Pitter Patter Pets! Super Cute unboxing! The Entertainer Squad

today pitter patter pets you got your rabbit your puppies your hamsters and unicorns the great thing about pitter-patter pets is they're your own mechanical plush toys each with their own movements and sounds honestly it is literally like having your own pet at home you don't actually have to like take it right so I've got my personal favorite playful puppy pouch yeah how cute right you ready yep over here we've got busy little hamster so let's see what it does next I've got the teeny weeny bunny now this thing is unbelievably cute it is quite sleepy on here so it doesn't get much traction but when it is on the floor or in a carpet or anything so we've got the walk along unicorn or come on the great thing about the unicorn you can't really get a unicorn in real life so this is just an awesome pet foods good look at it go honestly and look at that like all the sparkly hair and stuff and love it we also have this one here it's called the happy hoppy bunny the happy alright should be bouncing around just have a look oh there it goes that's good ears and everything yeah last but certainly not least definitely the walk along dogs the great thing about these dogs is that they have their own leaves so if you push it forward it walks forward right and if you put it back it stopped and barks well just how Alan Watts its heads I just love how differently well are and the great thing is that there's more available so you get my own collection if you want to play with the cuteness factor and have an amazing time with pizza pocket pets collection head down to your local entertainer sort of visit the toy shop calm shall we shall we

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