• It's extremely unfortunate. a live was lost, but in that moment it has happened before to an officer where he thought he had his taser but grabbed his gun instead. Before u judge walk a mile one day in a officers day. Sad situation all around.

  • You cant god damm tell me that he was holding a teaser gun the real gun must be heavy and the reason they had him down was he said you cant put us in jail!!!! Omg i hope that police guy get his lesson one day!!!

  • @ssn708 oh my gosh are u really that's retarded to say that this was grants fault the cops called him racial slurs abused him you must be white and a very retarded , I can't even coup with how u are so blinded by your reality wow go to any event you would see this type of this behavior to a black man ……………. I am 11 and my name is Quadir I am black and proud

  • May that police officer go to hell
    Just watched the movie I was crying and I dont get emotionnal a lot so yeah hope he goes to hell

  • Theyre everywhere now, those half glove wearing over testosteroned alpha assholes im so fucking tired of day the ppl in this country will have had enough..

  • NAZI USA!! FUCK U GOD DAMN SHEEP!! GED RID OF YOUR NAZI GOVERNMENT!! Stop invading the WORLD !!wake up u fkin stupid hearding sheeps!!

  • Only If the victim were White and shot by police, surely got at-least life sentence but the shooter killed the innocent Black man and got out within 11 months,…justice, huh ya….

  • Lol look up his record Mrsbreezzybrii, he was a felon. If he wasn't shot that night he would have probably just robbed or killed someone later down the road. That officer did us a favor and probably saved a life 🙂

  • He was a fucking felon! Who gives a shit about this guy. Its a shame that locked the officer up, but I'm sure he's doing well.

  • this is fuckn crazy yo like why the fuck would you even reach for a fuckn tazer known the man is restraint why the fuck is that then to be an officer you should know the mother fuckn difference between a tazer and a fuckn handgun dumb son of a bitch you did it on purpose and your a fucking racist all those fuckn cops were white why is it that dumb fucking basterd

  • It's disgusting that this is even suggested but it's true. If the police can do something like this in public imagine what they do behind close doors. smh

  • @NEONNEVADA Whites need to stop hiding behind a computer!!! If you really feel this way about people tell them to their face. Racism will send you directly to hell, unless you repent of your wickedness you will burn in fire!!!


    Dude I'm whiter than a ghost and I'd take a bullet any day for my African friends, racism is so 19th century, wake up and spell the peace bro.

  • @akilakabaybrotha Was Johanness shooting Oscar Grant for 23 months? Was Michael Vick fighting dogs for 23 months on accident? It's you people that make black people bad. Idiot.

  • @busterweenis I wouldn't want to be with people like them on the bart station when I'm usin it… That's for sure. He should get his act right and succeed like an adult, not a teenager.

  • What's funny is that the people protesting thisare making this about race when it in fact has nothing to do with race whatsoever. You didn't see white people protesting OJ Simpson's court verdict. And you don't see people protesting the recent BART shooting. You know why. Because the guy recently shot was white. You guys have the choice to prevent racism but you would rather hate all white people just because you think are racist.

  • @ssn708 flopping aces is nothing but right wing gobble d' goop. I do believe that you are wasting your time trying to sell that garbage here. I have a hard enough time believing that ANYONE visits that site, but then I remind myself that a large portion of the right believes that the earth is 10,000 years old. I wish you all the best in your make believe world.

  • @akilakabaybrotha Stop being so racist. its not the fact that its a white cop. Its the fact that he is a cop. Our legal system caters to cops…not just white cops.

  • @ssn708

    You still haven't calmed down. When you stop slinging insults and start behaving with intellectual integrity, I will be happy to engage with you again.

  • @Jcolinsol Ahs till nothing to say, eh? Easy to HIDE behind your assertions that I am somehow not rational. But you have NO RATIONAL COUNTER ARGUMENT to make. So, like most PUSSIES, you simply HIDE. Sad, but predictable.

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