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Pixee Fox & Justin Jedlica Win At The Plastic Surgery Oscars: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

PIXEE FOX: I need more hips. DR. JOE NIAMTU: I think they have Body Dysmorphic
Syndrome. However, they’ve developed a brand about it and this is their thing. COMM: Plastic surgery superfans Pixee Fox and Justin Jedlica are living it up in Las
Vegas. They’ve come to the 10th Annual Aesthetic Show, where some of the most cutting-edge
techniques and technology are showcased. Lady: So if you wanna take your shirt off? Justin Jedlica: Okay.
Lady: And then we will have you lay down and we’ll strap you with the gears.
Justin Jedlica: Is it going to burn through my muscles since there is no fat there?
Pixee Fox: Plastic is gonna melt. Justin Jedlica: Finito! Pixee Fox: Done?
Justin Jedlica: Yes mama! It’s looking like an action figure, you’re looking like a
superhero. Pixee Fox: Look! I need more hips. Look at
my butt! I need a bigger butt! Justin Jedlica: Oh, I think I’m happy, I think it looks good, it’s just, you’re
always going like, what else can I do to make it cooler? COMM: Despite undergoing 450 operations between them, the duo is determined to network with
some of the world’s best plastic surgeons. Pixee Fox: You are an amazing facial surgeon. Doctor: Thank you.
Pixee Fox: And I need help. I mean, it’s not like I don’t like what I see, I like
really like what I see, but I see these small imperfections, I see like asymmetry that I
want to change. DR. JOE NIAMTU: They’re gonna age. I mean,
you know, you look at the famous pictures of movie stars that age and everything. I
think they have Body Dysmorphic Syndrome. However, they’ve developed a brand about
it and this is their thing. DR. ROBERT REY: Pixee, you are looking beautiful. Yes, perfect, perfect, perfect. However, very
large implants, full breasts are out of style. The little model breast is in. PIXEE FOX: It just concerns me how someone can say, “Well, you cannot do this procedure
beause it’s not it today’s fashion.” JUSTIN JEDLICA: It was a bit over the top.
PIXEE FOX: Yeah! JUSTIN JEDLICA: And I mean someone who’s
gonna be that judgmental, especially at a place here, where what we’re trying to do
is, especially at this convention, is embrace innovation, right? COMM: With mixed feedback from the surgeons, Pixee and Justin’s thoughts move on to the awards ceremony, where they’ve been nominated for a prize. PIXEE FOX: It would be like the greatest achievement. JUSTIN JEDLICA: That’ll be like an amazing
validation. Our claim to our stake in plasticizm. PIXEE FOX: Yeah it… ‘Plasticizm’? Is
that a word? JUSTIN JEDLICA: It is now. PIXEE FOX: Just feels amazing. Like 2 years ago I was working as an electrician, working
with American cars and now I’m here today In Las Vegas with you Justin and we’ve received
this amazing… JUSTIN JEDLICA: We won!
PIXEE FOX: Award for the Most Inventive Plastic Surgery Of The Year.


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