Of Freedom | All In | MSNBC

thing one tonight we now know the Trump tax cuts were a scam they did not deliver on any of the benefits they promised except for wealthy people and corporations now that's not exactly surprise all Republican tax cuts going back to three Gandara are basically designed to do this all of them based on the same economic model from 1970s the so-called Laffer curve it's the idea that basically says you can increase revenue by cutting taxes and it's been proven not to work over and over and over again but that did not stop Donald Trump from giving art Laffer creator of the Laffer curve the Presidential Medal of Freedom yesterday the now famous Laffer curve still a very very highly respected economic curve really one of the best curves I just a legendary curve but did laugher get that medal because Trump really respects his curve or was it maybe for something a bit more recent that's thing 2 in 60 seconds economist art Laffer came up with his famous Laffer curve back in 1974 it was something he did a lot more recently that may have been his greatest achievement because it's perhaps the thing that really brought him to this moment many presidential matter of freedom was placed around his neck Trump Atomics a book he wrote with Kudlow and Steven Moore about how smart Trump's policies are which are of course their policies I've heard and studied the Laffer curve for many years the Wharton School of Finance it's very important thing that you've done are very important very important though I don't think Trump studied it the Wharton School Finance Trump was a student there in the 60s laugher came up with curve in the 70s he heard about it from the feller ferris bueller movie in the 80s art drew on his napkin a series of lines and a curve that changed history with the now famous Laffer curve still a very very highly respected economic curve does anyone know what Vice President Bush called this in 1980 anyone something do Oh economics voodoo economics hey there are Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

  • Why is MSNBC not reporting on this? … Did you know that the U.S. debt clock reads … $22.3 Trillion in the red/debt … that is … $68,050 per American, and $182,245 per tax payer …

  • The Michelson–Morley experiment was an experiment to find out if aether, the galactic intermediate of light, existed

    yet we find those guys revolutionary in science, because more people jumped on the bandwagon to find the truth, that's what's happening here, a failed study, proven bad by facts, is a good expansion on the theory in economics… that's why it's "important"

  • Lets see, the last five democratic presidents reduced the debt; and one even had a balanced budget. The last five republican presidents, increased the debt and this buffon has already added $2 trillion. Now they want your social security and as George Carlin's said, "and you're going to give it to them". How much longer???

  • Let’s just pretend that failure means success? If we keep denying Gravity, our Trolls will do all the work, trying to prove us right . . . Smh

  • Also another look inside #trumps irrational state of mind, claiming to have studied it before it existed! Imo Laurie

  • And… The medal of freedom quickly loses its value. He's giving them out like candy these days. He gives them to athletes he likes (Tiger Woods, really?) or people who donate to his campaign or help his businesses. Can we just call it what it is? Another abuse of power. Bribery? Quid pro quo? Definitely a conflict of interest.

  • “Hey! I got the Medal of Freedom!

    “Wow! What an honor for you”

    “Yeah, Trump gave it to me”

    “Oh, ok”

  • 🤣🤣🤣
    This steaming pile of Trump speaks for itself. A more small minded moron in the WH we have never seen. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Don't worry you can Trust MSNBC they have no agenda! They like Trump! FAKE NEWS! Working hard everyday to divide America!

  • Suppose you wanted to destroy a nation. How might you go about it?
    Well, for starters, you could flood their lands with millions of people of another race.
    Then you could encourage people to assimilate and mix together until there were no more people of the original race left.
    Then you could call anyone "racist" who objected to any of this, and get them fired from their jobs.
    Have you noticed something? This is exactly what is happening to White people in White countries right now.
    Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Donald Trump gangster president .Golem Jewish Folklore. a figure artificially constructed in the form of a human being and endowed with life.
    a stupid and clumsy person; blockhead.

  • God Trump's pathetic, the perfect avatar for his base. Weird, dumb as lump of dough and self important. What a strange way for America to go out, like a desperate, has been actor, humiliating themselves on reality tv and destined for a lonely trailer park overdose.

  • This man has almost single handed destroyed the entire middle and lower classes with his 'voodoo economics or Reganomics'. And sadly, it should NOT take a mental heavyweight to figure out if you have very little tax monies coming in and the government continues to spend then you get deficits. The middle and lower classes have been the primary supporters of the government and now, well now we just cannot do it anymore, we are broke. While the wealthy have continued to dramatically increase their wealth and pay next to no taxes. Mr. Laffer is to be thanked along with the Republican party and the wealthy elites for the American deficit.

  • Fact: You can definitely increase revenue for big banks, corporations and the most wealthy by cutting their taxes. Republicans have proven it time and time again.

  • "Voodoo economics". Also known as "fuzzy math."
    The Trump "presidency" is like the guy who keeps slapping himself in the face…
    "Why are you doing that?" his friend asked.
    "Because it feels so much better when I stop."
    Imagine how much better we'll all feel when Trump is finally stopped.

  • TRUMP studied? I doubt he's ever read a book, or actually done homework, he's too lazy. Just another lie from Don the con.

  • Donald Trump has timed out.
    The server at www.DonaldsCrazyTalk is taking too long to respond.
    Donald Trump could be temporarily unavailable or busy spilling out a humdinger on twitter. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s bs detector thing setting.
    If your computer or network refuses to accept just one more lie, you may be out of luck and no longer be permitted access to Donalds Crazy Talk.

    If you feel that this message reached you in error, it probably did…I mean…I am sorry and all…

  • Here's a medal for you, and here's a medal for you, and you and you, oh and here's a bunch of pardons that just fell out of my pant leg.

  • The whole time MSNBCannibals has been airing their propaganda , they never reported on the ECONOMIC HATE CRIMES committed against the American people by government like CHINA! MSNBCannibals ignored the national debt spiralling out of control the whole time they have been in business MSNBC Class Action Lawsuit for Consumer Fraud INCOMING!

  • A failed investor/businessman (even when starting with hundreds of millions and an inherited empire in booming economic times) gives a failed economist a reward for being a failure like him. And they are both too dim to see the glaring irony.

  • Thing 1: without Pelosi PROTECTING Trump, Impeachment Hearings would be happening by now. Thing 2: what does Trump have on her? You have a job to do.

  • I know every statistic says cuting taxes works. But I'm gonna sit her and lie. Because my over lords told me to

  • Why is it that even for something as simple as this, t'rump has to lie about having learned about this failed economist when he was in school?
    It's almost as if his lying is – what's the word I'm looking – pathological. 🤔
    And like he ever went to any classes at Wharton. 😃😄😆

  • Well, can’t deny data. 66% of Americans got the tax cut. Economy is in best state in years. Unemployment is low. Trumps doing great. Gonna be hard for dems to convince people that raising their taxes will benefit them. Especially those working class Americans. #Trump2020

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