Playstation Plus July 2019 – A Trophy Hunter's Review

hi there I'm Ben and these are the games were getting as part of PlayStation Plus for the month of july 2019 as always are we looking at these games from a trophy perspective as well as throwing in some of my own opinions as well last month was really good great in fact let's see what this month is like first up for this ridiculously poor month is PES 2019 I mean really who the hell cares if you don't like football like me it means literally nothing to you if you do like football this game is practically redundant already the new one comes out at the start of September Pro Evolution Soccer which is an English nickname for the game by the way so I don't know why English people always freak out when it gets called up is a franchise I've never played haven't even played a football game since whichever FIFA it was on the Megadrive as a trophy hunter they just never appealed to me the trophy lists are always long and difficult having said that PES 2019 looks like it has a pretty manageable list with a surprisingly low difficulty and time to platinum usually football games are in the hundreds of hours there are lots of trophies that can be made a lot easier by having a second controller things like combat King for coming back from two goals down and phantom striker for scoring with a defender so even if you're not platinum trophy hunter there may be a few easy ones you can get with very little effort if you do want to go for the platinum then you will need to venture into the online portion of the game a lot of the trophies can be boosted online with somebody else so that's not too bad there is however something called my club this is where things get a bit look based having not played a PES game myself I'm not sure what this mode is but it sounds like an online football manager type of deal so will I play this game for the Platinum or some easy trophies no well people who like football download it again probably no they'll already own it secondly this month is horizon chase Turbo a very niche racing game I grew up when racing games like this with a norm I didn't really like the event and I'm certainly not interested in playing one now I'm sorry for all the negativity this month but seriously who are these games for there are two games that only to a very small audience an out-of-date football game a ps4 port of a racing game that you can get on your phone for free if you remember games like Top Gear fondly then you'll probably love horizon chase turbo the question is are you willing to play it for 35 plus hours for the Platinum because that's how long it's going to take the trophy list is pretty much what you'd expect win all races and tournaments with a gold ranking some upgrade ones some speed ones and some distance ones and that's it really as with most racing games if you're semi-decent at them it will pose no problems you're just gonna have to spend a lot of time with the game completing everything and that's it for this month like I said I'm sorry for the negativity but these offerings over the last few months have been really poor having a handful of good games sure but I know some people who can't afford to buy new games and can to rely on this service for new things to play anyway here's hoping for a better month in August although with it being a slow summer month I wouldn't expect too much please like and subscribe etc thanks for watching and I'll see you next month you

  • so glad i never renewed my ps plus never bothered with borderlands 2 just did not enjoy it as much as the first one not a fan of sonic and this month is total pish 😠

  • Wow what a load of shit for this month! And to think they dropped PS3 and Vita games a few months ago and for what? Even table top racing looked better than this game!

  • Ill try to plat PES2019 after i get my borderlands plats.
    In my opinion prererences are subjective. Means not everybody likes the same games. So i find it good that sony is going into different genres

  • Very disappointing month. I already completed Horizon Chase turbo on Steam (100%) it is really repetitive after a while, basically the same only the tracks differ a small amount, I don't suggest anyone to play this speaking for myself I don't see myself going for the plat again. Thanks for the great review, don't feel sorry for the negativity, your critism is well deserved this month.

  • This might be the worst month yet in 2019, I expected the quality to consistently rise after they dropped the PS3 and Vita but it's like they're doing the opposite. I found your channel recently and immediately subscribed, I think this is the best PS4-related channel on YouTube = )

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