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Popular Movies at the Oscars, Boris Johnson’s Burqa Remarks & Crime-Fighting Cattle | The Daily Show

Big news coming out of Hollywood
as the Oscars are planning to focus more on movies
that people actually watch. Changes are coming
to the Oscars. The awards show is adding
a popular film category. Movies that becomes
box office hits often nab awards
in technical categories, but the new category
creates more opportunities for fan favorites
to be recognized. Organizers also say
next year’s Oscars will be more globally
accessible. Thank you, Academy. Thank you. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Artsy movies are great,
but, like, in theory, right? When I watch the Oscars,
I want to see Tom Cruise, right? Not some schlub in a rented tux who challenged the way we think
about solitude. I want to see action. And here’s my opinion. If they want to appeal
to viewers, they should just add
more than one new category. Like, I want to see
Best Illegally Downloaded Movie. All right?
I want, like, real categories. Like, we need, like,
Hottest Chris. I want, like, the Oscar for the Best White Person
Playing a Minority. That’s what I want to see. And then the Oscar
for Best Meryl Streep. That’s what we want.
That’s what we want. Spice it up. In other news, if you think
Donald Trump has problems with Muslim women,
wait until you hear what British politician
Boris Johnson said this week. Boris Johnson set out
to criticize Denmark for banning burkas in a recent column
for The Telegraph, but instead, he became
the subject of scrutiny himself after insulting
the women who wear them. Johnson said,
among other things… (reading): What? You know what’s crazy
about this story is that he said that
while criticizing Denmark for banning the burka. Like, he was like,
“How dare you target “these mailbox-looking people? “You guys need to work
on your tolerance, you… “What, what, now I’m in trouble? Oh, oh, I see.
I see what happened.” Damn, Boris. Like, the guy probably had
one bad experience putting a letter
inside a woman with a burka, and now he’s trying
to play it off like we all get them confused. And also, just by the way, maybe Boris Johnson
isn’t the best person to be criticizing
the way other people look. All right? Like, maybe
he should be wearing a burka. Like, what’s going on
over there? Look at this guy. He looks like
he just got out of the shower but somehow it made him dirtier.
That’s what he looks like. Like, Boris Johnson looks like
if Donald Trump drank. That’s what he looks like. He looks like if Owen Wilson was
addicted to meth and chocolate. That’s what he looks like. All right, moving on. And I do mean “moo-ving” on. You’ll-you’ll understand
in a second. Police in Florida
got some unexpected help corralling a suspect
after a stolen car chase there. Check this out.
Helicopter footage from the Seminole County
sheriff’s office shows the car crashing
into a ditch Sunday night. Look closely.
The officers capture the driver before he can run very far. Meanwhile, a herd of cows goes
after the fleeing passenger. OFFICER (over radio):
Southeast of you, um… actually, a large group
of cows is following her. REPORTER: The cows rushed
and herded the woman to a nearby dirt road. Deputies were waiting
to arrest her. I think this says more about
Florida than anything else. Things are so crazy there,
even the cows are like, “Well, someone’s got
to do something. We’ve got to do something.” And of course,
everyone thinks it’s cute when those cows chase
that suspect down, but when I chase down criminals
at night dressed as a cow, oh, no, Trevor’s
a dangerous vigilante terrorizing this fair city. I mean, I don’t actually know
who Cowman is, but whatever his intentions are,
I think they’re pretty good.


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