Prayers for Oscar, Angie, and the kids at the border | Wednesday, June 26 at 10:00 – 10:30 EST

good morning everyone today to me is a very sad day and I would like to send my condolences to Oscar and Angie's family the father and daughter that were found and in the Rio Grande River you know I've been doing YouTube for a year and a half I think probably a little more and so I know and there are people in the chat right now I am sure have been watching me for a long time so you know I don't play with this gift having said that I feel like saying ask her Frost screaming the name of his daughter Angie and hoping that somehow he would be able to save her and her mom at least she would survive unfortunately neither one of them did and that's all I am going to say about this but you know and there is always a reason for everything I know this is very sad and you know it means something I can I am an immigrant as well it could have been my dad because my father did everything he could for my family and I'm gonna release a video today that has a little something to do with this how I felt growing up any protected as he left the country to come here it could have been him crossing over your grand so he could have been my father as well that's how I see this in any way yeah I just wanted to pass my condolences to their family okay today's Wednesday Mara is going to testify I am sure we all knew it's it's nothing new yes it took a subpoena for him to appear but he will and I feel after that things are going to take a different turn so and I have heard some people on TV saying that this is not gonna change anything I don't believe that's true I feel some of those journalists APRA it's like you know defeatism it's like as if trump is invulnerable nothing is going to change how those who support him feel there's a core group like I have always said that and no matter what they're not going to leave him even the picture that that's all over the news today I'm not gonna get into it again because I'm gonna be honest with you it's tough for me to see it and yes I feel that picture is gonna make a big difference and I don't know if everyone feels that way there is a sensation of a noose tightening because right now drop has the immigration issue plus the incident that happened with the Oscar and Angie he's fighting with China I'm in the type of situation that's what I mean he's Pro trying to provoke Iran and Iran is not going to back down that because they feel they're strong what he can beat us but that's the culture that's the video and he is giving Congress ultimatum they have to do things by a certain day you know this is the most dangerous time for drop I don't think he understands that because he's been doing the job for two years with no understanding of what he doesn't know and I feel intuitive Lee that's what evangelized I you know and some people and his base they'll love it you know he's a strong man the guy's a coward you simply have to say boo and he'll run the other way no one has done it yet Nancy Pelosi have come close but I feel it's a matter of time and I feel after Molly's testimony this is going to take a whole new turn in any event what the point I was trying to make is he thanks he understand and he knows everything since he knows his way around the mansion the White House okay he thinks everything is the same way he has a whole bunch of other video bunch of people did not you know I read something I didn't read the article because I did not have a chance this morning and it stated that Trump has been looking for loyalists and he has gotten a bunch of incompetent people so because competent people who did not they don't they don't have to put up with his lies or standing and defending him every day so only those like he put into an temporary positions are gonna put up with his attitude it feels like to me because they would never be in that position if it wasn't because of someone like Trump in any event as I am looking at all those things that up swirling around Trump it feels it feels like to me like it knows is tightening and this is June and I know a prediction was to for February March that's when things really started getting my prediction for Trump to leave office was February March but it feels like that's when things started getting bad as we know that's when the impeachment talk started swirling around and the top of Mulder ending these investigations among a whole bunch of other things and the astrologer that I referred everyone to I forget his name I'm sorry you only has one video and I watched it it's sacked with some other stuff well he says there are the things that I have been saying since last March but I stumbled on him I don't remember exactly but a couple of months ago and I put legs in my video about what I saw I mean to point it out to video to all of you and he mentioned June if I recall because I've not watched you know it in a while would be critical and a couple of others as well and John is here and there are a lot of things swirling around Trump besides and you know number of investigations that I got going around I feel like saying it's not going to get better and like I have said before I know it doesn't seem possible and he's going around putting that same front that I have been telling everyone don't let it you know don't go for it don't believe it it's only a front that we may just wake up one day and he decides to leave because starting July 17th I mean before that I'm so Congress is gonna have a couple of other people testify but the mother the 17th is really gonna mark a turning point to me and to Italy speaking so and that gentleman and that video with the astrologer he said June and I said February March but look time is very difficult to tell going forward things are not gonna get easier it doesn't matter what from tiles that's how looking at this feels like to me and that picture and that lady what used him of raping her 20 years ago all these things I'm not going to be put back the media is gonna keep talking about these things they're not going to recede in the background so among all the things that are gonna be coming out and I someone a lady post a comment about the coming week coming weeks being tough for Trump and the lunar eclipse that's going to take place I believe in July I don't remember the date it's have so much to remember remember the dates and she and I forced a comet as what she says and I with her a lot of Secrets are gonna come out so to all of you I feel like saying hang in there I know a lot of you are being stressed and asking and those poor kids are still suffering in the border not until there's a much of more understand July 13th all these things I change it the energy runs from is changing and things are sticking it that he's used to trying to change the subject and project onto other people what he is feeling or how he is I feel all those things are catching up right now we may not feel it but he is very much on the defensive at least that's how he he feels and I feel like saying the head of July it's going to be critical for from I am not sure if he is going to decide to quit that we have to remember there are a bunch of Republicans otherwise this guy would have been gone they're a bunch of Republicans in the background that's what's keeping from going the Jim Jordans of this world and Graham and Merrill all it gets all these guys we have to remember they are in the background the other ones talking to drop every day and encouraging him not to leave but I feel and totally speaking by the end of July their voices will start to become an effective crappie all he already knows that if he loses the election him and his family are toast so he's going to do everything he's a desperate man at this point in those days potential for him given everything he knows he's done there is potential for him to learn in jail so he's going to do we're gonna see desperation if we think he's desperate now what's the end of July it's really gonna get bad and also the people around him they have a list of things that he can do to distract us I don't feel he's going to attack Iran but he will stop feed off the lashing of people countries and leaders just to distract us I hope to news media stays focused and don't fall for it because after Muller things are really gonna get sticky that's the way I am feeling this and I want to bring this up because I read it this morning right before I came on every truck was complaining to somebody I only read the title in it and I skimmed through the article a woman spat on him while he was in Arizona or something like that what came to mind after his father leaves office is you know wish women keep spitting on him because life is gonna get very tough if I were him I wouldn't complain about a little spit right now it's gonna get really worse in any event my prediction is after mother and August you know July August anything can happen the only people that can keep from going how do Republicans otherwise there's gonna be enough for him to run away right now he's he doesn't know what to do but things are gonna get so bad he may just who may just wake up one morning and decide he decides it's not worth it even if it means once he leaves he may have to go to jail it's gonna be that bad because he's not gonna be able to handle everything that's gonna come out that's my intuitive impressions of what I feel is coming for Trump oh the the the phrase I read I believe it was from the Washington Post Trump demands subservience and gets incompetence that's the phrase I was trying to but I I hope I get I gave the gist of what I was trying to say in any event and also with fair I read somewhere the reason why I'm saying this because I think it's all part of the energy that's changing around Trump the company will fare that sell furniture the employees are gonna go and strike this morning because they sold beds to the companies that are supposedly housing those kids on the border so they're gonna go out on strike today and the reason why I bring that up is because I've said months ago people would start marching and that's basically what they're going to do go out and protest protest and I feel that's I still fear what I said is going to happen in the 13th the 13th of July is gonna make a big impact as well okay this is all I wanted to to say today let me see if you have questions okay it's time I'm sorry if I'm out of a little bit out of it this morning because that picture I'm trying to get it out of my mind it's it's somebody is asking why did Russia sent several hot second Oh Sammy is asking why did Russia sent naval ships warships to Cuba you know Putin is getting a little overconfident it feels like to me but this is nothing new Sammy Russia I used to do it more often but now that you know because Trump is very weak and they know Trump is not going to do anything because job is not popular so Putin is pushing his luck basically that's what's happening but if we had a president who was respected and let's say for example Obama although Obama was not a war monger and but he stood up to Putin okay we don't have that now so Putin is trying to take advantage of the situation and also we don't know and I've been saying this for a long time now what is said between Trump and Putin we don't know what the deals are and I know there are deals okay because Trump wants his family to be the richest family in the world and to be better than the Kennedys that's his goal him being president has nothing to do with governing the country and being a good American and a good citizen it's just when he says those things those are empty words so that's why Putin is going to Q you know I didn't know about the ships going to view by this is news to me but that's why he sent planes okay capable of carrying nuclear weapons to Venezuela okay so it's the same feeling to me he's getting he knows what the conversation between him and Shope is he's making a mistake because you know Trump is president true but shrimp has people who has to check on his power and the things that he does but Wilson doesn't understand that Putin was hoping that Trump would change our form of government and to something that him and she have in their respective countries it's not gonna happen yes things are very tough for us right now and I'm and my opinion has failed to deliver and totally speaking when I touch with Trump yes he annoyed me and I know he's passing certain information secret information that we have to Putin ordered geopolitical deals all these thing have failed and it's not going to work so Putin is just trying to do the best he can right now to take advantage of certain things because he knows chop is not going to go on board not stand up to him that's basically it I don't feel that I mean there is much more once we change administration yeah and if it is and I think it will be did Kamala by then Warren and if it is Seth Moulton yeah hi this guy III I don't I'm not sure if he's making if he's gonna be on stage tonight I believe he didn't make the cut but he would make a good president as well he would stand up to Putin yeah and he's been to war he would not go and play the games that Schwab is playing so I mean all the others are capable as well that's you know I can't I wish I could rattle all the 20 names that are gonna be running for president I'm gonna be honest I can't so that's but yeah most of them can do it job and I think little bit walking would do great job to a great job too unfortunately they can't all be President it's you know it's gonna be one okay that's he's saying GOP cares about themselves that's that's for sure but you know what I was thinking about that this morning and I was going to forget to mention it the Republicans are gonna pay a price for this it may not be tomorrow but that party it's gonna shrink and I don't feel they're gonna remain in power they're gonna go back like they were in the eighties if I recall okay they couldn't win elections okay so it's gonna go back to that cycle because of what the short-sighted ways they are doing things now you know McConnell and all these people yeah and somebody was talking the beginning to uncover or blaming McConnell for some of drops behaviors because I've used the heat olive its drop absolutely because his wife works for the administration Trump didn't do that because he loved you know he thought McConnell's wife would do a great job know that was able to manipulate the situation and they both went for it because they they are into power and money that's what it is so the Republican Party will pay a price for the tort of the way they are behaving today it's coming remember when it's on video so when a couple of years from now we can repair those videos and see okay let's see four more questions Latricia is asking is he going to worry about with Putin troubles already were bad because everything I mean I'm saying this intuitively I don't have any proof right now but I'm sure you know if we look at look what Trump's attitude let's say for example when he was in Europe and he was saying well Putin told me he didn't matter in our elections and I don't see any reason why he would if we look at the way he behaved when he was around Putin okay it's easy to tell but and the eyes of Putin he has failed Trump knows all the plans that they had and I said that on Twitter right before I started my posting video on YouTube that Trump's plan was to have Russians visiting him at the White House and have Russian gods as opposed to our Secret Service to watch him as I security okay I thought that was a crazy thing but sure enough the first people who were at the White House the Russian prior ambassador and minister of something I don't remember his name or whatever his title is so Putin knows that the plan is that it can't be executed and Trump and he knows Trump has failed and Trump knows as well it's not gonna happen so forget this in any event let me look for more questions Thank You Pat for helping me today I appreciate it you know there's a lady I like that next time I scream I have to mention her name she somehow was able to my Twitter subscribers or followers I'm sorry much but Twitter followers what was increased by 100 yesterday a nice lady help me and I don't remember her name right now I do know who she is when I go through the comment it's my comment section and I did copy the page I want to thank her for for her help and I am going to start announcing on Twitter more often when I meet alive or when I post a video but I wanted to say thank you to that lady for I've been on Twitter for a long time but I've been more active the past couple of years was mom more than couple of years since Trump announced that he was going to run for president and yes I am a member of the resistance so thank you for that I've been there for so long and that's never had in one day 100 subscribers so I was impressed okay look for more questions okay let's see Jannetty say Trump is making be best looks ridiculous isn't that something Melania would that be best stuff IIIi oh then get me going on that it's ridiculous let's put it that way you're right it's ridiculous Janet okay that's a great question Ian is asking when William will borrow his eye or will he be ousted you know I feel Elstad is more like it because after the 17th of July things are gonna be in flux and Trump is not gonna be very happy and the reason why I said he's going to be ousted is because I had a vision of somebody of BA and his office see I'm sitting behind his desk and somebody you wish behind grab him by the collar collar shut the car off the collar of his shirt and picked him up okay so I feel he'll be ousted and I feel Mahler will you know would answer the questions I feel sorry for him because it's gonna be a long day okay but after that things are going to take a whole different turn so mother's all look very good after the 17th and Trump is gonna be pissed off because Trump is gonna feel that Bart can no longer protect him and he's not gonna have any use football so but I wouldn't be surprised well you know what I'll stick and take many forms so even you may think he resigned or at first you may think he resigned but it's because things are happening and they are out of control again don't over control them and then he quits but it's because he's getting so much blowback from Trump and his psycho fans so it can take that form as well I just wanted to make sure okay let's see oh my god time went by fast am i saying she's so angry with the Democrats running for president when we desperately need to get the Senate the ones that are have wanted represent Velma you know and III a few months ago I predicted June would be a turning point some of them a gonna drop out okay if they don't break through tonight and tomorrow those who don't make it and you know did not in the news or they have comments about them are not so positive some of them will drop out so but don't get angry Thelma it's not worth it this is this has to take its course so don't let it get to you I'm trying not to let it I mean I don't let it get to me the only thing that got to me is today that picture got to me that I can't lie about that okay what about Dutch banking really sang did the documents Dutch bank is under investigation they're gonna get in trouble but these things are gonna take so long okay yes the documents will come out and I've said that before all those documents will be aired out that's why I keep saying I don't see how Trump is going to manage from that the summer I mean through the summer okay and mother testifying this thing is going to be a blockbuster that I can the way I'm seeing this it's gonna be very very hard as I said the the the variables are the gem Jordan gram and these people are going to continue to encourage Trump to stay in power but that too is going to be meaningless to Trump because he's gonna start concentrating more on what's gonna happen to him right now he he thinks about it but he still feels that he can get get out of it but it's gonna be black and white by the end of July the Eclipse I have not I'm yes I didn't look that look at the chart but I don't remember exactly I did it last week it's not looking look at things are not looking good for Trump since I don't need a chart to do readings I hope you forgive me so because I'm comfortable doing it like this it doesn't matter but yes things are gonna get difficult for Trump going forward it's been difficult but you have all these people in the background encouraging him to stay hang on don't go it will you know we're gonna we're gonna stand with you it's no longer going to matter after this month okay everyone thank you very much for spending the past half-hour with me and for your support I am sure we're gonna have breaking news between now and Saturday I will come on for 15 minutes the usual deal and give you my intuitive impressions have a great day please keep Oscar and ng in your prayers I will do the same and I will see you between tomorrow or Friday I'm sure I'll be on because we're gonna have more breaking news have a great day bye

  • Thank you Milo for an insightful program. Peeps need to hang on for the ride in July. RIP to those who have paid the ultimate price to bring this border atrocity to our attention. No time to quit now.

  • The great orange one will walk away . He will boast that it was his choice and that it will make him look good in his mind of course, to his base. When will the people of his base "GET WOKE". He has done nothing to better the people of America. He has embarrassed his country, lied at every turn, alienated allies, fraternized with dictators in order to ride their coat tail shadows thinking he can be like them. NO, the wiser of Americans won't let that happen .RISE UP WITH INTELLIGENCE NOT IGNORANCE . Blessings, condolences and prayers to Omar and Angies family. Continued love and light to you Milou and thank you for this reading.

  • Milou, I was just thinking about Eric Trump being in Chicago and a wait staff person spat on him. You are absolutely correct when you said, this is only the beginning and how it will get worst for them. This is nothing but Karma. For everything Donald J Trump has done. Including the lies he has told about President Barack Obama. His entire family is going to get their comeuppances.

  • Yes it is sad😭😭😭😭😭. Heck Milou…Trump is also incompetent. I know some people I once thought were wonderfully caring, and intelligent folks. I mean great jobs, money, loving. All of that flew out the window when we differed on who Trump was. The husband is yet defending Trump while claiming love for my family. I have a very different opinion, of them and there is very little contact anymore. Who actually are they and who have they always been? Is it just partisanship or do they hold his views which are at times horrid. How many friendships have been destroyed? Do we find our way back…do we even want to? It is a thing to ponder.🤨🤨🤨.

  • That nasty person the new ice director he says he can look into The eyes of the chilldren and predict who will join the terrorist group. Is he mentally unfit. Surely. No normal person would say things like that.

  • Thank u Milou for this emotional heartbreaking live reading 😞💞🙏🙏 the whole disgusting corrupt heartless cheeto dynasty & minions should be in Orange called Jumpsuits in Cages called Cells in a Detention Center called Prison & off to Disneyland called Rikers Island 👍😂👊😂✌😂👌😂🌠🗽🇺🇸🍻

  • Hello Milou. Blessings 2 U. There is a 2 yr old boy missing in Virginia. I feel there is something suspicious about this situation. I'm praying 4 the child's return. I wish I had a gift like U. I love kids and I would like 2 help the police in locating missing persons. Thank U 4 all your kindness and encouragements 2 your loyal fans. Keep up the good work.

  • I feel so sad for them.he better not blame it on the dems.he is so cold and uncaring.kick him to the curb.

  • I’m trying so hard not to feel hateful towards trump and all those allowing this to go on. I can only hope karma comes back to them x10.

  • Linda G spoke with Oscar. Although he and Angie are safely on the other side, I physically feel the pain of the mother. Gods blessing to them all. Thank you for readings, Milou. Blessings. 🤗 p.s > you are right on re trump. He has the typical mind of a power rapist. So, what's coming next is very ugly.😨

  • Anyone not ashamed to be American…omfg. we are the worst of the worst. Let's call it like it is: YouNazi States of Torture.

  • The Mueller Report outlines the Russian plan to derail our elections and Hack into the DNC accounts and emails! As a citizen of the USA, I believe it is my duty to comprehend why our government is in it's current state. Very clearly written! Let us all read. !!!!!

  • Follow-up news about Wayfair (furniture) and the walkout: due to pressure, the company, while not stopping the sale of beds to migrant detention centers, will be donating $100,000 to the Red Cross. Pressure can work!

  • Can we look into the hearings on the hatch act with Kelly Anne Conway. They passed impeachment for her I think the vote was 25 yays and 16 nays. It was on cspan. I watched it today.

  • WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS! I am so sick and ashamed of my country .This is exactly why I have given up on churches I choose to believe the God in my heart and my soul

  • Thank you Milou. What's happening on the Southern border is tragic, the loss of this papa and his baby girl, heartbreaking and I hope not in vain. But, I agree with you that everything happens for a reason. Bisous de la France

  • A month ago I blocked a nephew on facebook who posted a video of Clinton back in the day c/o immigrants in a speech. I replied to them that I'd thought they were humane but would have to re-think that. They [niece and nephew now] replied that the law was the law and rules are rules. I replied 'Not if it's Trump or McConnell it would seem.' Since children have been abused now per Trump's policies it is so very so. And as McConnell is still blocking all laws passed by the house that continues also. I love it when my own intuitive abilities are spot on. Then another relative butted in with that if I cared about immigrants I needed to go get a family to support. I replied that immigrants had been paying my social security for all these years And then they replied that there were old people at the border coming for my social security Now really, do you know that many 65 year olds or older that can trek 1000 miles to get to our border? These republicans don't make a bit of sense. Also, you have to pay in to draw social security. They haven't. McConnell is a bigger threat to my social security. Republicans are so ugly.

  • Missing the chats this week while on vacation but seeing them aftewards. Mueller will be a real eye opener for those Trump supporters.

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