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Philadelphia (1/8) Movie CLIP – I Have A Case (1993) HD

Excuse me, am I being fired? Let me put it this way, Andy… Your place in the future of this firm is no longer secure. We feel it isn’t fair to keep you here when your prospects are limited. Now, I don’t want to rush you out We’ve got a committee meeting. Excuse me, Charles… With all due respect, this is….this is preposterous, it doesn’t make any sense. Oh, right, Beckett, you don’t have an attitude problem. Take it easy, Walter If you had lost confidence in me, why’d you give me the Highline suit. Andy, you nearly blew the entire case for Christ’s sake. That alone is inexcusable. It would have been catastrophic for us. Uh-huh. So you were concealing your illness. That is correct. Alright, explain this to me like I am a 2-year old because there is an element to this thing that I just cannot get through my thick head. Didn’t you have an obligation to tell your employer you had this dreaded deadly infectious disease? That’s not the point. From the day they hired me to the day I was fired, I served my clients consistently, thoroughly with absolute excellence. If they hadn’t fired me, that is what I would be doing today. And they don’t want to fire you for having AIDS, so in spite of your brilliance, they made you look incompetent thus the mysterious lost file Is that what you are trying to tell me? Correct. I was sabotaged. I don’t buy it, counselor. That’s very disappointing. I don’t see a case. I have a case. If you don’t want it for personal reasons… Thank you. That is correct. I don’t. Well, thank you for your time, counselor.


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