Poland v Serbia | Men’s Full Bronze Medal Game | FIBA 3×3 World Cup 2019

we get set up for our men's third-place game a couple of teams that some people a lot are shot to see here especially Serbian number one team and reigning gold medalists they'll try to take home at least some hardware on this Michael money in the bank Hickson company – puzzlers gonna hit the flour first [Applause] one of the top cause Michael money in the bank yes he's got offensive skills more rare than a unicorn just didn't have enough and it's semifinalist USA gave it to him in a big way double-digit win for Team USA over Poland they finished fourth in 2018 and the reason they finished form was because of the team they're about to play Soviet get money in the bank and company get revenge and get a medal for the first time at the World Cup that is the question at hand it's money is pavel pavlov ski is marcin stalkin and it's see the machine Serbia is a machine a fine-tuned well-oiled machine that just went into a win hot Latvia squad that just refused to be denied they said in third place game it's the same place they were in at the Europe Cup in 2017 and they went to the third place game that year at the hands of the Latvians a semifinal loss the excess with a game-winner in that one is well well now we'll see if they can add a bronze to their cabinet as you know Soviets won four gold medals they've won one silver back in 2014 they don't have a bronze so they can complete the the metal cabinet with a bronze medal although I know that's not the one day and hope for that's the one they got to play for right now I now have to find our answer put where Hicks's offensive explosiveness and also the strength of stroke up and the slash in the sea mid-range game of lucky kashan bullet lot of respect between him and Hicks yeah and he's coming in as your tournament's leading scorer the event tipping bucket at the bucket after bucket he's a walking rainstorm dushaan trying to shake off that semifinal loss and gets our beer back in the right mind state to take a metal here and a museum flying sold-out crowd as I mentioned 2,500 spectators in the spot check it out through the X 3s best bronze medal on the line that spot in the Olympic qualifying China Warsaw chant they said let's get it it's time to get to it how Montgomery aka the voicing you will you get this one on the popular Westland red Vlad handling the officiating duties Pablo sets the screen for z-machine going to the face line nobody home dumb asses off target Pablo wasn't in the right spot and give it back over to Serbia savage to the maestro jabs dead kicks it out savage lost it how to bounce back over to Poland Hicks will take the rock top of the key going to work taking it right at Doosan wall right over got his cookies cook quick man is there from a bullet take sir Sango why there's some space this is personal this is quick between me and him we've been going at it for five years could get a bucket though and Hicks call for the foul kake's will take a rest Bostitch Beeston himmat stroker this is a good matchup between those teeth machine with the board he's waiting on the screen from Pablo machine he had the range with no service now the check is provided to the zero zero game Serbia Poland in front of a full house the maestro No see get into the cup boss it's got those long arms let them to go go gadgets swipes it out of bounds leaves on what six seconds remaining z-force it up and the inadvertently elbows Savitz on top of the head they're saying and savage tipped that but his rule Soviet ball Savage oh good get free despite some nice moves dark hollow falling [Applause] [Applause] okay so myself shootin one process of a shot I must have missed that one my straw stops so I'll be on the board minute and a half in this deal Oh second food I'll do that let's truncal gives no a double right between the eyes pulling in front maestro on target he tracks it down but step on the line [Applause] stepped on the line the two ball is wiped away [Applause] Bouchon see the screen to the maestro one thing that is different as the maestro hits it with this our beauty good hands Z sticking win it thrown out of bounds but I was always saying it's the new Serbia team as Basit is join join this group they do a lot of off ball movement moving without the ball so this has been a learning experience with boxes and he's trying to fit in with it with this his national team savage with the rebound [Applause] Savage will take his time and miss it now rocking pigs hands of good deeds savage got a hand up deflected it over the Doosan he changed the direction on Pablo kicks it vas it goes past Roca this to the rim [Applause] and another foul called on hips good fosters on the strike and I was always saying he's kind of learning as he goes you know with these three members of team we know his nobody saw it on the Pro Tour he's normally doing battle against him now he's wiggled his style in their style gotta find a way to mesh Pablo mrs. stroker late on the closeout picks to the corner [Applause] sue-shaun step back no now is hicks up fake down Masuka stork which on a body up on faucets now Hicks with one second to shoot at before sit up late in the shot clock [Applause] getting money like an open safe [Applause] knocks down the shot missed a hick see he's emotional a lot of the most important to a game like this it's a spot near lip qualifying tournament on the line it's a bronze medal on the line if you can't get excited for that you should be out of court my stroke working on Zee faucets to savage you can't leave him open maybe you can they dodged a bullet two of them now stroke up less one go he leaves his short maestro it saves it almost went out of bounds bosses they got six seconds to working on the shot clock here boss it is down and then he's called for the foul he said Greg Glenn says I caught you pulling Pablo down you can't fool me think that's a good call dear only found number two no on on Serbia boxers couldn't believe machine to money he pulls the trigger he can't deliver neither can see on the finish for three game Paul the new front six minutes to play my hello back at the strike [Applause] represents blaming on a world tour representative country now and bass is good at the strike see the contest there for mihaylo he's out so a shocker money working on goose on Nick's driving hook is a no-go it's fofo not a lot of scoring happening in this one it's another one of those kind of games you got a Digby maestro quick move stroke them beat it to the spot though maestro that's his short Hicks trying to get to the corner he likes that shot money it is bad then shot redirected and then savage took him took a shot to the mouth he's gonna sneak go check out look again those savage great deed maestro he gets free he lets the to fly miss did Fawcett's patient on the on the follow give surgery a one-point advantage now see couldn't get baseline on faucets and stay that's a nice pass and bosses no choice but the five says yeah that's on the floor well he found number three on sorry so typically you know you see Serbia getting some foul trouble early in games but they play pretty clean on that in Florida one got sick files picks [Applause] [Applause] that was deep you might need a lifejacket Savage downes all this hold his face [Applause] I think the polish fan boot gave savage a 10-count oh I love my fans you go picks again swings through spin this time do shine got a hand on it hold on with a one-point advantage bullet so bossy that's an offensive foul Gossage is racking up all by himself that's the fourth on him he's gonna check out and the core serving three are in now it's money in the bank [Applause] see in and out Oh lost the rottens at 5:00 to work with maestro get me down you take this [Applause] look again it's obvious you're showing a little bit of live a little bit of left James getting to breathing and much-needed breather [Applause] you're Pablo saying no to once again at the last kicks hit and knock that down from Vondelpark you got that kind of range it's unlimited [Applause] but again look at that that last play we'll give you a look at this sold-out crowd look at all these beautiful 3×3 fans faces the tx3 army here in the Netherlands there's Higgs money in the bank trying to make another deposit because he stays on top of the Forbes list aka to score in this area Hicks trying to save it on savage on the push found number five on Serbia as they trail by one were four minutes to play machine against the maestro Hicks set in the screen see trying to get it back to him instead he gets the Pablo Pablo trying to score on passage he fades and the teardrop that was soft touch [Applause] go chasing waterfalls and then Hicks trying to give you one back you couldn't do it dushaan Oh misfires see no maestro no Pablo the Knicks you got the trip we got the trip sauce all oniy to peace KSC buckets ate up make that ten eight Tyler and a seventh follow Serbia away from the ball look again Hicks has never seen a shot he don't like and one of the best things about him is even if he's having an off day and shooters keep shooting they got a short memory and he's been able to knock a few down so has Pablo into Holland's two-point advantage now pub loves ki he's got some big free throws here with three minutes to play he was on that that for place finishing team last year at the World Cup then lost at the hands of these Serbians and you got a half every bucket that you can get Pablo this is the first of two he shoots the second and he's good on it makes it a three-point lead Savage has passed his thong and see tracks it down you see from them coming no oh then bullet got a hand on the ran into Z shoulder and he gets up slow you'll see Serbia held to eight points this late in the game too much now see was the office gonna come from from Poland with Hicks on the pitch stroke up these girls own oil now it's Z no SAP it's rebound my stroke quick move open he's he's hip check he's down as found number seven on polling so mr. strain music stack up step up to the charity strike and shoot to keep free throws for survey that could pull them within one point [Applause] maestro 2018 MVP of the World Cup [Applause] so a couple of masters MVPs on a proto-tool former world number one only missed it and stroker tracks it down saves it Pablo miss Medina and Deshawn call for the hole on the foul Pablo smart move try to get to the rack but now you got to take care of business at the free-throw strike 2:32 left holding with a three-point lead could be a five-point lead if have no napkin bomb down he's got one or two it's a 12-8 game this is this is nothing as sardis afraid up they've seen it before and the second one is missed the tip is also a missile it stays a four point game stroke us down quick pass to the inside from boxes it doesn't fail smart play three point game picks up faith know where to go with it Bostick slapped it down about seven seconds left on the shot clock 299 on the game clock who you got can Poland hold off Serbia and take a bronze medal lock down a spot the Olympic qualifying tournament out of bounds new pictures trying to draw the foul doesn't get the call so now Serbia will be only attack are they wounded are they the same as they used to be this is the question at hand dushawn turns left goes up all they left maestro all by himself that wouldn't count it but they got it out too late a shot clock violation Doosan saying I was held that's why I didn't get it out so Poland dodged a bullet there because when my strongest was good from the corner without that call see to Hicks he kicks stroke he wasn't stroke in but the bomb comes back to money money says get your life jacket or put it on hold he missed that one from deep wing but 45 left in a three-point game Poland in front who you got [Applause] machine will have it the assignment that is of covering Marco Savage Bob Nevsky on the maestro and short gun garden Doosan cuz that's the way it looks right now [Applause] [Applause] taking an extended look at this in a man's third place game while we wait on a decision I'll tell you a little bit more about Amsterdam oh this is been made about the show Amsterdam from love my straw starts with it and gets it back he's passed Hicks dropped it off the do shots at easy score easy breezy Serbia Hicks with dushaan in front both teams in the penalty it's gonna stay Poland ball and Duchamp wants a challenge that he says that was all hips it was rude up of Serbia they get another look at it be a big turn of events as this one feels eerie and as a you look again and make your decision but Serbia has continued to hang in here right now there they're only down by two it's a minute thirty to play it is punched on abdomen what's in your gut good check [Applause] Challenge still being looked at before they make a decision 3×3 hoops coming at you from the spot known as the Venice of the north amsterdam max day has more bridges than London and more canals the Venice actually became a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and there's a look at the Rijksmuseum over 800 years of Dutch history and over 8,000 pieces in that in that Museum [Applause] well to gain [Applause] it's good it's an electric shock in this place look at this venue look at this sold-out crowd there's Midland and we don't even have to go metal guard my babies – lost Challenge is lost so it's gonna stay hold it for five seconds to go Hicks north at Doosan to one one legged fader missed it out of bounds 125 both teams in the penalty they punish me one-point game now serbian trailing 1112 see turn the corner that's that's lockdown d-pod logo with a good rebound they don't get the score should I come out empty a minute to play maestro hope you like the double-click because it Ganesha dushaan guys under a minute to play and he's behind a two-point on clutch free-throws who else would you rather have shoot them at Coppola the dude named money in the bank he makes it deposit at the strike he's all by his lonesome on top of the store charts he didn't even close he makes it a two point game he wants the bronze medal 45 seconds to play they got a lock-up on defense who shine [Applause] she comes out with it 35 seconds to go stroker see after my stroke the hook on target savage working on see that of my stroke elevate so shocker [Applause] that was not a two though that was a one that was [Applause] [Applause] Savage will shoot 213 seconds left look again the maestro string music globalize on the line that's the white car [Applause] he's gotta make you the calmness glasses one [Applause] 14 apiece if your heart isn't pounding out of your chest right now what is wrong with you Sammy's not to go down 10 seconds to play the balls and money in the banks hands can he win it his first medal he drives he up fakes [Applause] 16:15 with three seconds [Applause] to have this many classic games in one tournament and so part huh this many classics in one tournament is just ridiculous Hicks shoots he scores makes you the two-point advantage if he hits this one it'll put the game away bronze metal on the line and his money he's got the gold finger and his team [Applause] then go himself we've come give money in the base of law right now the emotion as he's never been able to talk something he finally gets it done gets revenge from I lost last year and white would have seemed bleak and seemed like they might not win it Hicks his foul behind the to point our key hits the two and then connects at the free-throw line Serbia they got four gold medals one silver and this is the first World Cup that they will not walk away with a medal congratulations though Serbia mandate they are the top dogs they are that they are the standard they are the bar at the x3 and Hicks stepped up to it got a great fake savage met his feet and he hits the shot falling on his back you gotta be a bucket you can be a bucket to do something like that you can see this one as many times as you want what a play unbelievable unbelievable [Applause] [Applause]

  • Serbia.. it's the end of your time. It's over serbia! I told you.. that next year, you won't get a medal again. I told you.

  • This is ridiculous officiating. Hicks made a clear travel. Hicks made 1 point shot, not a 2 point shot…
    But it was crazy finish)

  • 33:32 black dude actually traveled before he got fouled, but it was too fast to notice his feet shuffled. the foul was more obvious and great and1 shot nevertheless.

  • Trojka za 16-15 se nije trebala priznati jer su bili koraci tj. bio je faul pa koraci pogledajte kako drzi lijevu nogu i onda kad je bio faul uradi "fade away" i pogodi ali s tim da je projmenio nogu pivotiranja sto znaci koraci….Ili su trebali biti priznati kos ali bez dodatnih slobodnih bacanja ili su trebali ostaviti bacanja bez piznatih poena…

  • treba Danilo Mijatović od Vrbas u centar fali srbiji neki mrga..Savić izgleda skino salo a nije nabijo mišićne mase..inače savić bio solidan u defenzivi sad mu fali masa

  • Ovo je u najbolju ruku mogao da bude samo faul za poljake a ne sa suta za tri poena iz kojeg je ovaj jos ubacio nego obicno bacanje.Kontakt je bio na zemlji a onda je crncu stajna leva noga bila na liniji sto znaci da nije bilo teoretske sanse da sutne trojku ..Medjutim on pomera tu levu stajnu nogu sa linije i skace u desno ( znaci cisti KORACI) i onda jos ubacuje i oni mu priznaju..Znaci faul mozda ali kos nikako dakle cista kradja….

  • Polska = murzyn i 3 pachołków. Co oni w ogole tam robili? juz nawet nie mowie o tych rzutach za 2 gdzie rzucali jakby dopiero sie uczyli ale oni nawet kurwa osobistych nie potrafili trafic 😀 co za matoły

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