Premier Oscar Mabuyane to deliver his first State of the Province Address

Eastern Cape residents will today expect premier Oscar mob we are need to deliver a concise action plan that will speak to the eradication of poverty in the province Mariana will deliver his maiden state of the province address in the provincial legislature in be sure and this at a time when rural communities want clear plans on how to revive agriculture and benefit from the oceans economy younger for nonny compiled this reporter : – agent can done it touching the Indian Ocean here people work the land and the ocean to make a living the people from Cola Honda premiered to deliver plans about developing areas like theirs to create more jobs reminding I tell my walk away afraid I'd let the government to build factories for us and assist us to get licenses to fish in order for us to make a living and alleviate poverty as a fully my last one we don't want money we just want assistance in farming with tools because we want to feed our families the reason people don't farm is because they do not have the resources to do so this topics will be addressed by map we are named the oceans economies linked to all the key sectors because out of that you talk in manufacturing you're talking skills development the agricultural part of it is the fishing and by making sure that people in the ocean communities they benefit from the the endowments that are there so you talk about how government works together provincial national and local government to help those communities have licenses Nibbana is expected to outline now the automotive agriculture and manufacturing sectors will create jobs harbors to be a percent of that economic activity is London is one of the ports that is involved with almost all sectors of our economy we have the agricultural sector with our grain products and export of kettle we involved in the mining industry we've previously exported coal and it could be on the cards again for Sonnen manufacturing the manufacturing industry automotive Eastern Cape is the highest unemployment rate in the country at more than 37 percent young fo nanny a CBC News in the Eastern Cape

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