Penélope Cruz Insists Men Are “Allowed to Compliment” Amid #MeToo | E! News

Penelope Cruz covers the latest issue of teller magazine the interviewer was it can at the time of talking to Penelope about her work and how the industry has changed since the me to movement started so during the session the reporter noticed that Penelope didn't call out director paid her alma mater who complimented her on her appearance Penelope said the director has been a friend for 20 years he spoke to her respectfully and he's allowed to compliment her so what effect do we think the me – movement has had on just that simple like non threatening comments has it compliments yeah so I do think that there are a group of men that feel as though they can't say anything I mean I get that all the time I see that all the time on Twitter I hear about that from people I know you know I can't say anything it's really you know it's just people being a little over-reactive to – what me – is about and it did become a really big conversation and I don't think anyone who's been a part of the meet – movement are believes that me – movement wants to take away any nice conversation you can have between someone of the opposite sex I know that's not what it's about you know and it's it's about knowing the line and knowing when not to cross it right so let's we've I've had situations where somebody at work does not work here anymore by the way should I know what's happening now it's curry um I've mentioned this more but they owe the same guy this story you know he was like once your skirt to fly up so he can see your underwear and he would say things like that when you walked by cuz there was like a very windy so you hold your skirt down and I would walk Tory oh yeah I would walk by holding my skirt down so that it didn't fly out there's a lot of people around and he would literally walk up like I wish you would just not hold your skirt so we could see and I was like I looked at him and I was like I know who you're talking about now this yeah he doesn't work here anymore but because he said stupid things like that just to me but a lot of different woman and some it's common sense guys to me it's like common sense no I don't think that men aren't allowed to compliment women anymore they just can't be gross right you can say you look nice today I mean if will tells me he likes my outfit which I think you told me that yesterday which was very nice and I did not get offended in whatsoever so Charlie Rose in the comments section hits on what I was thinking earlier he's Spanish I mean culture and Hispanic men will say something about the way you look and that doesn't mean it's being pervy I'm sort of took it as like generally there's like a big section of like 'hey we've seen this before we european women when asked about this will say i don't see what the big deal is if a man says that you that i look nice then that's nice for me i think the confusion isn't exactly what you're talking about it's like it's when it's over the line and people need to be able to judge for themselves what's over the line it wasn't appropriate and wow that's not true like this guy like that guy that would say this like a baby knew each other and they're friends they're friends for 20 years it's like yeah let's not make it weird there's a difference between we work on television somebody saying hey your makeup looks good or your outfit looks good and somebody's saying you look sexy today like there's a difference in compliments and the tone of compliments and what they actually mean and I so this interview that Penelope Cruz gave I think it was two Tattler in the UK but there's a very interesting article that Jezebel wrote about it which is all about how about this interview specifically Jezebel gave some commentary on this interview and just how like this whole thing about men can't give a woman compliments whatever it might be is actually all under the skies of let's like take you away from the bigger issue which is me too which is a very different situation than somebody giving you a benign compliment and actually make it as if me too is this big attack on men generally it's not


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