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Playtech Awards – Bored Ep 126 | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

What are we doing here? I don’t know This is what we’re playing for boys What is this? As you guys know it’s time for the annual Playtech Awards sponsored by Intel And a little birdie told me that Intel have got some pretty amazing prizes this year so… fingers crossed Adam Shouldn’t Ellie and Byron be here as well? Yes, I forgot to tell them without further ado the first category is Best manager Please be me, please be me Who could it be Rowan? Yes. Oh my god. It is me Rowan and I’ve won 500 dollars cash 500..? Wow also just like it’s really nice to be acknowledged. Thank you so much. I appreciate that next category is Friendliest manager, okay. I’m in the running… It’s me Of course it is holy crap Wow Two-week all-inclusive cruise to the Maldives Holy shit, whoa, there’s an amazing prize. What wow this is incredible coming up next is Best hair. Everyone give it a little bit of a… nah it already been decided I’m pretty sure. so let’s have a little look and it is Adam ha ha nice, man, and you won $50 cash DICK BUMP YES DICK BUMP! DICK BUMP Yeah, that’s awesome man congratulations man, that’s awesome. It’s not a thing it’s not a thing dick bump is not a thing ah, the next category is Funniest staff member Alan this could be you mmm It’s me and I have just won a lounge suite Lounge suite I can’t believe it. How much is that worth? I guess it’s from Harvey Norman so I think it’s about five grand or something. Yeah, I know. They typically are about five to ten grand That’s crazy. And again like to be acknowledged as funniest staff member it means a lot to me Like I try I really try to kind of keep the the vibes quite positive and it’s really nice to be appreciated. Thank you Intel Longest employed. Let’s see It is Alan You’ve won an iPhone X Charging cable very nice. I have the samsung…. They’re not gonna they don’t work… together There we go – awesome man, congratulations And you know what’s really nice just like about getting something like longest employed to be acknowledged that you have been you know Present that’s nice. Ah, okay, so I get a cable and you get a lounge suite? You just have to F**king deal with it c**t Alright guys this is it final award and it is Most sales. Did you get did you count these? Whoo-hoo come on. Oh, man. I’m Nervous, please. Pick me please me. Oh That’s me Wow Wow, oh Of course it is… my god What did you what did you win Rowan? I have just won a new model X Tesla What? Oh wow… I cant… wow! I know… I I I can’t believe it amazing. Holy shit Wow well, I guess that means I win the the trophy Wow, I mean I don’t even know what to say guys. That’s incredible like 500 cash, a new lounge suite A trip to the Maldives followed by a new model X Tesla. I just want to make a big thank you to Intel A big thing to you guys amazing Thank you so much guys, and I see next year. Awesome. Yes. Yes. Oh wow Best. Hair! Did you guys know that patreon is still our main source of income yep, because youtube doesn’t pay… and if you want to help support us do consider heading over to our patreon page and just taking a Look, if you’ve got a couple of bucks lying around Chuck em our way. I would really appreciate it


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