Perry delighted with Asia Trophy victory

Taylor played your part in the asia trophy victory how did you feel right now yeah I thought honored really to be involved in a such a great team with such a such a good manager as well and it's fantastic start to preseason obviously to win the trophy and especially against a great team and see it's a great feeling yeah yeah what we thought when the manager said you were going on I'm always ready like I'm ready from the first minute to be brought on because anything can happen so but when he and when I said to get ready I was just excited for the moment to really tell my chance when I came on yeah I did you feel like you did out there yeah I felt played good yes obviously tough the conditions are really hard to adjust to obviously but you're not used to this weather so but the team as together no sir and I played really well when I came out for play with the experienced lads in the group yeah it's definitely a great experience especially for a young boy I've just turned 18 so especially playing with the likes of Matina and there's it's great it's a great learning curve for me and it makes me a better player you mention your age it'd take a lot suppose to take a penalty yeah definitely like as a footballer you got to be brave in those situations and I'm I'm one of them players who doesn't I don't fear anything go up I offer the take penalty if the guff wants to tell you one I'll take one and then just pick your spot and see hopefully you score yeah just some what penalty yeah obviously I'll slit yeah studs on really but yeah I'm just he went in it's the penny I'll scored and I've helped the team when win the trophy so I'm pleased with that I just thought the weekend general obviously got minutes Newcastle as well it's been a success yeah definitely playing the part in both games is such an honor to me and I'm really proud to be involved with a team and it's been a great week for me great experience in a new city shine guy yes being fantastic


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